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January 21, 2002
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Monday Blues

I really didn't want to be back at work today. There were just too many things happening, and too much chaos and I got thrown at a whole different job, yet again. It's a bit like I can't get anywhere with the things that were important when more stuff gets thrown at me. It's just frustrating.

That was most of the day.

Dinner was shake and bake chicken with frozen peas that were just microwaved and plenty of instant mashed potatoes. I gave Jet some of the mashed and some of the peas because he was making, "I want to eat what you're eating." sounds. He loved the peas, John ended up cooking Jet his own small bowl of peas, and Jet ate most of them. He liked squashing them between his teeth and bursting the skins and eating them when they were burst.

He really loved the peas, and didn't eat that much baby food.

Dad wrote to say that they'd borrowed toys, so we didn't have to bring them. I'm glad.

One big bit of good news at work is that we're more profitable than expected from last quarter. So an extra pay cut is supposed to be given back at the end of this quarter. That should be good. Better is knowing that the company is recovering.

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