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July 1, 2001
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Eastgate Party

Jet did great last night. It was a great start to a day that was packed with Eastgate Congregational Church people. We started with Jet up at 6, and I nursed him in bed until 6:30, when John took him upstairs to Isabel and George. We slept in until a bit before 8, when I went upstairs to nurse Jet. They'd fed him half a jar of green beans, too, in an effort to keep him from being hungry at church. So he got his usual milk plus the food. We got our breakfasts, and then went to church at 9.

The service wasn't until 9:30, and we had a whirlwind of people to meet and greet and hang out with and talk with. Jet got passed around a lot, and was pretty cheerful about that. We then went into church and Jet did pretty good during some of the early service, and then he started getting loud, a bit like when he'd been on the plane and stuck in the seat. John went and changed him near the beginning of that, and at 10, Jet got *really* loud. So I finally took him out into the Fellowship Hall and fed him. He hadn't lasted a minute longer simply from the volume of food we'd given him.

That was kind of funny. It did mean, however, that by 10:30, when it was Fellowship Hour, I wasn't stuck feeding him in a crowd and he went from person to person in good humor for nearly an hour. When we got home again, I wolfed my lunch and then fed Jet again. Then I went straight downstairs for a nap. There wouldn't be any time later, and I was still pretty tired from the trip.

Turned out that Jet and John napped for that hour, too, and the three of us were much refreshed as we got ready to greet the party. I nursed Jet until a bit past the last minute of the 2:30 start time. The Klauses came while he was still eating, but then he started making his rounds as more and more people arrived.

It was a lot of fun. Folks we haven't seen for quite a while arrived, too. One big surprise was John and Yolanda Randlett. John was the old pastor at Eastgate, and he and his wife were out in Gold Bar California, now, and we'd heard they were coming to the Seattle area, but that it would be very late before they arrived. So we were very surprised to see them here in the afternoon!

They're here for the week, too, and would be out east at their forest lot during a lot of the week. So there might be some chance of seeing them.

Jet did great. At 4, he drank maybe an ounce and a half of four we'd made him, and in the midst of all the noise, conversation and people he fussed and then fell asleep on his playmat. I had gone over and reassured him while he lay there on the mat, and he took one look at me, relaxed and went out like a light. He slept in the middle of a party for the next half a hour, not at all mindful of the noise.

I wish I could do that.

Jet even woke up cheerful and happy and ready to go a few more rounds of being held by people he'd never met before. That was pretty amazing. When the last of the folks left, he latched on with fervor, and nursed for the next forty minutes off my really full breasts. He was very content afterwards. So we headed to Yea's Wok.

It's been so long since we've had great Chinese food. They said that there would be a half hour wait that turned into only fifteen minutes. There wasn't space for Jet, yet, and while they offered a high chair we weren't sure he would be able to sit up in one. So we held him in our laps for the meal. He only got loud twice, and we just handed him off to someone else at that time and the simple change of scenery worked out really well.

We had rice noodles with ten other ingredients, Mongolian Beef 'cause John really wanted that, the dry sauteed string beans, and the shrimp with candied walnuts. Yum. John got one of the paper menus and George and I marked all the things that they'd had with Mai and I. I was a little sad to have missed the camphor and tea smoked duck this time, but I might get another chance.

After dinner, Jet and I went to the car and nursed peacefully there while they finished up the meal and paid the bill and then hit the Safeway for ice cream to go with the raspberries Isabel was getting off their vines. John asked if there was an ice cream I'd want to go with the raspberries and I said 'chocolate'. I like raspberries and chocolate, and it seemed like a good combination.

They got chocolate. And they arrived back at the car just when Jet and I were done. So that worked out really well.

We got home and had ice cream with raspberries, and the chocolate also had chocolate and almond chunks all through it, so it was very good to eat with or even without the raspberries. Isabel brought the high chair she still had up from the basement and we tried putting Jet into it just to see how he would do. The wire chair that Isabel had gotten from a friend was way too horizontal. Jet couldn't see a thing from it. So we tried him in the high chair with some towels to help prop him up and he did just fine.

He leaned on his elbows like he does in his exersaucer and was quite content to bang his toys on the metal tray or suck his fingers or gum the toys while we had our dessert. He was pretty content, all in all. That was good.

We got an earlier night in, as we were all pretty exhausted. So far I haven't had to pump last thing at night, so that's been one really good thing about going to sleep so late.

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