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January 19, 2002
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Walking, Errands, and Football

9:32 pm: The three of us took the two mile walk all the way to the end of our main street and back. We put Jet in his backpack, with his ski suit on and we walked with our back to the wind and our face to the sun and it was still 27 degrees out.

Yeah, a high below freezing, and the sun was out and the snow was still hanging around and as powdery and crisp as the day it fell. The air was so dry that Jet's nose started giving him problems on the way back, it was drying out and stuff was building up in his nose. He also fell asleep on the way back, the uphill bit. I guess he must have been pretty comfortable to fall asleep. So I don't think I'm going to worry about the snow suit and the pack being uncomfortable for him.

Jet was pretty quiet even before he fell asleep. He seemed to like being able to be above our heads and seeing things from above rather than from foot level. On the way back, I took the pack, doing the uphill leg. I surprised myself by not having any breathing problems at all on the way up. I guess I'm in better shape than I thought. My legs really burned and itched like crazy when I got home, but I didn't have any problems with breathing or heartrate. I think it might mean that I'm putting too much anaerobic load on my legs or something, but I'm not sure.

All I know is that I'm a little bit sore, now, from our hike. But it was good to take it.

This morning I woke up finding myself with a headache and my whole left jaw really sore. The extra material in my toothguard that rests between the molars that Dr. Davis had filled was a mild inconvenience when I wasn't grinding my teeth. When I'd put the whole pressure of my jaw against it while grinding last night, that extra material caused the headache and everything else. Definitely painful and magnified.

I decided not to call the emergency number, though, as I can live without my guard for a night or two, and that was all that was necessary to keep the pain from happening. I could easily call them Monday morning and ask for a few minutes to adjust it. It'll mean another trip into Boulder, but it'll be worth the doing now that I know what can happen.

John went out on an errand in the morning with Jet and he bought Yuri a birthday present from the three of us. He also bought donuts for him and me, and we ate those cheerfully enough when they got back. I got a little time with my journal while they were gone and more after breakfast since Jet was asleep. When Jet woke up I changed him and nursed him and then he played happily upstairs while I formatted and organized. I even updated all the 2001 month entries to use the 2001 index, and updated my page and my people page so that they included Jet and stopped including Fezzik in the present tense.

Yeah. These pages get updated more often than another other page.

I also found some email that said that they felt that my quills page could make me some money if I put ad banners on it. I get a positive comment from someone about every other day for my quills page. I'm pretty happy about that, as it seems that a lot of folks really use it and enjoy it and get something out of it that they can use. Quite a few recreation folks seem to get a lot of practical information from it including winnowing out a bunch of the rumors they've heard about how to cut quills. Folks also seem to just find that it makes more sense to them than some of the other pages that talk about the same thing. I was mildly ticked off at one national magazine that actually published instructions for 'quick and easy quill pens you can make with your kids!' and they advocated forming the point first and then splitting it, which is nearly impossible to do.

Anyway... I don't need ad banners on the page. I never wanted to make any money from it, and, in fact, I point people to Pendemonium as the good business on the web that sells useful quills. It kind of amuses me that when I originally wrote it, Kathy hadn't liked it or how it was organized. I had decided not to change it, though, and there seem to be enough people that like it the way it is that I feel better for having gone with my desires.

Of course, to bring me back to earth, Jet found a box of Kleenex&tm; and pulled all the tissues out and played with them. He was sitting, happily, in the midst of a pile of loose tissues, and grinning at me when I looked up. Happy boy. John came in at that time and he stuffed them, all haphazard, back into the box. It's really funny pulling a tissue out of that box, now.

We sent to Dairy Queen and then did a short run to Safeway. We are only going to be here for four days before leaving for San Diego, so we didn't buy much. Lettuce for salads, tomatoes and basil for the fresh mozzarella we bought last week, and I wanted some cooking spray for various odd jobs. More and more cookbooks and mixes and recipes are calling for a quick spray, and while I have a pump sprayer, it doesn't spray as finely as I'd like and it uses quite a good deal of oil. I wanted something that could do a very fine mist if necessary, and I settled on a canola oil spray as being really neutral in flavor, so I could use it on anything that needed it.

I also impulse bought some spaghetti sauce, and a ValuPack of chicken hindquarters. They were only .39 a pound, and I just couldn't pass that up. We'll be mildly hard pressed to eat all that before Tuesday, but it's possible, with lunches.

Dinner used most of the last of the roasted chicken from last week, plus a quarter of an onion in a Tupperware, a half a shallot from last week, a handful of sundried tomatoes, and some garlic that was starting to sprout in the garlic keeper. I think I'm just going to keep the garlic keeper in the fridge to keep discouraging growth as well as keeping it dry. It all went into a pan with some olive oil, I added half a bottle of the spaghetti sauce (it's Classico's Tomato and Basil, which I find to be a good, basic sauce) and let it simmer while I cooked some tube pasta. I then put the tubes into the sauce and let that all simmer while I made garlic toast and John put together the fresh moz, tomato and basil salad.

It was all yummy.

Jet got a small bowl of the pasta after I'd chopped it up pretty well. He played with it for a while, getting a good feel for it all, and then he ate some of it. Not a lot of it, but some of it. He also ate some baby food, but I'm gradually starting to think that it would be a good idea to let him learn how to feed himself. It's faster when we feed him, but he really needs to learn how to feed himself eventually. And there's no better way than to let him practice. He knows how to pick things up and eat them, no problem with that, so he'll just get to practice when he's hungry.

We watched the Raiders play the Patriots after dinner, and John wanted the Raiders to lose. It seemed certain given the conditions, the TV screen was just a whiteout of snow. But the Raiders pulled out to a pretty commanding lead, but then lost it near the end of the game, and with only a few minutes to go, the Patriots were only three points behind. It took a reviewed call and a fumbled turned into an incomplete pass and the Pats got their points and then they took the game in overtime! Amazing.

John cheered happily. Jet stayed awake through all this. Yesterday night and tonight, it seemed that as long as we were awake and 'doing things' still, Jet didn't want to go to sleep. So after the game, John took Jet up to his room and they just bounced and sat and rocked in the quiet, darkened room, and Jet's now asleep. Hoorah!

Jet only got up once, at 5 am, last night, after I'd put him to sleep at 11. We'll hope the trend continues.

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