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January 22, 2002
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Getting Ready For The Trip

3:29 pm: A very busy day today. Lots of things to take care of before the trip to San Diego. I was really tense today, until I got the dentist visit finished. Jet was great, though. He only woke up at 11 and then at 4, but didn't get up until 7:30. John was up at 7, and had a good night, too. Jet had a great time at Joan's and when he came home he fell asleep and stayed asleep for nearly two hours.

I got my lunch in and a bunch of frantic, in all directions, scattered work actually done. Jet woke up cheerful, hungry, and active. He nursed and then started playing, and a bit after 2, I changed him and tucked him into his car seat, and we ran for work. I pulled him, the bag, and the seat out of the car, put the bag and seat in John's cubicle and then pulled Jet out of the seat. He then went up to the meeting room that John was in. I handed Jet over, and he was really happy to see John.

So John took Jet for the last ten minutes of his meeting, and I ran for Dr. Davis'. I made it with a few minutes to spare. They then fixed my toothguard and got the extra material out from between my molars and it felt much better. Ten minutes and I was set for the vacation, and I was much happier for that.

Now I'm in a meeting actually *at* work. That's pretty amazing. I'll probably get to talk with some folks before I leave, and get a few loose ends tied up.

10:19 pm: It's snowing. Thick, white flakes. It's supposed to be a zoo tomorrow morning, getting to 'work', but we'll be leaving late anyway, for the airport. The snow is pretty.

The late afternoon and evening were far less frantic than the day. We packed, had a nice dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Jet had half a meatball all cut up and a couple of his handfuls of spaghetti in his bowl. I cut it up for him to eat. He enjoyed experiencing that, and then proceeded to eat an entire jar of chicken and apples.

My shoulders, neck and upper back were all tied into knots by today, so John took Jet over to Joan's, to drop off and try out the REI backpack with Haley. I had the time, then, to just take a deep, hot, long bath. By the time I got out, John and Jet were watching 24, and Jet was more than ready to see me.

Haley not only fit in the backpack, but she was so comfortable in it she refused to get out. That was pretty funny. The other pack was too small for Haley. Joan found that the REI pack was really comfortable to wear, so if they go to the stock show this weekend, they should be set for Haley in the stock areas. That was one thing I really liked about the Sears book, the whole thing about how toddlers really do prefer being up in crowds. Adult legs really do all look the same, and not all adults look down when they're hurrying through a crowd. It's much safer up and out of the way, be it in a sling on Mom's hip or up on Dad's back. So long as the toddler doesn't mind being carried, they probably do better up there.

Jet certainly didn't seem overwhelmed by the stock show while he was up and out of harm's way. There will be a time when he's big enough to get down and dirty, but for now, I was much happier with him away from all the dung and straw and crud on the floors there.

Jet turned into a pumpkin promptly at 8:45, and went to sleep, got up at 10 for a bit, and we'll see if he does the pre-trip up every other hour thing or not. I'm thinking he might not. We'll see.

I actually completely unloaded the three digital camera cards we have. We haven't unloaded them for a while, and I'm glad I did. I really haven't used the camera all that much since the video camera came. I think I was discouraged that after all these months of doing all these pictures, that Mom and Dad wanted us to have a video camera 'instead' or something. It's nothing they said. I think it's old habits of thought, really. That if I can't be the 'best' or most popular photographer, why try at all? Or something stupid like that. So I'm consciously packing the digital camera with its rubber band lens cap and extra batteries and we're not taking the video camera.

John's going to bring tapes for Mom and Dad's video camera so that they can see what we've shot and so we can shoot stuff while we're there using their camera. One less thing we have to carry.

The lists are made, the house is mostly picked up for the maids. We're pretty much packed but for a few every morning things. It'll be interesting, no doubt.

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