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January 10, 2003
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Cold Day, Beer, and Cake

8:59 pm: A good day.

Jet had a mildly bad night; however, he didn't get up until 7, which was nice after the rough night. Also, this morning, as he was playing with John, he picked up two of his gears, on their axles and pretended, with John, that they were flowers. Jet initiated the game.

Later, during the day, I got my stuffed dragon out and we played with him. Jet talked to the dragon and offered him stuff, and basically had fun playing with him and doing stuff with him. It was pretty cool seeing him do that.

It's also really easy to do magic tricks with stuffed animals and Jet. They can 'eat' things while I sneak the things under their muzzles and hide them in my hand until we tug on the toy's tummy. Then the thing they ate pops out into my hand, and Jet loves it and giggles. That was fun. I really enjoyed just playing with him.

The morning had a long, good and productive meeting. Then Jet came home, nursed and slept for an hour and a half. John and Jet had ramen for lunch and I went down afterwards and had the last piece of pizza. It was good toasted in the toaster oven. I played with Jet until 4, and then John took over, and I got to work until dinner time.

John's started a batch of beer. I just made spaghetti as most of the kitchen was occupied. Jet actually ate half his plate of spaghetti! Then he nursed, stayed awake, and then drank another eight ounces of milk. So I'm definitely not making nearly as much milk as I used to make. I'm going to try and wean him at night, more to see if that'll help him sleep better, without any anticipation that if he wakes up he'll get to nurse, than just to get him to stop nursing. I'll probably, just to keep him happy, let him nurse as much as he wants during the day. Not a problem, and it's not like he wants it a lot.

It was really cold today. At sunset it was 8 degrees outside. The high was 28 today. Sadly, there isn't any big cloud cover over the plains. So no snow down here. There is a bunch of snow happening in the mountains. But I wish our yard could get just a little water. Then again, January and February are dry months. March and April are better for snow. So we'll get to see.

John's wort is cooling very quickly on the porch. Hee.

While reading Cat In the Hat this evening, Jet was naming everything that John named for him. He repeated every noun, and then noticed that the milk carton was spilling, "Oh oh! Dropped it!" He also pointed out a few of the choice items, "Cake!" afterwards. Hee. Being able to repeat all the words was something Jet couldn't have done even a few weeks ago.

Jet also helped me mix the cake mix with water for a Snacking Cake. He patiently swirled the stuff around and around and around. When he was done, I asked him to taste his fork, and he ate up the batter, happily, while the cake baked. I like getting him to do what he can do, and it's cool that he wants to help and wants to do it right. I'd love it if he would know how to bake and cook and actually do it early on

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