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July 12, 2002
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Big Breakfast, Newcastle Beach, Party at the Kuensters'

11:44 am: I slept in well again, this morning, though I had more reason to than last night. Jet got up at midnight and John took care of him. Around 1 Marina woke up crying, and while I woke up for that it was easy enough to get back to sleep when she quieted. Then at 4, I heard Jet talking, loudly, to himself in his room.

I went over and found him on the floor, up against the wall, all four limbs cold as ice, and he's happy and quiet and talking to me. Talking happily at night is a bad sign. It usually means that one of us is up for at least an hour, sometimes two, with Jet. I decided to nurse him to see if that would make a difference. It was as quiet as anything, but Jet's eyes never really closed. Drat. I'd even wrapped him up in a blanket to warm him up while he nursed.

So afterwards, I just took him, blankets and all and brought him into bed with me. He just lay there, and talked a little bit, but was quiet and relaxed. No kicking me or fighting me. He just lay there with me, snuggled in a little, and would occasionally talk with me. I murmured back, shushed him when he was to loud, and eventually, I fell asleep. I was woken up soon after as both John and Jet were snoring.. Hee.

So I picked Jet up, as limp as a rag doll, and put him back on his bed, and I went back to sleep.


John woke up with him at 6:30. There was already other movement in the house, so John dressed and took Jet upstairs with him. And I went back to sleep. The great thing about the 4 am feeding is that I had absolutely no reason to get up again. So I, again, slept in until 9 and found everyone just about done with their breakfasts.

Cereal was scattered everywhere. John told me that Jet ate most of a banana, some yogurt, a cup of smoothie, and bites of Grandpa's bran muffin. When I sat down Jet came and stole some of my Life cereal. He ate off my spoon, and when I poured some more cereal into my bowl, he reached in and got two handfuls. He ate those and then ran off to play.

He played until about 10, and then climbed into my lap and pulled at my shirt. So we went downstairs and I nursed him to a nap. Everyone else went up to the school to play at the playground, and have a good walk. John went out to do a little more shopping. I got to stay here and type while Jet slept and to listen for him waking up. Of course everyone just came back and we'll see if I actually hear Jet. *grin*

We have swimming planned for the afternoon and the old Data I/O gathering of folks for the evening, so I'm glad that Jet's getting his rest now.

5:02 pm: We went swimming at Newcastle beach, which is actually on the shore of Lake Washington, not an ocean beach. The lake is large enough to have waves, though. It's been a pretty hot and sunny day, probably reaching the high 80's. It took us a while to get started, though, as Jet slept longer than we thought he would. Going until nearly 12:30 before I could hear him talking above Marina's voice.

It's harder having two kids in the house, as it's not an automatic ting to associate which voice is whose. Everyone was eating lunch by this point, so Jet got to come up and eat lunch with everyone. He mostly ate potato chips and big chunks of watermelon because that was what was out. He had no interest in a sandwich with the watermelon in plain sight and reach. So he had watermelon for lunch, which is no worse than the days when he used to have it for breakfast, I think.

But then everyone had to get changed and ready and by the time we were actually out the door, it was half past two. John took a longer than intended route, but we saw George in the parking lot when we got there. So we unloaded everything, walked our way into the park and it was beautiful. The trees were groomed and huge, the lawn was green and smooth and wonderful on the feet, and we dumped all our stuff together in a sunny spot. Then everyone proceeded to lather up with sunscreen.

Jet got his brightly colored floatation device put on, and John took him to the water. He followed Marina in and squawked a protest at how COLD the water was. But then he went intrepidly further and further in. By the time I saw him his lips were blue and he was shaking with the cold; but he was smiling and splashing and playing. He pushed off the lake bed to get further out and eventually came more towards the shore and then a wave took him and pushed him over.

Jet's face screwed up with effort as he fought to stay upright. He growled as well, and managed to keep the float so that he was upright. He soon just sat in the waves, legs and arms spread out to keep up, and he let the little wavelets splash him in the face. He laughed at some of them, growled at the ones that tried to tip him over; but he didn't really try to move from there.

The wind was coming in along with the sun, and Jet shivered pretty hard the whole time; but he seemed to be enjoying himself, so it was hard to figure out what to do. Eventually, though, he tried to climb the slope of the wave washed shore to get out; but he lost his balance on the really steep, rock strewn border. So I picked him up and set him on the far side. He then rambled up the shore, fighting the ring a bit, but made it just fine and was able to grab a shovel and start shoveling the mud and sand just beyond his ring.

He then played in the sand and mud for a good hour, drying and warming in the sun, and finding some warm puddles to sit in after a while. Jet liked watching everyone and everything, as there was a very colorful and energetic bunch of kids whirling around him.

Marina, on the other hand, swam like a seal. She really enjoyed the water and had a great time with Paul out in the water. When she got tired of the water, they went and found the swings and swung out there for quite some time. Eventually, we took the float off Jet, and joined them on the swings. Jet loved the bucket swing so much he started screaming when John tried to take him out of it. Oops. So he got to swing for a while longer, while Marina went back for more swimming.

Eventually, we had to drag Jet away. It was hard, as he was crying and yelling and struggling a good deal of the way; but finally he settled down. We tucked him in the car seat and got him home, and Marina went down for her nap. Jet played for a little while, and John took him downstairs and he got his nap in as well.

I got a job from Isabel, to write a bunch of labels and title pages for some photo albums she'd put together. So I waited on Paul to cut the sheets, and when I had them I wrote up labels and pages using a simple print style. I enjoyed concentrating on the job, and just getting it done. John told me Jet was asleep while I was finishing it. I was glad.

7/13/02 11:02 am: Last night's party was a blast and Jet was a little trooper during the whole thing. He did make up for it last night, too, but that's to be expected.

I think Jet's still teething. He now has three molars poking through his gums, and a fourth is probably on it's way. Though he does seem to be doing his teeth in three's instead of two's. He has three bottom, front teeth at the moment.

The party was at a Marina and Yacht club in the midst of a neighborhood bordering the Lake. There is a huge swimming pool and covered pool deck there, and we were to meet everyone there. We had to wake Jet up when it was time to go, and I did it by going downstairs and offering him a drink first, and he nursed for a good half hour before we tucked him into his car seat. He woke up for that, and was far happier after having been fed. He had eaten nearly half a cup of goldfish on the way to and from Newcastle; so he ate a lot yesterday.

When we arrived, Jay was there with Kuenster and his boys, and Jet got a very enthusiastic greeting from the boys. All the girls were on the swing and slide and they waved to us as Jet clung to me at meeting all these new people. I just hung onto him and let him figure thing out in his own time. He and Carin hit it off big to start. He really liked her. Everyone else was a bit more suspicious, though, so he got to sit in my lap and watch the conversations for a while as we ate giant shrimp with cocktail sauce and big bunches of grapes.

Jet willingly tackled the grapes. He liked those, and filled two fat fists with one in each. With food in hand, he settled to watch all the people from the safety of my lap.

After about an hour of more and more people arriving, he eventually decided it would be okay to be out of my lap. He twisted to get down, and I put him down in a clear spot and instead of investigating the people, the way he usually does, he sped off to see what there was to see on the deck. I followed, post haste, as the first thing he headed towards was the pool.

Jet tried to jump in, clothes, diaper and all. I caught him right on the lip. He yelled. I tried to divert him with other things. He refused the temptations, and tried climbing back up to the pool again. I finally picked him up and hauled him, protesting, back to the party area, and told John, "He wants in."

John was great, and took Jet and changed him and brought him back out and went into the pool with him while I changed. I joined everyone in the pool.

The swim aerobics makes a big difference in my confidence in a pool, now. It's familiar territory, finally, something that isn't terrifying or scary or that I associate being breathless and lost with. It's now just another environment. I'm very glad of that. I think my new fat layers help, too, with my buoyancy and knowing that if I have full lungs, I float really well helps, too. As it was, though, I was very comfortable watching and playing with Jet no matter where his little kicks and splashes took him. Yay!

Jet had a blast. He and Carin were laughing and splashing and Jet was just exuberant with joy. I was very glad of that, as he'd seemed pretty dubious of the whole lake experience. And I didn't want that to color his perception of being in the water. It was pretty clear in this pool, though, that he still loved being in the water. He was fascinated by the folks playing water basketball, and he was never happier than when he was able to grab the ball and dunk it into the hoop. He loved watching the horseplay John was involved in, and wasn't afraid of any of it. Even when little Isabel, the four-year-old who named him, grabbed his arm and tugged him half under the water, he was only a bit mad, not scared.


Jet kicked and twisted, and twirled and played like crazy. He loved it when would hold him and jump repeatedly out of the water. He would kick and splash after Carin and away from Isabel. He even swam to Carol and to John. He held his breath whenever the waves hit his face, and whenever someone tossed him into the air. He knew he'd likely go under afterwards.

I loved watching his face and how intent he'd get. The concentration on his face was wonderful as he was going down or whenever something happened that he had to watch. Jet's face is incredibly mobile and expressive. Perhaps especially in comparison to mine.

When Jet was shivering more and more and had stopped moving around so much in the water, he started to cling more and more to me. So John and I took him out of the water and he didn't protest too much. Most of the other kids were out of the water, too, so there was less interesting stuff to watch there. I took him into the women's locker room and let him stand in the hot shower with Isabel. She tried picking him up once, and when I asked her not to she was good and didn't anymore. Jet got to just enjoy the warm spray with her until he wasn't shivering anymore.

Hoorah for quick ways to get warmed up.

I then dried him as much as I could, dressed him and took him out to John. I was very glad that it's not so dry here, as the water doesn't just instantly evaporate and give him the chills.

Dinner was being served when I came out, and I got myself a big plate of food. Then I sat down with Jet, and tried to interest him in any of it. He was having none of it. He drank the rest of my ginger ale and then demanded to be set down. So I did. I chased him around the pool several times, and into the kids' table, where he watched the other kids for a while before heading towards the pool again to watch a game of water volleyball.

Eventually, John came over to take over, and I got to sit and eat. I thought he'd finished; but he came by later to ask if he could finish his meal. So I took Jet, and with one whiff I realized that he was really poopy. So I took him and the diaper bag over to one of the raised decks and under the blue sky and clouds, I got to change Jet. He lay on the deck chair and his eyes got all wide as he looked up. I didn't have any real trouble changing him after he discovered the sky. That was pretty neat.

Once Jet was clean, I dumped the yuck in a garbage can, put the diaper bag back, while holding onto Jet. He started plucking at my shirt, so I settled at the table with everyone else, and let him nurse. I think that one other mom there had let her kids nurse past one; and she was the one that had had kids 12 years ago. That amused me a little. Still, no one had a problem with Jet nursing away under my t-shirt.

When he came up for air, he was all smile and contentment. He also gave the whole female side of the table one of his smiles that seems to turn heads. They were all going, "Wow... you should see the smile we're getting..." Hee. Happy boy.

That was at his usual pumpkin time. The pool party broke up then, as the pool closes at 9. So we all caravaned over to the Kuenster's house and gathered in the backyard to talk. Jet and all the other kids were happily involved in Owen, Gordon, and Kathryn's play room, which is just filled with toys. Thousands of toys of all shapes, sizes, and textures. Jet was literally wading through a sea of toys, and going carefully over each one to see how it was made, what moved, and the color and texture of it.

The popsicles came out next, and in the course of the next two hours, Jet went through three of them very methodically. He'd hold the stick with both hands and eat them from the top down, losing just the drips from where his hands met the popsicle. He wouldn't let go of them the moment he got them, and he'd just go right through them. He wasn't allowed to play in the toy room while he had them, but that didn't seem to phase him much.

We gathered for a group picture at one point and I had him up on my shoulders for a bit. It was only much later that I found a puddle of popsicle melt in my hair. Oops.

The mosquitoes came out soon after it started to grow dark, and I fought them off for a while but finally retreated into the play room when it just got to be too much. I'm glad Jet hasn't inherited my mosquito tasty blood. He wasn't bit once, and there was even a moment when I was holding him and I saw three different mosquitoes all land on me instead of on him. Sometimes it's okay to be a mosquito lure.

After Jet's third popsicle folks started to leave, and we hugged, got last conversations in with everyone, and got Jet to finally leave the toys and everything else. It was 11 when we left, and Jet soon fell asleep while we were trying to find our way out of the neighborhood. Once we actually found our way out, it was only a few minutes to John's parents' place. Amusingly enough, John doesn't have a key to their place anymore and they'd locked up tight. John hit the doorbell a couple of times, and Jan, who'd been awake, greeted us at the door after the second ring. She grinned at us being locked out but we were very grateful for her having let us in.

I had to shower before going to sleep. There wasn't any way I was going to rub popsicle all over my pillow. But it made for a significantly late bedtime.

Jet was up from about 2 to about 4. We gave him Motrin, cleaned is nose out and did a few things for him. We had to rock him, bounce him, nurse him, and he refused to sleep on his mattress. We ended up putting him in his car seat, and finally he went back to sleep at 4 until about 7:30. It was kind of rough as the walls and floors of this house let noise through so easily. I was pretty tense about waking everyone in the house up.

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