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July 11, 2001
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Jet Loves His Daycare

I really like the fact that I can say, "Jet really likes his day care." and have it be utterly true. He really loves it. Joan and her kids do really well playing with Jet, and Jet realy does well with them. I get to hear stories from Joan, nearly every day about how they're playing together, and about how good Jet was for the day, and all that.

I got to say exactly those words at work today. That was really nice. Victoria was asking how things were going and how Jet was doing, and I was able to say that he loves his day care. I don't think that, before Jet, I would have thought I could tell if a five-month-old baby loved or hated day care; but, right now, it's as clear as day that he loves playing with Haley, loves being with Joan, and really loves watching Alex.

I have a feeling that Jet may act more like a younger sibling, in some ways. He'll have the more developed social skills that come from having other kids to learn from as well as adults. He's demonstrated on the trip to Seattle, that he's now aware of the fact that other babies are not him, and that if they cry it isn't necessarily a reason for him to cry. He'll get to share, get to have someone his size to play with and interact with and learn from. That is, already, pretty important, I think.

Not absolutely necessary, but it's really made him a much happier baby.

Jet got four hours with Joan, Haley, and Alex today. He had a great time. Joan even sent John and I pictures of Haley and Jet playing with each other, and they really look like they're having a blast. Haley pushes Jet around in a walker and the two of them talk up a storm together, get distracted by the same things, and do a lot of stuff together.


Another thing I realized on the trip is that later kids, if there are later kids, really don't get the kind of time that the first does with the parents. In some ways I feel like I did when we had Fezzik, that with as little time and attention as we had, it was better to lavish it all on one dog than to try and split it between two. But on the other hand, they pay attention to each other, as is really evident in Jet and Haley's interactions with each other.

It's all a mix...

I did okay at work. Coy worked through a really interesting XWindows problem for me. I had fun in a meeting with everyone else, and then got to go and have lunch with everyone at the little diner on Pearl right before Foothill. I can never remember the name of the place. It was good, quick, and cheap. Soup and sandwich for $4.50, you can't beat that with a stick.

I made teriyaki beef for dinner. Different than the stands, I added corn starch to the marinade and it stuck to the beef. I cooked short grain rice, and then nuked green beans to go with it all. It was quick and good.

The thunderstorms rolled in again, and brought the lovely wind and the rain. I wish it would do this all summer. The first summer we were here it did this all summer. Rains every afternoon after a clear, hot morning. It was so nice to be able to sleep in a cooled house.

Jet was just so cool today. He napped between two pillows for a good hour. When he was full and dry and rested, he played with me a lot. He was just so happy. I guess with the ground zero capabilities, it's very good that he can be so happy by so little. I love that.

Why do so many adults forget this?

I have started reading more than just Cera's journal. Trip, who is wonderfully clever, imaginative, and snide, has started a journal of his own and I really enjoy it. He only updates it when he has something specific to say and then he says it really well, so far as I'm concerned. I also am having fun reading Tara's new journal on, which provides a free journaling service that I think is pretty cool.

I think I might just give them money to help them run stuff. I don't need another site, and I'm too used to just doing things here the way I do them. Then again, updating a journal through the web would be pretty cool, 'cause I could do it from anywhere.

Just the idea, though, is pretty cool, and that it's so easy to use is quite the bonus. It's just cool to see a bunch of people making this kind of thing so simple. A lot more lives to tap in figuring out what it's like to live as a human being.

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