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July 8, 2001
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A Sunday Home

2:23 pm: One scary thing that I didn't mention yesterday was that when we put Jet in the saucer, he started to squawk a lot and then sound really angry. I peered at him and his legs were really bend pretty hard underneath him. So we raised the tray, and the swivel seat by extention, up one notch of the two higher ones that are available. After the height adjustment, Jet was perfectly happy.

In just the week we've been gone, Jet's grown enough to need the adjustment. Yeesh.

We had a pretty good morning. After all the thunderstorm business, Jet went to sleep pretty solidly. He did get up at quarter after two and ate and even ate another two ounces in his sleep. Then he went back to sleep and stayed that way until a quarter til 7. I fed him in bed and John decided he was awake enough to get up himself. So he got up, showered, and then took Jet out to squawk and play and yell out in the livingroom.

I slept through a lot of that, and then woke up to feed him again just before eight, and then went back to sleep until 9:40, when I got up, showered, and went out to try and feed a not so hungry Jet again. He ate only a little, and then started yelling and looking at other things, so we piled him into his car seat and we headed to Mountain Joe's.

Mountain Joe's is a new reastaurant in Lafayette. It's the newest member of a fairly old chain in Boulder, that has representation on the Pearl Street Mall as well as in mornthern Boulder. The newest one is in Lafayette, which is significantly closer to us than Boulder. We saw it while driving through one day, and thought we should try it from breakfast some day. Today was the day.

They had a pretty interesting menu, but I went for an old standby, the simple two egg breakfast. They had a cool assortment of additions, and Igot the buttermilk pancakes and a piece of their banana bread instead of the usual toast and has browns or, in their case, the spicey house fries. Jet had fallen asleep in the way over, and he napped peacefully in his seat while we ordered and while we got our food.

The medium over eggs were a tad underdone. It's just one of those things that I use to figure out how detail oriented a place really is. The rest of the stuff was okay. The bacon had been cooked, but wasn't at all crisp. Still it was thick and smoky and tasty with the eggs and the thick, tangy buttermilk pancakes. I asked for soy sauce for my eggs, and the waiter only managed to come up with teriyaki sauce, which wasn't a bad idea. It turned out to work just as well, for me, as the teri sauce they had was very gingery and garlicy, but not at all sweet. So I added a bit of sugar and had the eggs the way I like them.

Yeah, I sprinke a bit of sugar on top of the yolk, add just a light sprinkle of soy, and then suck the yolks out before eating the dry shell. It's an odd way of doing it, but I really like it.

The waitress admired the sleeping Jet, and when he woke up she coo'ed happily over him. His wet hair from the bath last night dried into a Big Boy style hair do today. The big cowlick right in front was very cute. Add to that his wide eyed 'I've just woken up' stare, and he had a grandmother stopping in mid-stride to wiggle his foot and coo at him. That was pretty funny.

We both liked our breakfasts a lot, and enjoyed them thoroughly. Jet got a bit squawky when I went to bathroom, and since they didn't have changing tables, we decided to just go on to the grocery store to change him there. The Albertson's wasn't that far away and we had plety of time.

We found the bathroom at the back, and it had a solid changing table, and I got Jet all changed in there while John used the other bathroom. When I finished, John still wasn't done, so I tucked Jet back into the carseat and then put the pad away myself. It's nearly impossible to do one-handed, but doable when he's back into the chair. I really wanted to wash my hands, too, but John stayed in a lot longer than I was willing to wait, so I just pulled the whole cart into the bathroom and washed my hands there. I could hear John washing his hands next door, too. When we got out, though, John was no where to be seen.

I went out a little ways and saw John already halfway across the store, looking down all the aisles. He, of course, didn't see us down them, and I just waited patiently until he hit the far end and finally looked *back*. He saw us then and came loping back.

We then got to wander through Albertson's. I haven't done that for a while, as we mostly have hit the Safeway that was closest to us. With a bit farther range, now, with Jet able to go a couple hours without eating, at least when things are interesting for him, we might get to go here more often. And I was pretty impressed with the place. For one, there's no card program, so you don't have to bring a car thingy whenever you want whatever is on sale. That's useful, besides some more paranoid folk's dislike of having everything they buy tracked.

The really great thing, though, was the selection and the quality of what I could see that was out. It was different than the Safeways. There was more niche stuff, more esoteric stuff. The produce was just as sad, all in all, and had pretty much the same 'specials'; but the meat section had a really good seafood area, that was far more extensive than anything Safeway had. They even had whole fillets of Atlantic salmon that looked pretty good, along with sea bass, cod, and bit chunks of halibut alongside good displays of frozen or previously frozen shrimp, lobster, and crab.

The meat section was really extensive with some cuts that aren't normally seen on grocery shelves, like beef butt (/shoulder?), skirt steak, and the omni-present oxtails. I was pretty impressed, and if I really wanted a specific cut (as with Alton Brown's latest episode on a potless pot roast) I think I could go there and ask for it. I probably should have also asked if I could buy shaved, boneless ribeye for a homemade variety of Philly cheesesteaks. Gator once said that that was the cut everyone in Pittsburgh used, so I trust that that was accurate.

They had four different brands of spices, lots of different condiments we don't see elsewhere, like Rooster's Firey Wing Sauce or Peter's Pickles. That was funny. The Mexican food areas were also a lot more extensive, with tortillas so fresh you could flop them completely over while there were a dozen stacked on top of each other. Flexible, moist and fresh, probably even made today.

Home again home again and Jet didn't even cry. He did, however, fall upon my breast as on a long-lost lover, and ate like crazy for a good forty minutes. Then, energized, he started just playing like crazy.

In an effort to conduct a few experiments to see what would get Jet to not wake up every hour on the hour until midnight, we're feeding him formula and only formula all afternoon and evening. I'm pumping when I would normally feed him, and freezing the milk for later use in plastic liners for the disposable liner bottles. They'll be taped up and packed away in a double walled Ziploc and probably doled out the next few weeks when we go back to breastfeeding. It's just another experiment.

John cleaned up all the plants over the kitchen, and I sat with Jet and talked with him while he played. I also wrote more journal stuff and drank ginger beers. The big bottles are a mite more carbonated than the little ones. I wonder if it's just 'cause they had more numbers of yeast to start... or it might be that the bottles were in the upstairs fridge, which seems to have proven to be a bit warmer than is safe for food. The fridge thermometer is now in use to determine if there was additional problems with the milk spoilage.

We've turned it colder by a notch or two and we'll see how cold it is tomorrow. It's a fine line between freezing what's in the produce drawer and keeping everything else cold.

9:45 pm: The experiment's been kind of mixed. I am pumping everything between four to two ounces every two hours, steadily less as the day's gone by. Jet's eaten pretty raggedly, mostly two ounces at a time, and sometimes four. He also slept for like three naps in the late afternoon and evening, so we don't know if that's something completely different.

There was a nice, huge thunderstorm with lightning right above our heads, lots of rain and a good stiff wind that blew right through the house. So that it's actually fairly cool in the house now as well. Not as cool as it is outside, but definitely cooler and much more humid with all the water in the air and on the ground. The day had started out completely clear and so hot it felt like we were just going to fry; but it's now nice and cool and wet.

I also fed him half a jar of squash and he really enjoyed it. I think it tastes enough like carrots or something that he just dove right in and ate steadily. He'd just had four ounces of formula, so he cheerfully stopped when I halted at half the jar. That was pretty good.

That's one thing. I often skipped one feeding in the evening this last week because Jet frequently got a jar of something solid while someone was visiting or we were at some party. So I think my production is down a little. Also, with the dryness here and me getting used to it again, I have probably not been drinking nearly as much water as I should be. I got back into the habit of sucking on my Boulder Community Hospital mug.

Jet went to sleep just fine at 9:45, his usual bed some, after playing pretty happily with everything for the last couple of hours. John and I both did a bunch of things, including getting all the emergancy information together for Joan and also for our own parents in case something really awful happened.

Dinner was a chicken we bought from Albertson's. We'd originally thought to make beer butt chicken, but with it blowing like crazy outside, we decided to just roast it. I used my 'new' little roasting pan that I've also been using for the pecan rolls and a bunch of other things, slipped in the small cooling rack and plopped the chicken on it breast side down after washing it in cool water. I massaged in pepper, salt, and canola oil, poured half a bottle of beer into the pan, and popped it into a 425 degree oven.

Twenty minutes later I turned the oven down to 350, checked to see that there was enough liquid. There was plenty. So I left it for another fifteen minutes. I then used the tongs to flip the chicken over, and brought it up to 425 again for another fifteen minutes. Then I lowered it back to 350 and went to pump myself. When I was done with that the chicken was done.

I then poured all the fat out of the pan, added a couple of tablespoons of canola and flour and stirred up all the dark, sticky bits into the oil and put it over a low fire. I cooked teh roux until it was all pretty dark brown and nutty smelling. I then poured a bunch of chicken stock in and stirred like crazy. I scrapped everything up from the pan, and made a really great pan gravy. All we added was Instant mashed potatoes and nuked veggies and had quite the feast.

The chicken was tender, juicy and wonderful. I really liked it. John loved it too, and Jet was sleeping from yet another thunderstorm. Right in the middle of the meal, some (#@$(@#$*^!!) phone soliciter called and the phone rang in the bedroom. Jet, evidently, hates being woken by the phone pretty much as much as I do. He woke up just screaming and was so upset and angry that even holding him and bouncing him didn't work too well. It did work some, so I cuddled him a lot while John finished eating and then we swqpped places for a while.

Eventually Jet got pretty happy and that's when I could just play with him while John did stuff upstairs. I had managed to write quite a bit earlier, so I feel better. I'm more caught up than I was after the San Diego trip and there are plenty of days that I can post when I have time. That should be good.

We'll see how Jet does tonight. It may well be that we'll get to wean Jet early if this formula experiment really does keep him asleep in the long term. Then again, it might just be the thunderstorm, and if it is, we'll find out when there isn't the opportunity for him to nap so frequently in the afternoon and evening. Sometimes I also wonder if the every two hour feeding isn't something that makes it harder for him to get to sleep... the momentum of all that feeding carrying on into the night or something.

Anyway, we'll see how it all works out.

I am not looking forward to working tomorrow, and even less to having to get up early enough to get Jet ready to go to Joan's at 9 am. Ugh. But Alex has summer school in the morning, and it's easier for Joan to care for Jet with only Haley around, so that should be useful for Joan. I'm getting way too used to not getting up until 10...

Today, John did a lot of the Jet care, and with the bottle feedings instead of nursing, I was pretty much free to do that whenever I felt like it rather than whenever Jet demanded it. That felt pretty good, and was a type of freedom I haven't had for a long time. I think John was a bit harried by it all, though, and some part of me was mean enough to think, 'Well, now he finally knows what it's like for me.'

I'm still mildly mad that on Mondays and Fridays, I am the one that has to watch Jet while we both work. John doesn't usually take Jet while he's working unless he doesn't really have to be working for that time. I'll just have to say something about it, I think, and that may well change as well. Then again, I *do* get to go to CeLena's for a massage some of those days, too. So that should more than make up for it in some sense.

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