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July 21, 2001
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Play Time

9:40 pm: I love playing with Jet. Maybe that's why he loves playing with me, or something. It's just cool to exchange smiles with him. I was lying on the floor with Jet sitting on my tummy and he was giggling at me even as I was giggling at him. His personality hasn't really changed from when he was larval and small, it's just gotten more clear. He can do more things to express himself, and he does; but it's all of a line from when he was tiny.

It's very cool.

He got up at 3:15 last night and then again at 6:15. I normally would have assumed it was simply time for him to get up, but I nursed him in his bedroom after wandering about the house closing it up and turning the fan on. The fan enables the air filters, and with as much dust and pollen as is in the air in the morning, all of us wake up puffy eyed, stuffed up and unhappy. If I can get the fan and the electric filters going, life gets a lot more comfortable.

While I nursed him he fell asleep. So I just tucked him back into his crib with a blanket around him to snuggle up to and he went back to sleep. I turned the monitor back on and went back to bed.

Jet didn't get up until 9. That felt so good. I was astonished what a difference that extra couple of hours made for me. John said that he must have been suffering from sleep deprivation, too, because he felt a whole lot better himself.

I made blueberry muffins with the last of the blueberries the Brownlows had left as they came through. It was really nice to have fresh blueberries in the muffins because they don't fall apart like the thawed frozen ones. They were still crisp to the bite even after they were baked. The Baker's Magic flour and oil spray worked wonders on the muffin tin and when John pulled them out of the oven, they all just fell right out onto the cooling rack. I fed Jet while they baked, and then we had cantaloupe and blueberry muffins with our respective coffees for breakfast.

It was really good. A nice, laid-back breakfast, after which Jet and I got to play, nurse, and play some more while John mowed the lawn and worked on the Baby Buggy and the Stoat.

Lunch was great, too. We thawed up one of the bags of Tommy's Chili that Mom and Dad had brought when they last visited, and we had it on the corn tamales and on hot dogs. Chips and baby carrots completed the meal. Tommy's chili has this unique texture. It's a mass that's been cooked so long and stirred so often that there really isn't much that's recognizable within the smooth, homogenous mass. It's spicy, rich, and strange. It goes great on hot dogs, hamburgers, and tamales. Though I'm not sure that the sweet corn tamales really needed the kick.

After lunch we fed Jet some carrots and then took off on errands. We hit Bit Lots, a bargain basement store just to see what it had, and it was pretty sad. Then we went to Target to get more bottle liners because I've been using them, just recently, for quite a lot of breastmilk. Jet's drinking less and less extras at night, so I'm contemplating taking breast milk to Joan for his morning feedings, as he seems to really want to eat around 9:30 or 10, rather than at 8:30 when I have to feed him to get him to her. Then I could pump at home when work permits, and spend less time feeding him.

We also got another mat for the kitchen as the old one was starting to leave rubber all over the floor. I also found an air tight canister for my decaf coffee, as I didn't really like leaving it in the bag because I'm never really sure if I seal it properly. Better to have something I know is going to seal tight. So I bought a square glass canister that can fit in any corner easily.

From there we hit Safeway for all our grocery and baby needs, and then tried to hit a bagel shop that was closed. By now I'm amazed at Jet's stamina, as he is happy and playing with me in the backseat as we're headed home. It's been three hours since he last ate and he isn't protesting that in the least. Wow.

I have to keep Isabel in mind, the little two-year-old ate, maybe, two times a day and she didn't eat much. Going from Jet who was showing down eight to twelve times a day/night, i.e. every two hours on the dot, to Isabel seems quite the feat, but I could see that Jet was starting to be able to go longer without a snack or food than he used to be able to do, especially when solids are getting involved.

When we did get home, he ate steadily and happily for his time and then cheerfully played with Dad while I got to upload all my entries to Flick.

I came down pretty quick. In the morning, while John was outside, Jet had napped for a whole hour. While he'd napped, I'd been watching Calling All Cooks and a lady on the show made pasta, and after several episodes of Mario Batalli making pasta I'd learned a few things. The first of which was after the dough's kneaded, it's nice to let it rest in the fridge for a while before rolling it out. The second, which was something I should have known, was that after they rolled the dough out with the machine, they'd let it dry a bit before cutting it into the noodles.

I should have known the last because when I rolled pasta out by hand, I let the sheet dry a while before cutting it! Duh! So it was unreasonable of me to expect freshly rolled out sheets to get through the cutters without sticking to each other without the drying period.

So this morning, I made one egg's worth of pasta dough. I put a handful of semolina and a handful of unbleached all purpose flour on the counter, cracked an egg into it and then spent the next ten minutes trying to work as much of the unbleached flour as I could into the dough by kneading it continuously. It was quite the workout. I was sweating by the time I got the dough into some plastic wrap and into the fridge. The lump of dough looked like it was too small to feed both John and I for dinner, but I knew that the rolling and cutting would up the volume significantly. So I just left it.

So when I was done with my journal, I pulled my little lump of dough out and I pulled the pasta machine out and cut the lump into three pieces and proceeded to use the machine to roll it out. The easiest way was to roll the piece through, the fold it on itself and roll it through again; then crank the rollers one notch thinner, and do it all again. I went up to the 6 notch, and had it as thin as I wanted my noodles. I like some good chew to my noodles.

I did that to all three pieces and laid out the rolled out dough on the countertop before prepping my sauce items. It was leftover ragu time... with leftover portabella mushrooms, a zucchini from the weekend, and a coarse chopped onion from this week. After tearing apart the mushroom and cutting the zucchini, I turned the pasta sheets, which were dry on one side. Then I chopped the rest of the onion and minced some garlic, and was ready to go. I put a pot of water on to boil and pulled a frying pan out for the sauce.

By now the pasta sheets were pretty dry, so I threaded them carefully through the cutter, and HOORAH! they didn't stick together. How neat! I then laid the strands out so that they could dry a little more while I cooked the sauce.

Olive oil and the onions simmered for a while. Then I added the garlic and as soon as it was fragrant, I added the zucchini and mushrooms with a pinch of salt and several grinds of pepper. When the vegetables had softened, I added half a jar of Classico basil marinara and let that all simmer together, gently. By then the water was boiling. So I dumped the noodles into the water and stirred them carefully.

There was twice as much sauce as I needed for the amount of noodles in the pot, so I put half of the sauce into a glass container that I'd be able to put in the fridge when it cooled. When the noodles floated, I let them cook a minute and then pulled them out of the boiling water and put them directly into the sauce. I added about a quarter cup of the cooking liquid, and let the whole thing simmer together so that the noodles would get some of taste of the sauce and also finish cooking as they were still a bit firm for me.

John made garlic bread, and we sat down to a really tasty meal in about half an hour. Jet lasted through the meal just fine, and, again, waited three entire hours to eat without protesting a thing. That surprised the heck out of me, but it was great. I'd been all ready to have to feed him while I ate.

We all watched Top Gun after dinner for a bit, while Jet nursed steadily and sleepily. Then the three of us went upstairs to do Jet's pictures for the last several weeks. I mostly distracted Jet with toys, playing with him and putting him in my lap to watch all the pictures change and flip about as John and I went through all of them to get the good ones. There's going to be a lot of them up from the Seattle trip and I should probably peer at my disk usage to see if I need to start paying Eskimo for more disk space.

Then again, I guess I could just pay for more time and get the disk usage upped through that. It's not like I'm ever going to get rid of that account.

By the time 9 pm rolled around, Jet was still in the mood to play, though he was willing to try nursing for a bit. He was pretty distracted, though, and kept looking at the TV, at John, or at the ceiling fan. He also watched all the commercials, because they were brighter and louder than the movie itself, which is saying something. Finally, when John tried feeding him the two ounces of extra breast milk, he took them slowly, and then it took John quite a while to get him to sleep.

So it might be a rougher night tonight, but I'm really glad of the sleep he allowed us to have last night.

Last night didn't cool down the way some nights have. We were 72 pretty early in our waking cycle, and even with the air conditioning, it was really hot upstairs all day. Tonight was late cooling off as well, but it looks like a storm might be coming through late. The wind has picked up and the surf is sounding in the trees right now. The breeze is wonderful. It's really hard to be awake when it was so hot, and now I don't want to go to sleep with it being so comfortable, finally.

Ah well, I shouldn't waste the sleep Jet gave me last night, though I really do like writing here at the desk in the kitchen when everyone else is quiet, and everything but the light over the desk is dark. Maybe this is why I won't give up the Visor updates, because I really like sitting near my bed at the end of the day thinking over the whole day and tying it off in the dark end of the day. Better yet, I don't have to sit in front of my computer to do it, either; and the kitchen clutter, my hot mug of honey sweetened chai with attendant spoon, and the paperwork of the day are all here to remind me of what's happened.

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