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July 12, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

A Clean House

3:54 pm: An interesting day, with lots of things going on.

The first was getting to go to the integration team meeting for the first time. I didn't quite know what to expect, but the lady running it is very efficient and very structured. She even has a standing agenda that they just flew through, and lots of good emphasis on *only* discussing issues. If things were just agreed on, it was just said, recorded, and done.

It's really funny to watch a roomful of people who are having a meeting with a several other people that are all on the phone. No one looks at each other, there is no central point of focus, especially when someone on the phone is talking. So everyone looks in all directions and they all look incredibly bored or out of it, especially when we're all concentrating really hard on listening to someone with a really soft voice on the line.

I never realized that before.

I actually went into work to do all this, and left Jet at Joan's at 9:30 and came back for him at 11:30 without even stopping to say hi to anyone at work. Bob and folks noticed that I was there after their meeting, but I was on the run to my meeting and so I just waved and kept going. It's still odd to sacrifice an entire hour travelling for one hour of work.

When Jet and I got home, he was still groggy from being asleep, and fell asleep nursing, so I set him down on the bed and worked for a while. When he woke up he didn't want to be put down, so I carried him around the house and while I ate lunch. I ate the last of the teriyaki beef from last night, which was about half a meal. I then had some of the leftover enchilada cassarole, enough to make the rest of my lunch and there was enough left for both John and I for dinner.

Jet eventually got happier, with being held, so I took him upstairs with me and I worked some more while he played in his chair. He was really happy and was much happier yet after he took a really big dump. Jet was kicking and squawking and grabbing my arm and laughing while I changed him. That was pretty cool. I tucked him in the exer-saucer while I washed my hands and then he and I played on the floor for a good half an hour.

I had fun getting shots of him playing peek-a-boo with a clean diaper. That was really fun. He loved playing it the whole time, and was doing it to himself as often as I was tugging the cloth over his eyes. It's good to know what he likes doing.

He was laughing and playing and wiggling and everything. I got al kinds of action shots with the digital camera. That was lots of fun for both of us.

Eventually, I heard a change in his tone, and figured out he was hungry before he started crying. He was happy and eager when we settled to nurse and this time he fell asleep really solidly when we were done. So solidly that when I set him down on the bed he went right to sleep and stayed that way from about 3 till now.

The Molly Maids just pulled up. I'll have to just see how he does with them around the house.

7:42 pm: I decided to wake him up myself, and he got a good, long, quiet awakening instead of suddenly being startled into wakefulness by a vacuum cleaner or something. We went out for a walk.

It was cool out. The daily thunderstorms had moved in and turned the sky completely overcast. It was six degrees cooler outside than inside. I tucked Jet into his stroller and we talked the block across the street. He pretty much just lay there, still waking up. I just did a brisk walk into the north wind and then with it at my back as we came back. It was so cool outside I didn't want to go back in. Finally, when I did I tucked Jet into his exer-saucer and then opened everything up to let the house cool down.

Whew. Especially up in the computer room it made a huge difference. The heat made all the air travel up and out. Which, I guess, in a microcosm shows how the thunderstorms actually get made. The land is so much hotter than the oceans surrounding it, and the heat causes the air over the land to rise. This pulls in air from over the oceans.

The ocean air is laiden with water, and as that air rises as it's being pulled up to this altitude over the souther lands, the water gets wrung out, as the air gets thinner and thinner. And then bam, big clouds and lots of turbulence from all the moving air, and there's a bunch of molecules rubbing against each other and hey presto there's lot of charge built up and that gives thunder and lightning, when those charges finally have to go somewhere.

It hadn't quite hit, yet, when John came home. He was in Borax, the open top Landy, and the two of them had raced east, under the edge of the storm forming over Boulder. John managed to stay relatively dry on the way home, though he'd been questioned by co-workers who all thought he was crazy. Okay, it wasn't just co-workers who thought he was crazy, but after all the rain we rode through in the Stoat while we were in Seattle, this little sprinkle was nothing I still remember the time John and Fezzik and I came through the pass from the east side of the mountains and when we got on the west side it was just pouring for the whole hour it took to get home.

I managed to feed Jet while John settled in, and then the three of us went to Lui's.

It was so odd that it actually felt *humid* in there for the first time. The moo shu pancakes weren't crisp dried out on the edges, they were actually moist through. That was funny. Jet did great, though he was talking a lot through the meal.

At the end of the meal we both got fortune cookies. John's read, "You'll have more money than you can spend." When I opened mine, *two* fortunes fell out! The first one read exactly the same as John's! That was pretty cool, looks like a great chance that the two of us will be rich together. Then the other one made me just laugh! "You will be rich not only in wealth but also in other areas." Wow! Talk about double happiness!

We came home in the midst of the rain. It was so nice to feel the water, hear the sound of the rain, and to just take it easy going home. The house was completely clean and cool. We'd closed things up before leaving for dinner, but we were able to open everything again when we got home. It was wonderful. I actually felt like making a mug of tea and drinking it, it was so nice and cool out.

There's something about tea and rain. Maybe it's the whole concept of all the wet weather on the British Isles, and how tea goes so well with all that.

I fed Jet once we got home, and then joined John upstairs, where John was working and installing a CD writer. The CD writer was so that we could send CD's of *all* our pictures of Jet to his grandparents. We probably only post 5 percent of the pictures we take on Jet's picture page. Both our parents wanted all of them, unfiltered. There's a lot of junk in there, but there are some shots we liked but just couldn't justify posting.

So now they can get them all!

John got 30 CDs for $3. That was really hilarious, especially considering that I still have a CD I bought nearly five years ago that cost me $20, and the one I bought only takes 60 Meg, and these new ones take 700 Meg each. My, how the technology moves.

Jet played on the floor, happy as a clam. He didn't need no stinking toys! He was just a wiggly boy, smiling, shrieking with laughter, and then wiggling his way over to my camera bag and grabbing the strap to play with. He's happy playing with diapers, napkins, and pieces of newspaper, no need for any expensive toys, yet.

John watched Jet shred a piece of newspaper at his parents' house. Jet just kept ripping another piece off by suddenly pulling apart his hands, and then tossing the smaller of the two before doing it again.

Paul, Deidre, and Isabel of plane fame (she was the one that told everyone that I had a baby and two airplanes in my belly, which obviously led to Jet getting his name) are arriving tomorrow for a visit. That should be a blast. We had the maid service clean the basement for them. We're also going to give Jet a bath tonight in preparation for him getting to see more people. Luckily, he doesn't need it to cool off anymore. Whew.

I've really enjoyed this week of having really dense, wet thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening after a totally clear morning. The rain has just been so refreshing, and the wind has been wild. I'm still really amazed by the light shows every afternoon and evening, and love the humidity and not having to use a humidifier.

It's supposed to go another day or so, and I hope that the pattern picks up again after that.

Jet got up twice last night, at midnight and at 3, and then he woke up at 5:30 and I fed him and while he was still awake and smiling at me I took him upstairs and put him in his crib and wrapped a blanket around him. He wiggled a little and smiled at me. I thought he was going to play, so I turned off the monitor and went back downstairs to go back to sleep. I thought I heard him at 6:30, so John got up to take care of him, ad I feel asleep to the sound of the coffee grinder going.

I thought Jet was awake, but it turned out that he was still fast asleep. John had just decided to get up to give me some peace of mind so I could sleep. Jet slep in until 7:30! Wow. So he is quite capable of putting himself to sleep when he wants to. That's a very fine development indeed.

10:02 pm: I got to take a bath before Jet got his bath. I had a bunch of sore muscles from biking yesterday, plus all the regular aches that CeLena had found and worked through, some. I needed to soak out the soreness and I drew a pretty hot bath and dumped in my Blue Summer bath bomb from Lush Canada.

It smelled wonderful; but the plethora of flower petals was a mite disconcerting. There were all kinds of flower petals, some of the were chamomile, which helps to sooth, and there were all kinds of othere. I'm not used to chunky baths. Still, when I could get around that, it was a really nice bath. Lots of salts from the fizzing, and then the bomb also released a bunch of oils that really soothed my skin. All the aching muscles just went lax with the heat of the bath, eventhough today was pretty warm, the heat of the bath felt wonderful.

I also felt much cooler when I got out. Since the bath raised my body temperature, it felt like the world was much cooler. I think that baths also up my milk production, because I feel more uncomfortable more quickly when I take one just before going to bed. So having the time to give Jet his bath and then feed him seemed to really work.

For some reason when Jet is lying on his right side, he starts screaming soon after he starts eating. When I move him onto his left, he farts a whole string of farts and then settles in to eat steadily. I guess the side he lies on really makes a difference as to the release of gas or other things. It's been three days in a row where that's made quite a difference during his last feeding.

He drank the whole 3 ounces from when I pumped this morning. I actually pumped 5 ounces, but froze two of them for later. For all that our experiment seemed pretty clear cut, I don't think it's totally decisive that it's the breastmilk that puts him to sleep thoroughly first part of the night. Last night he totally refused the formula at the 3 am feeding, which, I think, is why he was up at 5:30. Still, Jet's been notoriously hard to 'suss out' and find real solid cause and effect combinations in how he sleeps and how long.

He's perfectly capable of putting himself to sleep, which is what the pediatricians of America say is the key capability to sleeping all night. I would also think that with the more humid nights he wouldn't get as thirsty. Then again, I wake up, myself, in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. So perhaps that really is it. I dunno.

Plus, with all the practice of going to sleep he gets for his naps, that might help in the long run as well.

It's all conjecture, though, and it's all so totally up to the individual baby. I sometimes feel like an ancient Greek, experiencing the forces and whims of nature and deciding there has to be a god as a reason behind it all. Maybe there just isn't any reason, and it's just chance and change and what Jet feels like at the moment. It'd be so much nicer to think that there was something I could do to make a difference in how he sleeps. But I should just do without the crutch, maybe.

The house is so clean. It's so wonderful. I so hate doing this myself, but having these results is just so nice. I am very glad that I work, at least some, and that it pays for someone to do this for me. Whew.

So John talked about Wim talking about possibilities for Xilinx to cut costs and it looks like I'm doing my party by going to part time work and halftime pay. With the money I'm saving the company plus a whole lot more that folks are saving them, they're able to not lay anyone off. That is great. I much prefer working half time. I don't *need* more money, and the stock options, while they're not worth nearly as much as they were last year, are still nothing to sneeze at and they don't cost the company a dime in operating costs.

So it's all to the good. I get a clean house *and* a steady job that doesn't demand all my time and attention. I get to play with Jet every afternoon. What could be better than that?

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