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January 27, 2002
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Jet On The Beach

7:44 pm: A less packed day, today. John and I made sure that it wasn't as packed as yesterday and we made sure that Jet got some time to play and sleep and just be himself. I'm still astonished that he's doing three hour long or even longer naps per day, but it seems to be his new schedule.

He gets up at 6:30, to play with his grand parents and sit in on their breakfast. By the time I wake up, he wants to nurse and go back to sleep. He then wakes up, has lunch and plays for a little more and then goes to sleep again. It's entirely unexpected and new that he should sleep that often. I think that it might be that he's sick or something, his nose started running today, possibly with the same cold that I just got through. But it's still surprising me how often he just goes to sleep during the day and then sleeps through most of the night.

Breakfast was waffles. I asked Mom and Dad to make waffles today because they'd gotten a new waffle iron and they wanted to use it and make really crisp waffles. They had a really neat multi-grain waffle mix that was really good, and they told us they'd gotten it from Whole Foods, which was a good thing as that means that we can get it if we really want to from the Whole Foods in Colorado. It turned out to be really yummy, and Mom had gone to the extra effort of getting club soda to use as the water for the mix as it was supposed to make the waffles more crisp. They came out yummy and they served them with real maple syrup, which was great.

Mom also made some Canadian bacon, which was tender, sweet and really good and Jet just loved the bits that John cut off his slices for him. Jet was eating it with both hands, as fast as he could stuff the pieces into his mouth. It was like watching Jet eat his birthday cake, and it was cool that he enjoyed it that much.

After breakfast Jet nursed and went to sleep, so John and I went to Trader Joe's and wandered about and bought a few things. There are just so many things I'd get there if we lived close by and could cook from all the stuff that is there. There are so many things that I really love there, and so many things we just couldn't bring back on a plane with us. Most of the freezer and refrigerated section to start, the canned soups and boxed stocks for another, and the whole beauty section for a third. There are just so many things that I'd love to have from Trader Joe's it's hard to count them all. I did get a phad tai kit to try and some of the dried fruit for my oatmeal and to replace some of the lost items from my pantry. That was about it.

When we got back home, Mom and Dad had a newly wakened Jet playing in the livingroom and they were getting ready to give Jet a bath. Jet was cheerful. So I decided to undress him. Mom ran the water, and asked me for an opinion and I said that I thought it was too hot, but both Mom and John said that it would be okay. I just let it go, but then thought it's Jet, and went back and said, very firmly, I think it's too hot. Please run a little cold water into it.

They only did a token amount, which made me exasperated, but I didn't think it was dangerously hot. It would just be mildly uncomfortable to start, but definitely not scalding or anything. I finished undressing Jet and when I took off his diaper I found out that it was not only poopy, but dried on, which meant that he hadn't been changed since he woke up. I was mildly grumpy about that, but with a bath eminent, I could see why they hadn't bothered. Still, Jet was pretty sore down there.

I wiped him off as well as I could, and then carefully placed him in the bath. He was mildly dubious when placed in it, but he seemed to adjust okay. When John and I walked away, Jet started crying. Mom asked John to come in because Jet was crying because we went away, and John did so. Then Jet started just shrieking.

I went back in. Mom had soaped Jet's butt, first thing, rather than starting with the cleaner areas and working towards the dirtier ones, and he was just really upset and trying to climb out of the tub. When I leaned down to him, he clutched me and tried to climb up me, even as wet and soapy as he was. Mom said, "You wash him." And left. I thought about it and had John steady him, and I took off my clothes and climbed into the tub with Jet. The water was too hot for me, so I ran more cold into it while talking quietly to the still hysterical Jet. I held him close and let him climb me and clutch me and everything he could do, but didn't let him out of the water.

Eventually, I got him to sit again in the water, and I avoided touching his backside. I let him soak a while in the warm water, we played with his toys. Some of the problem was also that he was afraid of the moving hippo when it was moving through the water on its own. He tried to climb back up me when I set it off again. So we put that toy away and let him relax some more in the water and play with the toys he could control.

It took a while, but I was okay with that, we didn't have anywhere we had to be in a hurry, and we'd all be more comfortable if he was clean. So we took the while and let him gently get used to everything, and finally we washed him from head to toes, and got him clean, dry, and then lotioned and dressed. By the time he was done he was happier, if not completely content, he was at least not hysterical anymore. He was happy enough to sit in the high chair and have John feed him two whole jars of food. That's more solids than Jet's had for the entire trip. He was in a far better mood after the food than he'd been before the whole adventure.

Kathy arrived while Jet was eating, and after Jet ate, he happily played with Kathy. Then he nursed and went back to sleep at noon.

Kathy was cool and went with us to In and Out, eventhough it's not all that special to her, it was just fun to go with her and buy her lunch and talk and eat and be for a while.

When we got back, Jet woke up and I nursed him into being less cranky after waking up, and we bundled him up and got him into the car and John, Kathy, Jet and I went to La Jolla Shores. The weather was blustery with grey skies that promised, but hadn't delivered, yet, on rain. There was sunshine when we got out of the car, but halfway down the beach, the clouds raced by and covered us with shadows. The wind was blowing really, really hard against our backs on the way out and on the way back, we went right into the teeth of it.

La Jolla Shores is one of Kathy's favorite beaches, and we like it, too. It's got good enough parking, there are interesting people along there as it goes far enough up to hit Scripps beach as well. There is a far greater local proportion to the mix of people as it's further away from the big hotel beaches of La Jolla and San Diego. And the beach itself is long, smooth, and very, very gentle on the incline, so the surfers love it.

We saw two surfers, obviously visitors, young guys asking an old lady of an elder couple to take their pictures with their boards for them. They were both grinning big with white teeth, laughing and racing around trying to figure out the best pose against the racing clouds and rolling water behind them. Skinny, lithe, and quick and so proud simply to be out there on the beach with the waves and their beat up boards. That was fun to see.

A little girl had a bag filled with stale bread and she was feeding the gulls. There was a cloud of them about her, and she'd tell them, "Sit! Sit or I won't give you any food!" and she would wait until all the gulls were on the ground before throwing handfuls of the stale, crumbled up bread in their direction. The gulls would instantly take to flight to catch the bread in mid-air, crying and scrabbling and fighting each other for the scraps. The wind was blowing so hard they could just spread their wings and float in the wind. Jet was fascinated by them, and he would reach both arms out to the birds, and I would race the stroller towards one and Jet would yell happily as we got closer and closer and then he make sadder sounds and crane his neck to watch as the gull would fly away.

The cliffs to the north, at the start, glowed gold in the sunshine, and over them were the rainbow colored silks of the para-gliders and para-sailers like giant butterflies floating in the air over the beach. It was fun watching them glow in the sunshine and then, gradually, get snuffed out by the shadows of the clouds. They came down soon after the clouds overtook them, overhead.

It was a good mile out to the pier and then back again. Jet was blasted by the wind as we headed back and instead of being upset by it, he would grin into the teeth of it and lean into it. I got a good picture of that wind-whipped grin.

It tired him out, though. I think he must have a cold or something, because when we got back, he nursed and fell asleep again for another nap.

Mom was great and made a hot pot for dinner. She cut a whole lot of seafood, chicken, beef, spinach, tofu, noodles and other stuff, and we got to dip stuff into the really hot chicken broth, eat it, and then put more stuff in. We finished with transparent noodles, tofu, and spinach cooking in the rich broth, and put that with rice. Everyone got to eat what they liked. Jet got nibbles of many things, and finished off with a jar of spinach and potatoes.

I had a mango for dessert. Winter mangos are never as good as ripe summer mangos, but they're still mangos. So I enjoyed the one and Jet peered at me while I was eating, so I gave him a chunk that he could hold, easily, in his own hands. He ate away at it happily and finished most of what was a pretty large piece, compared to what he usually eats. Yay! Fruit!

Mom and Dad have a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD with all kinds of sub-titling and a super dense format, that Kathy got for them. It's really, really crisp and clear with excellent definition. Just gorgeous. We watched that for the evening's entertainment and Dad got to tell us all the tie-ins to all the old Kung-fu serials and how the weapons and such tied into accepted forms of the tales. Like in the school yard duel, Michelle's sword that suddenly becomes two swords is a standard trick of the old kung-fu story schools. Those were very keen things to know.

There are times when I really wish I could read literary Chinese, just to read junk novels like the kung-fu serials. *grin*

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