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July 9, 2000
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More Adventures!

So I've been trying to find some equalibrium and it's just not really coming to me. Some of it is just all the changes and dealing, everyday, with not really feeling all there or nearly as capable as I usually do. Kathy really was right in noting that the mood swings would be even more entertaining now that I always have a hormone cocktail in my blood stream.

Every time I think I settle things okay, stuff pops up and it gets all weird again, especially in this really hot weather. Life has just sometimes been as simple as cooling down enough to sleep or dealing with how much water I need to not have a headache or just figuring out what to eat that won't cause me trouble or problems later on. That's been an interesting job of guesswork and experimentation.

The week was pretty full.

Carl was a real sweety and sent me 240 minutes of Powerpuff Girls! Now, if I need to vegitate, I'll have plenty of material to do with with! Yay!

I am going to Origins July 13th through July 16th and everything has been mildly scary about the trip after the mountain trip. I'll be away from home, in a strange place, and with strange people and no Rosty to make sure I eat when I get cranky. I was already pretty sad that the only hotel I could get was the Adams Mark, which was a bunch of city blocks from the convention and then on Thursday they left a 'courtesy message' to tell me that they'd moved my reservation another block south of the convention center, to the Hyatt on Capitol Square. Ugh. I was really sad and sicced John on them with the whole story about the pregnant wife and they and he pretty much couldn't do anything about it. So I'm likely *never* going to go to the Columbus Adam's Mark again and maybe even going to just not ever use any Adam's Mark hotel again.

I called the Hyatt on Capitol Square about the whole reservation thing, and got told by the girl on the phone that it was seven miles from the convention center. I was about to shoot someone. But the Adams Mark guy said that it was just another block and when I went to Map Quest with the addresses of the two hotels, it turned out that they're only about .8 miles apart. Five very huge city blocks. With food possibilities along the way, perhaps. That should be useful, I though. Then I realized that the convention hotel was also a Hyatt and, sure enough, they had a shuttle from the one on Capitol Square to the Hyatt Regency of Columbus right at the convention center! I was mostly worried about daylight hours and the shuttle ran from hotel to hotel only during the daylight hours. I might have to walk in the evenings, but by then it should be cool enough that it'll be nice. We'll see.

Then there was an interesting delay for the reservation to actually get through and it didn't until the Monday before the Convention. Ugh. I hate uncertainty.

David, John's brother, was here for a portion of the week, too, arriving Friday night and staying until Thursday. It was nice having him here, as he's much more introverted than John is so we communicate at a different kind of level, which is very nice to have and see the same background through different eyes and even a mildly different time frame. On Saturday morning, the two boys went off to the mountains and I got to stay home and have a very nice, quiet morning. I enjoyed it tremendously, getting in some calligraphy, a little more work on my magenta sweater and just general stuff that I needed including just rest.

Sunday's walk with Fezzik was, again, a bit of an adventure simply because it was so totally hot. Fezzik did just fine. I nearly fainted when I was back home, simply from lack of food and water. Next time I need to eat anything while on the trail and drink some water when it's that hot, and then I'll likely not crash so completely badly when I get home. But I crashed really hard, and it really made me anxious about the upcoming trip.

I slept all of Sunday afternoon, mostly in preparation for the evening, as serendipitously, on Thursday night, someone offered up three tickets to the Indigo Girls concert on Sunday. They were having a hard time selling all three, but since we were going to be three, I offered to buy them and got them Friday. It was a 7:30 start time and the venue was Red Rocks amphitheater, which would be a treat in and of itself. We'd heard that it was beautiful out there and the venue had been carved out of the exposed red rocks of the region; but the words were nothing close to the experience of the place.

With five hours of sleep under my belt, a wonderful chicken taco salad John made in my tummy and plenty of water, I actually felt pretty okay. Not too fragile. Enough so that I was easily able to take in stride the moment we found that John had gone too far south and missed the park completely. So we doubled back and came into the park by the south entrance. The parking lot there had sani-cans so I took the opportunity presented eagerly. Nice to start out without having to worry about anything. The day had been really hot but as we left home we saw that there were a lot of thunderheads building up over the foothills, so we'd brought jackets and I'd brought my rubberized rain jacket and it was so nice to be in the shade of the clouds as we walked to the amphitheater.

The local we'd called to ask about the lay of the land had said that it was a half an hour walk to the actual area. So I was all set for that as we started up the ramps. The scenary was distrating enough, great jags of red layered rock jutting up at the sky. There were cliffs of the layered reds from dried blood to deep gold, all right next to the path with pigeons roosting in water cracked holes up near the top. The path itself was paved and handrailed and there were dozens and dozens of people coming up. A number of them were coming from another parking lot we saw that was much further down the hill. Just a little bit later, the line stopped! The only thing we could figure was that the half hour estimate had been from the *other* parking lot and we'd lucked out with our 'mistake' and gotten to a lot that was just that significantly closer to the actual entrance to the performance area. And, sure enough, the line had stopped so that folks could be ticketed and frisked before being let in.

Close, close, close. And the benches were wood set in the stone, and the stone was everywhere. We went up to the top third of the seats and settled comfortablly near the center and on the left was huge cliff of red rock that looked like the prow of the Titanic as it was sinking. Huge and jutting and gorgeous in the streaks of sunlight we did get between clouds, the cliffs on the right side were square and solid, and behind us was a ridge of rock. The stage below had red rock all around it and the stage itself looked like it had been cut from the rocks there, with side towers and stage light compartments build from red brick. Structures that blended into the colors. There were no curtains. It was just an open structure of steel and a cover over it.

While we waited clouds rolled over our heads and the thunder spoke to enthusiastic applause. Lightning flashed, and when the first warm up band came on at exactly 7:30, the rain started coming down.

It felt so good at first. Cool and clean and wet and lovely after all the dry heat of the day. I just sat and basked in it. It was wonderful. Eventually, though the wind picked up as well, so I put on my jacket as the wind with the water just pulled a lot of heat from my body. The jacket was excellent about keeping both the wind and the water out and with the hood up, only my knees were getting wet until John stuck the backpack on them. The performer on the stage asked in a small voice, after one particularly savage lightning strike, "Am I going to get hit by lightning?" There were lightning rods in all directions, however, so none of the strikes got close; but they were all impressive so close up.

Spearhead was the second warm up act, and I really enjoyed them. Not just because the rain stopped while they were playing; but because they had a very bright, interesting sound. A few interesting quotes included, "Joy is the intersection of the human and the divine." and "The freaky people create all the beauty in the world." Just things for me to think on and remember. It also hit me that, like church, this concert stuff is an exercise of ones emotional sides. Unlike everything else in regular life, which is mostly concerned with actions or with logic or with decisions of the mind a concert of music is solely concerned with ones enjoyment and the human emotions of participation in such a venue. I guess music and art is all about that as well, and could well fill in for any religious rites because it speaks to the same centers of emotional well-being and exercise.

The Indigo Girls came out when it was full dark. The lightning had moved off to be in front of us and became part of the show. Bit flashes, spikes of actinic light banging into the ground without even the hint of the rumble of far off thunder, some of it eerily in time to the light shows of the show itself.

It was a relatively low-tech show. No real affect, just some spot-lighting. The wind was wild, though, and on the electric sets the wind seemed to blow the sound around randomly, making the acoustics pretty awful for those sets; but, for some reason, the acoustic sets rung clear and clean eventhough they were obviously electronically amplified as well. Maybe it was the relatively simple music not as easily affected by the changes, but anyway, they came out a lot cleaner.

It was very enjoyable. Around 8:30 I ate my Clif bar and enjoyed it thoroughly and was cheerful all into the night. The concert ended around 11:30, and John decided to go the way we came and completely missed all the traffic to get back onto the major freeway. We seem to have discovered a complete backroad that just made everything easy. So we got home and got to bed not too much after 1. It was very interesting to actually go to sleep with cold legs for the first time in a while.

My next day was just awful, though, from the general lack of sleep and, amusingly enough, lack of salt. It was only after I'd eaten an awful lunch of canned chile and Frito's corn chips that I actually could think again. For all the water I'd drunk on Sunday, I hadn't eaten nearly enough sodium and the imbalance really caught me badly. Caught up on sleep some Monday night and felt better Tuesday. Seems that very, very little can actually push me off equalibrium very easily, so I'm really not looking forward to travelling.

Thing is that I'm mostly going to see people, and there's lots of people that will be there that I really want to see, like Carl, Geoff, and various others that I've gotten to know on-line. So it may well balance any discomfort I go through just to see a bunch of folks that I like. John suggested that I hand out all my emergancy ration bars and tell people to feed them to me if I look like I'm tired, cranky, or unhappy. That might work

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