Liralen's Adventure Through Life
January 2003
  1: The Two Towers
  2: Running Around and Around
  3: Quiet Day
  4: Zoo, Pho and a Nap for All
  5: Lucille's, Swimming, and Soup!
  6: Making Pot Roast
  7: Pizza, Yogurt, and Journals
  8: Swimming, Jumping Hot Vindaloo, and Walking with Jet
  9: Workout, Swimming, and a Diner
10: Cold Day, Beer, and a Cake
11: Weaning at Night and Quiet Day
12: Feeding Church, Knitting, and Outback
13: A Great Day with Jet
14: Rainbow Boy, Bookstore, and Pizza
15: Prepping Asparagus
16: Tired Day
17: Rec. Center and Thai Restaurant
18: Costco Run
20: Green With Envy
21: Jet's First Swimming Lesson
22: The Mystery Cafe
23: Shattered Ice and Cool Questions
24: Big Review and Bob's Birthday
25: Sleeping In and the Rec. Center
26: Super Bowl Sunday and the Sweater
27: Windy Day
28: Jet's and My Adventure
29: Confusing Day, Dairy Queen Evening
30: Picking Up George and Isabel
31: Oodles of Errands, and Jet's Birthday Party

The year and the month started pretty quietly. We got to go to movies, out for food, and Jet's helping me, more and more, with preparing stuff for meals. He's also getting more verbal, more imaginative in his play, and capable of quite a few more things.

We managed to wean Jet at night, and it's worked out far, far better for our sleep.

I picked knitting back up again, to some good affect, including socks for Jet and a sweater for a friend who's expecting a new baby. My hands are doing much better, but still not good enough to make spinning a comfortable thing to pursue again. It's hard.

Jet got his first swimming lesson, which wasn't too fun, but subsequent lessons got much better. And he and I got to go out for an adventure in the evening when John was otherwise occuped. That was great.

We ended up with George and Isabel arriving to stay for a week while Joan and her family were in the mountains for the week. That freed me up to just run rampant for a while. Whee!

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