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January 9, 2003
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Workout, Swimming, and a Diner

9:34 pm: We had a really good day today, Jet and I, at least. Jet didn't have a great night. He was up three times. So both John and I were a bit ragged this morning. John went in with Jet and I had four straight hours to just plow through a big chuck of work that needed to be done by next week. So it was really good to have the time to concentrate and get through it.

When I went to pick Jet up, he had just fallen asleep at Joan's. Joan told me that while she'd rocked Haley to sleep, he'd just squatted down and started crying. Too tired. Poor little guy. He'd been up since six and was just worn out by running after Alex all morning. So he fell asleep and I took him home and he slept for another two hours while I cleaned up a few other things as well. It was a very productive day, including a one on one with my boss that simply highlighted how many things we'd accomplished and how few were left for the year. That was a good thing. Fei's been pretty much keeping up with whatever I can define and just getting it done as soon as we've fixed what it is. That's good. He hasn't run out of work between items, either, as he's had plenty of bugs to catch and other stuff to do on his own as well.

I've been feeling guilty about slacking on the new system definition, but it's good to be able to concentrate on it, now. Most everything else is waiting on other people, so I don't have to really do much about it until that extra information comes to me. I like that.

After Jet woke up, we nursed. I tried to get him to eat something, but he just nibbled a hot dog, had a couple of Ritz cheese crackers, and drank a bit of juice. He hadn't eaten much for John, this morning, had only eaten one chicken nugget when Joan took him to McDonald's, and he hadn't nursed all morning. I didn't have much more luck. Joan and I think that Jet's teething, as he's got the low-grade fever, the grumpiness, and is getting up at night. I hope it gets done with soon enough. It's his last set of molars until he's much older and starts losing teeth. And when he loses a teeth to grow a new one, there isn't the same kind of pressure and pain as when they first break through.

We left for the Longmont Rec Center at 4:30, and we had a fun time going in. When we got to the childcare area, though, Jet wanted to play with the lamps in front, and when we urged him to go into the play area he suddenly just started crying. I picked him up, took him in and set him in front of the giant Lego set. He stopped crying. Another little boy about his size came over and handed him a couple of the Lego construction workers that worked with the big Legos and the two of them hit it off immediately. Yay!

I even took Jet's jacket off and he didn't want to leave after that. He did look up when I left, but he didn't cry at all. Yay!

I went upstairs, walked, stretched, and then hit the rowing machine for ten minutes and the elliptical for ten minutes. John showed up as I was finishing with the elliptical. He changed and we tried out the weight machines together. There's a whole circuit of machines setup, each machine does exactly one set of muscles and has a metal plate with all the instructions for that machine, the exercise you can do on it, and what kind of reps to do for particular kinds of goals. Very useful. It was cool to isolate muscle sets and feel them burn.

John did a lot of the arm ones. I did more of the leg ones. I really liked the quad machine and then the hamstring machine. Gotta do both of them. It was nice to do the weights after having all the aerobic work that I was doing in the pool and on the equipment. I felt better, afterwards, than I felt this morning! That was surprising, but good to know.

Afterwards we went to rescue Jet, but we found him totally occupied with a bead box and he wouldn't leave. So we told him that he had another minute and then we'd go. We waited the whole sixty seconds, and when we gently said, "Time to go." He came with us, gladly. He and John hit the pool, first, as usual. I followed, and found them at the slide. Jet was just going around and around and around. Now that it was no longer the holidays, the pool was far less busy. It was great. Jet could just go down the slide as many times as he wanted, no problem.

So we just let him go. Neither of us had any burning desire to do much more than that. In the shallow water, Jet went without his tube. So he learned, frequently, what it was like to fall in six inch to one foot of water, go underwater, and how to get back up again. It's something I really want him to learn and not panic about. There are so many stories about how kids drown in inches of water, and I wanted him to know exactly what to do to get himself up and out if he does fall into water over his head.

Jet got really good at it. He even went out to the two foot level, which is up to his chin, and he fell. He managed to get his feet under him and stand up again, without panicking. That was good.

He loved the slide. He slid down in 38 times in an hour! It was faster at first. By the end, he was taking his tube up with him and figuring out how to get it through the narrower than the tube entrance at the top. Yay! He had a blast. He finally got bored of it and stated going for the deeper end of the pool. We finally had to put the tube on him, despite his protests. He took it and went to the BIG Pool and we all jumped in.

Jet paddled for a bit, then got this frown on his face and he started saying, "Cold! Cold! It's cold!" It is cold. The big pool is a good ten degrees cooler than the kid pool. It's kept that way so that folks doing lot of laps don't overheat. John and I giggled at the look on Jet's face as he's telling us that it is cold. We got over to the steps, and Jet danced on them for a while, got back into the water for a bit, and then got out and headed back to the play pool. There he found a three-year-old boy and a girl to play with. They had a blast.

I took off for the hot tub, at John's reassurance, and I let the jets blast my arms and wrists. After all the work I had to do today, it was good to just let them get massaged. The heat was wonderful to just loosen everything up.


Jet and I showered first, as he needed to get warmed up. We got done first, John showered quick, and we headed out for dinner. It was already 7:45, so Deli Ciosos' kitchens were already closed. So we went to the Third Avenue Cafe, a slightly upscale diner. Jet led us to a booth and I brought along crayons and two of his plastic trains. He had a great time playing with them. We drew tracks on the back of the daily specials page, and he drove his trains on them happily.

Jet drank half my root beer. He also ate four Ritz cheese crackers, nearly a dozen croutons, nibbles off my chicken fried steak, and a few broccoli trees from the side of his track. So he made up for some of the day.

John had a bit of prime rib. The chicken fried steak was a great size, rather small, with great gravy, solid mashed potatoes, and great vegetables. They were carrots, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and other good stuff all steamed enough to cook them without making them squishy. Jet liked the broccoli and ate one half of a carrot round before spitting the next one out.

In the middle of dinner, though, Jet got too close to the edge of the booth bench, and he fell off. He landed on his back and bumped his head pretty badly. Poor guy. I felt bad about not catching him quickly enough, and when I picked him up he seemed to be okay, just scared. I hold him and let him cry it out. It took a while, but croutons got him out of it pretty quickly. He liked them well enough that we asked the waitress for a few more, and he plowed right through them.

When he was full, he snuggled up to me, and then crawled into my lap and went to sleep. Quite the changed from the last two nights when both John and I had to read him a whole bunch of stories before he could get to sleep. Nice to have it be that fast. The good luck was that we'd put him in a disposable when we showered him as we'd run out of covers and he was wearing a one-piece, which could easily double as a sleeper.

We got home, no problem. Driving home in the Eurovan was fun. It's so powerful and so smooth, I kept thinking, "Silver Bullet" as I glided through the night. I might name it that, as Baby Buggy really fit the old Range Rover, but it doesn't really fit this sleek thing.

When we got home, Jet had no problem getting his jacket and sneakers taken off. He stayed asleep and went to bed no problem. Whew. John and I got a little time to drink herb tea, get a little more done, and relax. I do, however, feel pretty good compared to the rest of the day. I hope that the exercise helps Jet sleep as much as it helps me

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