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June 30, 2001
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Regis Party

8:59 pm: Today was mostly a catch-up day. I slept until nearly 9:10 with a couple rises to pump and to feed Jet. He'd done really well last night, after we put him to sleep he got up around 2:30 and then didn't get up again until 6:30 in the morning. He nearly caught everyone leaving, but after he got enough to eat, it was just too late. Sadly, but John sat up with him until George and Isabel got back from delivering everyone to the airport and then came down to sleep some more himself.

I got up at a bit after nine and showered happily. Then we had breakfast. George had made steel cut oats and they were very good. I fed Jet afterwards and found myself falling asleep, so I went back to sleep after that, for another hour. I needed it.

I fed him again at 12 and we left for lunch and to see Regis. Yesterday's teriyaki had reminded both John and I of Tombo's, a little Japanese eatery that was named after a dragonfly. We used to go there all the time, so we decided to go there for lunch. I had the curry tonkatsu and John had the Combo B, which was chicken tonkatsu and teriyaki beef. Those were the meals we always used to have. As always the tonkatsu chicken was crisp and hot and perfectly cut to absorb the most sauce. The short-grained rice was tender and just the right kind of sticky for easy eating.

That was a very good things because Jet was all grumpy, so I actually had to take him out of the car seat and hold him. He was really calm once I was holding him again, otherwise he would have filled the restaurant with his yells. Luckily we were there a bit late, so there weren't other customers. By the time he was quiet others were coming in, so that was good timing.

After lunch we went to Victor's and got really lucky. Jane and Victor had sold part of the business to a partner, so they still had a stake in it, but didn't have to work nearly as much as they used to. That was really keen, all they had to do was what they loved, which was roasting coffee in small batches. We'll have to buy some later in the week to take home, but Victor was there and was really surprised to see Jet. He'd completely forgotten that I was pregnant the last time we met, that was funny, but he was astonished by Jet. That was cool.

He asked to hold Jet and it was funny seeing someone be that awkward with holding Jet because I know I was like that when I first started. Jet finally started fussing a bit so Victor gave him back and told us Jane would be around during the week so we could set up a meeting with her because she really wanted to meet the baby.

We got drinks and from there went up to Bothell and Regis' house. She was having an Utena showing that was supposed to have started at 2, and would go until whenever, and we didn't get there until 3. They were just starting to grill hamburgers for lunch. So we hung around with them, talked with Regis a lot, got to see her Revolutionary Girl Utena Motorcycle and the cool fish bathroom. Lots of fun was had by all and most everyone got to hold Jet.

Regis gave Jet a really cool present. It was a blanket that was soft flannel on one side and rainbow silk on the other! It's really gorgeous and light and probably really warm. I'm pretty sure it'll be a Jet favorite soon enough. Kathryn, who often reads this journal, was there and she had a gift for me, which is really cool as Jet gets so many gifts and it's really cool when someone thinks of something for me. She also really thought about it and noticed that I really missed Seattle colors out here in the brown and golds and purple majesties of the Front Range. She gave me a lovely scarf, wide and thick and soft and it was all the colors of the Great NorthWet, blues and greens and softer, shaded hues. Really lovely stuff, and I found out that she's decided to do fabric arts for a living. That gives me hope that even a long-time computer jock like me might give it all up for something more accessibly creative. Working with computers is massively creative work, but it's not work that any Tom, Dick, or Harry is going to 'get'.

Maybe, someday, I'll write something that anyone will be able to get.

Jet was pretty tired by now, as he hadn't slept at all this whole time. Even when he was in the car. We'd actually gotten to Bothell at 2:30 and parked in a shady lot to let him eat for half an hour before going into the house. He lasted until 4 pretty well, but started fussing pretty hard after that. So we only managed to drive to Vivian's Ice Cream before he was yelling so hard we just decided to stop there for ice cream and to feed him again. He latched on ferociously and ate while I ate chocolate peanut butter ripple ice cream. Yum for both of us.

From there we went back home and this time Jet fell asleep and stayed asleep for a good long while. He is napping a lot longer on this trip and more frequently than before. He seems to nap very happily in his car seat and stay that way for a good while.

Once home John went downstairs for a nap while Jet and I played on the livingroom floor. It wasn't until 6 that Jet got hungry, so the two of us settled down to nurse. Isabel was going to have dinner at 6, but it was possible to delay dinner, so John got a longer nap and we got a good nursing in and Jet was quite content while we had our dinner.

Isabel's raspberries have been coming in fast and furious, so her fridge is filled with the berries and we had a lot of them with ice cream. That was really good.

After dessert, John and Isabel pulled together all of Jet's bath stuff for his Saturday night bath. With the open house tomorrow it seemed like he'd be good clean. He might also be more comfortable clean. He was pretty gooey last night, with all the heat and bother from the flight and everything. So John and Isabel gave Jet a bath and found that the first container they tried was a little too small for him. They found a bigger wash basin and rinsed him in that and Jet had a great time. He seemed to really enjoy the whole process.

We called it an early night, and got Jet into bed by 10. He seemed really tired. With Regis' gathering today, the party Thursday, the family gathering yesterday, an open house tomorrow, the dinner group on Tuesday and then the party at the Kohlmeier's on Wednesday, Jet's social calendar is going to be really full. I hope he gets his sleep in.

It's just so very different than our trip to San Diego. So much more we're trying to do and so much more contact for Jet with a whole bunch of people that he's never seen before. I really hope that this helps him be more comfortable with more people and doesn't make him hate social gatherings or resent being passed around too much. It's funny to go from being near-recluses to being so totally socially active all at once.

We'll see how he does.

We'll also see if it drives *me* completely insane or not.

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