Liralen's Adventure Through Life
July 2000
  1: Of Travel and Holidays
  9: More Adventures!
13: Off to Origins!
14: Getting There and First Day
15: Breakfast, Vampire, and Party
16: Winding Down
23: Quiet Weekend
25: Fish Check!
28: Obsession
30: Trashy Romance Therapy
31: Restless Day

A fairly quiet month. Started with a bang, going to Origins and meeting up with the Aspects and getting to spend time with Carl. Most of the month, however, was just coping with the tiredness and queasiness of the first trimester. I'm glad that's ending soon.

We got to meet our obstrician and see the fish through ultrasound for just a glimpse of fish-flash motion.

I got to figure out that I was thoroughly depressed only after getting completely obsessed over Neil Gaiman's leather jacket, the one he wore while he wrote Sandman. Not like this climate really ever allows the usage of a leather jacket rather than t-shirt and shorts or a parka. But it was a good obsession as it woke me up in ways.

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