Liralen's Adventure Through Life
July 2002
  1: Communication
  2: Hammering Helps With Frustrating Day
  3: Dancing On The Remains
  4: Shopping, Catch Up, and Dinner With Bob
  5: Great Work Day and Boulder at Night
  6: Sleeping In, Haircuts, and Meatballs
  7: Clingy Boy and a Snake
  8: Alex's Orange Belt and the Wagon
  9: Stacked High Day
10: Jet Flies Well to Seattle
11: Huge Costco Run, Teriyaki, and Picking Raspberries
12: Big Breakfast, Newcastle Beach, and Party at the Kuensters'
13: Bernd and Simon Arrive
14: The Big Party
15: Packing Up, Heading Out, and Lasagna at the Goal
16: Rafting on the Wenatchee
17: Sleeping, the Beach, and Hot Tubbing for Tots
18: White Falls, Mosquitoes, and S'mores
19: Back in Bellevue, MIB II, and Quiet
20: Party in the Woods
21: Minority Report and Sushi
22: The Athenian, the Dilettante, and CDs
23: Getting Home
24: Monday and Stocking Up
25: A Quiet Day Home and Lemon Bars
26: Souper Salad and Trains
27: Swamp Cooler and Bill's Party
28: Splinters, Toys, Exercise, and Teriyaki with Sweet Corn
29: Dentist Checkup, Adventure with Jet, and Cause for a Bath
30: New Baby Monitor
31: 104 in the Sun and Moms' Night Out

It started with a quiet 4th of July at home. With work, food, and getting things done on a daily basis, settling back into the routine after all the grandparents visiting and helping out while Joan was on vacation.

Then we went to Seattle to visit with John's parents and celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary with all their other children and grandchildren. Then we went out to Lake Wenatchee and got to see all the cousins and a great uncle for Jet, too. We had a week in a cabin out there, and it was a grand time.

Jet got to go hot tubbing for the first time, play by a lake, figure out what to do with sand and a beach, and learned who all his cousins were. A great time was had by all.

Then John and I got a little quiet time while Jet played with his grandparents. John and I realized, I think, that the Northwest really is our home. We'll have to see where that leads us in the long run, but it's kind of comforting to know. Then we all went home, back to the daily routines, errands, and play time we get.

It was a great trip.

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