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July 9, 2001
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A Good Day

8:34 pm: Just got back from a good, long walk down our street. There is an association for the neighborhood that pays for the upkeep of the runway and the fueling station as well as all the green areas around it an the association mostly pays for all that stuff. There are covenents for the neighborhood, but they're mostly things that need to happen to meet FAA requirements. No architechtural taste Nazis here, whew. Out buildings only have to be under a dcertain size, and don't even have to match the other buildings on the property.

It was a really fun walk. There was a huge thunderhead to the east of us, with flashes of lightning, silent with distance, zigzagging against the black underbelly of the huge cloud. The tops, as we headed back east, started to glow silver white with the light from the setting sun. It was gorgeous. The wind was pretty steadily from the south to the north, and there was a bunch of clouds headed towards us from the south.

It was a good mile-plus walk, first downhill than up and I was sweating mildly as we got back home. It's pretty humid out, there's even some ground water standing around, for the first time in a long time. I hope that the rain actually gets to our house again, it was so nice the other nights when it was lashing against the windows.

I liked the exercise, especially after my session with CeLena. I had some really awful knees, and I was careful, for the walk, to walk very straight and not do any duck walking at all as I think that might be a factor in the bad shape of my knees and hips. Maybe it'll be a continuation of the walks of last week.

CeLena slathered me in anti-ache salve, which smelled pretty nice, but was really strong. Jet actually refused to eat off me until I went and showered. John had had a rough time with Jet while I was having my massage. He'd actually had to bounce Jet for a lot of the hour, as Jet was alternating between happy and mad and then just crying for no good reason. Jet didn't seem to want the peas, and just got mad after them. He did drink two ounces of formula afterwards, though, and that snack carried him through my shower.

Jet had a fairly grumpy afternoon after a pretty brilliant morning and a pretty rocky night. He was up four times, John was able to put him back to sleep at 11 pretty quickly, but at midnight, two and five, Jet really wanted to eat. I think I could have just put him back to sleep after he ate off me at 2, but thought a little formula in him would make him last longer. After the afternoon of only formula it was kind of weird; but maybe Jet was just making up nursing/cuddling time. I don't know.

Joan said he did just great. He and Haley played for a lot of the time he was there, and he only went to sleep at 10:15. Joan was happier that he wasn't sleeping for nearly the entire time she had him, as she felt that she was doing more for us. Haley and Jet had a great time and when Jet was in the walker, Haley got up close and started talking with him. They had their own baby conversation in complete gibberish, but they both took their turns and had a great time with each other.

When I went to pick him up he was asleep and I tucked him into his car seat and took him home. I just put the car seat in our relatively cool bedroom, and left him asleep in the seat. He slept another half an hour, which I got some good work time in, and when he woke up, we were able to nurse pretty well before noon. I made chili cheese dogs while Jet played in his exer-saucer, and John and I had a great lunch.

The rough night last night pretty much proved that feeding him just formula wasn't the answer. We'll try the other opposite tonight, and thaw the milk that I froze yesterday for all his after-feedings today. I have a funny feeling that that won't really be the answer, either.

I think it's just the way Jet is right now.

He's having some really fun times too. Jet really enjoyed the long walk in his stroller. He sprawled amid the cushions like a little prince, and watched the world go by from underneath his Philly baseball cap. His dark eyes were wide open for nearly the whole walk, and he enjoyed it a lot. The neighbors that were fixing up the house stopped by as they drove by and told us that they'd been the ones that cleaned out all the newspapers and closed our gate while we were away.

John had called the paper to ask that delivery be stopped while we were away, but evidently their control of vacation stoppages was as poor as their control of subscription stops. They's pretty much left a mountain of paier while we were away, and our neighbors had moved all the papers to the spot next to the garage.

That was very nice of them and we thanked them profusely.

I want to send the paper delivery guy a nastily worded letter saying that we've cancelled our subscription for two *months*; but it's likely not effective. I mean, they may simply not know. So John's approach of just giving them a note to say that we'd like them to stop delivering the Post since we cut the subscription a long time ago may be the best way.

I was glad Jet got a small nap on the walk. He didn't nap nearly as much today as yesterday, we'll see how that translates. Or if he's just going to have several nights of broken sleep before doing something else again... we'll have to see.

One really cool thing that came in the mail today was the first, new J. Peterman's Owner's Manuel, i.e. their new catalog! Yay! Peterman is back in business and he's bringing back a lot of the classics he used to have and a lot of new things along the same intrigueing lines. I really loved the old catalogs and used to order some really extravegant stuff from them. I think that once I stop breastfeeding Jet, I may try some of that stuff on again to see how well I fit. Or don't.

It's nice to be home again, and to settle in and make it better. I did call the milk delivery service to cancel our service. They did ask why I did it, and I told them about the spoiled milk. It may or may not help in the future. I know that in one of the neighborhoods around here I saw insulated milk delivery boxes. Maybe I should get their name and number and see if they can deliver here, too. The insulation just makes way too much sense around here.

I also drank a bunch of liquids today. I even made half a gallon of Kool-Aid at half the sugar. It tastes pretty interesting when it's really cold, and it's definitely liquids. It can only help.

For all my fear and dislike, work was pretty good today. I got back up to speed, read all my email and got through all the introductory information on the new team that's supposed to be in charge of all the interaction issues for the whole product that my program is a part of. It should be interesting to see how the whole product is regarded as a whole, and to get involved in how my GUI presents it all.

I also wrote up status, fixed some documentation, and gradually got back up to speed. The best thing about the all-plant closures is that when I get back no one else has been working. There isn't a ton of stuff to catch up on, no one is way behind on stuff, and there isn't an infinite pile of emails to catch up on. The only thing that's 'bad' is that the Ireland plant can't shut down, and since they're the test site, they had a nice pile of bugs for us.

Stuff to deal with the rest of this week. Yay! Work!

Jet is really cute. He smiles more, now, laughs out loud and 'gallops' his saucer making it slam back and forth with all his wiggly enthusiasm. When he's peaceful, he's really angelic looking in repose. He also ate really, really well tonight, decided that he liked the once-frozen breast milk and sucked four entire ounces of it down with extra sessions on me while John heated the stuff up. So he was on me twice as long *and* he sucked down twice as much from a bottle in his last feeding.

This should prove to be quite an interesting night.

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