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July 20, 2001
two years ago
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Coffee, Shorts, and Progress

9:57 am: I have coffee this morning.

It's decaf, but it's coffee, after most of a pregnancy and nursing without it, it's quite the treat to have it. So I rather cherished making it this morning. I've had a "three cup" Bodum coffee press for years years and only last week gotten myself a replacement filter for it. It's actually only 12 ounces and how anyone gets three cups out of that, I have no clue. But I cheerfully boiled water in my electric kettle; used my burr grinders to grind four tablespoons of Victor's dark roasted Colombian decaf coffee into a nice, fine grind; dumped it into the glass beaker; poured the boiling water on top; mixed it with a chop stick get it good and mixed; let it sit for exactly 3 minutes; and then pressed it and poured it into my insulated mug.

Of course, that's when Jet started crying because he was hungry can't drink scalding hot liquids over him. Ah well. It was really when I was done with him, though, as the insulated mug really kept good and warm and I didn't burn my mouth. So that was all good. And it really tastes wonderful

9:35 pm: The coffee helped today. Jet actually had a really nice night, only getting up once, and not getting up until 7. He had a really happy morning, squawking, playing, eating and cooing and talking with me.

It's kind of cool to realize that for most of the day, he was all smiles, intent happiness at playing with something he really liked, and wiggles. Jet really loved the teething toy we bought at Safeway last night. It's just a Gerber water-filled toy that gets cool in the fridge, and he gums it thoroughly, covering it with drool. He was only upset when he had bubbles in his gut, and with a few burps he felt a lot better and acted a lot happier.

He just drinks in attention. It's really funny how play that he normally likes becomes something to giggle over and wiggle about when someone's watching. He gave me such huge smiles when I was just watching him gum that teething toy.

He spent his two hours at Joan's and she said he had a great time playing really hard. He napped for two hours on getting home, and stayed asleep in the cool bedroom while I got my other two hours under my belt. I fed him when he woke up and John took him out to buy fuses for the Range Rover. The windows wouldn't go up yesterday because someone had put a 20 amp fuse in a 30 amp spot and it blew.

So John and Jet went out to get fuses, and to give me another two hours because with all the running around of this last week, I didn't get all my time in at work. I'd spent a lot of the time driving back and forth between places. This time put me right where I needed to be. That was good.

While compilers were running and tests were going I played around a little with my LiveJournal account. My payment hadn't arrived yet, but it was fun to play with the basic capabilities a little and to just write short, sharp blurbs of the moment. I may well do more of that, or capture thoughts while I'm working so that I can incorporate them here later. Hegemony may be right in that I'm being lured by the simplicity of the design.

Thing is that it's so much easier to carry this tiny Visor places than to try and find Web access everywhere. Then again... hmm... both John's and my parents have access, and anyone I might visit in the Bay Area is bound to have access, so it would be easy to update from pretty much anywhere.

Then again, the Visor is easy to use while Jet's playing, and that might be more important in the long run.

I dunno. The ease is very tempting. But history and tradition is pretty tasty, too, in different ways. Debate, debate, debate. Or I might just use the two of these for just very different kinds of things as they're very much fitted to different things.

Dinner was beer butt chicken, with the chicken we bought last night. 89 cents a pound, can't beat that with a stick. We just propped it up on a beer can half filled with beer and the other half filled with garlic and onions and let it cook over a medium flame until my corn bread was made and done. I used a cornbread mix from Trader Joe's. I wanted to see how it did, especially with about half a cup of fresh sweet corn added to it.

The bread and the chicken were done about the same time. The chicken was a little stringy and the skin was more rubbery than I wanted, but it was hot and tasted good, for all its textural lacks. Maybe that's why it was on sale. The cornbread was perfect, tender, the right amount of sweetness. the mouth feel that only stone-ground cornmeal can give, and the corn kernels gave it a nice mouth feel and a little bit of crunch inside to match the crispness of the crust. It was perfect with a dab of honey. So I highly recommend the Trader Joe's cornbread to anyone that might be interested in such things.

I cooked some frozen peas as well, and that was dinner.

The evening was pretty much feeding Jet the last of the bananas and then giving him some carrots and then playing with him a lot. The solid foods in the evening have really helped offset my normal lack of breast milk in the evening. While Jet is fussy, a little, from tiredness, he wasn't angry about being hungry. That was really good.

He and I played a lot. I had him sitting on the Boppy in my lap and doing galloping motions and singing the William Tell Overture to him and he laughed and laughed and laughed as I bumped him along. He's starting to like playing horsy, I guess. He wiggled and squawked and talked and smiled with me for a good hour after that from the floor. He was just really happy.

Bob says that all the attention will make a difference to Jet in the long term. I am starting to think he's really right. That all this happiness has to pay off, eventually, down the line.

At 8:30 we gave him a bath, and he nursed steadily and quietly for the next half hour and sucked down the ounce of milk I'd pumped earlier. He might have actually eaten more; but both John and I decided that it wasn't something that was going to keep him awake. All the books say that at five months a baby doesn't, nutritionally, need the night feedings. Maybe this is a way to get him to sleep even without getting stuffed just before bed.

We'll see in the long run. He's just been eating less and less over the last several months, and during the day he often goes two hours from the end of a feeding to the beginning of the next, and if things are really interesting he can go four hours at a shot, too. Along with his drop in weight gain, it's a fairly clear indication that he's slowing down his growth and, possibly, getting more from solids and stuff so that he won't be hungry at night.

That would be good in the long term.

So I sat down with a mug of my decaf chai and soy milk and got to really think and write something longer and more solid. This is nice to just do as the habit has dictated for the last several months.

I reread the birth today, and marveled at the knowledge that the larval Jet has now become someone that watches, expresses, grabs, plays, and does stuff that is significantly more person-like. He's come such a long way. I have, too. It's astonishing to remember just how scary it was to hold him at first, how precious and fragile he was to start. I still remember having him sleep on my chest/stomach and watching him sleep to be sure he kept on breathing. Now he's sleeping away in his crib upstairs and I have no desire to have to hold him on my chest for him to sleep. I can when I want to, though.

Jet's so robust, now, a big chunk of boy who can go flying in Dad's arms and laugh, who can pretty much sit on his own, and who has such intent concentration on his toys when he is involved. He's such a sweetie, too, smiles whenever he's around us and doesn't have something to make him sad or mad. He'll play with just about anything and love it.

Gone so far, and so much further to go. Still, it's quite amazing to see his birth pictures at the hospital and compare them to what he's like now. Anne Lamont had said that her boy, now, seemed so much more independent and self-sufficient than his far more larval state as a newborn. Now I see, so much, why.

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