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July 13, 2000
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Off to Origins

David's visit has been a treat.

He and John get along really well, and they talked a lot and shared a lot and David had a good time exploring this area as he'd never really been here for any amount of time before. He and John, Monday evening, went out into the storm when a huge thunderstorm came rolling through, lightning and thunder hitting every few moments, wind gusting up to gail levels driving rain horizontally so that even when they were six feet under the edge of the roof, they were getting wet from the waist down. Fezzik ran around with them while the storm was happening, barking his head off and trying to get the loud sky to just go away.

It was fun watching them wade through the winds and marvel at the rain that just poured off the rooftop and all over Fezzik's small patches of lawn. They enjoyed it a lot.

I had some time Wednesday night, to just talk with David as John was really busy with work stuff and had to have dinner with a bunch of people that were in from out-of-town, so the two of us went to Efrain's II and ate good Mexican food, the mondongo plates, and talked and talked and talked. About consciousness and realizing the patterns of the past and choices and doing what it is that one really finds that one ought to do. It was very keen to just talk with him about it as he, very obviously, has the same upbringing and family that John does, and it was interesting to see it all through a more introspective view rather than the view that John has always given me into that life.

It was fun. Good even.

And exploring the whole concept of being a parent is mildly daunting. Especially since he's had his kids taken away from him. Check out Missing Kids web site and look up photos for 'Rostykus' (one of the last set of fields on the query page). Anyway... to gain so much and possibly lose so much, too.

I had fun packing in the evening. Found out that the two pounds I've gained plus all the changes my body has been making in its general configuration has really made nearly all my old fancy clothing pretty much a tad too tight. Not badly so, but tight enough that I really wouldn't want to wear it in 80+ degree heat for a possibly one mile long walk. So I'll just be scruffy Li at the convention and punt any ideas of going to the awards ceremony, as they're only allowing folks with formal dress in there. It was a fun 'ceremony' that was more like a toast when Carl and I went way back in some year or another, but it's not worth feeling like a bloated banana in a scrap of velvet.

I'm going to have to think of something to wear in the wedding in September. That should be interesting.

Fezzik followed both David and I around all morning. Both of us were packing and getting ready to leave and stuff. His flight is earlier, mine is later, we're both taking the bus out to DIA. I am all anxious about it. I probably shouldn't be; but uncertainty is making my stomach just roil a bit. Luckily, once I get to the airport everything else is pretty much set. Geoff and Zach will pick me up on the Columbus side, so nearly everything will be someone else driving or getting me to where I need to go. That should be useful, once I actually catch the bus the rest should fall like dominos.

Work has been a bit spotty this morning because of the uncertainty. But I'm getting somewhere with the journal and also with some of the documentation I'm supposed to be doing that doesn't really require too much brain.

Breakfast was wonderful. Fresh blueberries in some vanilla yogurt with plenty of Special K mixed in for crunch and carbos. It's also got vitamins I can use, so it's nice that way, too. A good start for the day; but the leftover mondongo was really, really salty to my palette. Beth says that that is typical, but I'm mildly sad that it isn't as good as I remembered it to be.

Emailed Mark. I might meet him for lunch somewhere, somewhen, or just stand and talk for a while. That'll be interesting.

Well, I'm off. Wish me luck.

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