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July 17, 2002
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Sleep, the Beach, and Hot Tubbing for Tots

10:15 pm: I got caught up on sleep this afternoon. The morning was easy. John had let me sleep early last night, so when Jet woke up at 8 I was happy to get up and take care of him and let John sleep. John got to sleep in until nearly 10, which surprised him. I wasn't that surprised, as I'd been so very tired last night.

It worked out really well. Jet got a little breakfast, he played with a big puzzle with Marina. The puzzle was that of the Wheels on the Bus, and the wheels on the puzzle bus actually moved! The signs and signals for a train crossing warning also moved, so Jet had a great time moving those and tearing apart as much of the puzzle as he saw get put together. He loved that.

I wanted him run around in the cabin, visit with lots of people, and get in various folks' ways. He didn't eat all that much, which didn't worry me. He did eat some yogurt, a few bits of an apple, and a piece of toast.

By 10:30, he was starting to get cranky and tired; but then everyone got together for a group picture. They lined everyone up by age, and had everyone sit in each other's laps, all lined up. Then David, who had set up a tripod and huge camera, started the timer, ran back into his place, and everyone started to 'sit' as he ran back. We got four pictures that way, and then three other people took pictures as well.

Jet quieted when he was held in the press of people. He was on my hip when we lined up and since we weren't about to make Marina try and hold a fussy and unhappy Jet, I got to hold him in my place. He quieted with all the action that happened as we were setting up and he even looked right at the camera while everyone else was. I think they might have gotten a few good pictures of everyone. I hope at least one of them turned out well.

From there we all piled into cars and headed for Lake Wenatchee. Jet was so tired, he kept falling asleep on the way over. Jan and Isabel had fun entertaining him with variations on "Little Piggies". Jan had at least as many variations as I did. That was fun. Jet stayed awake for that on his own power, but when we arrived at the park the car that had gone ahead of us wasn't there yet. In the concern and searching for the other people, Jet got bored and then he got asleep. We let him sleep until we found everyone else.

Then we pulled him out of the car and after one or two protests, he woke up and started looking at the lake and the waves that were coming in and all the people who were swimming. We parked him on the sand, next to the towels, Marina, and the sand toys. He sat down on the rocky sand and started playing with his bucket, shovel and the other sand toys.

Pretty much all he did was dig the sand around. Not really digging deep, he just pushed it around with his hands. That was enough to fascinate him.

John and I asked Jan to watch him, and we went out and waded around a little. The beach's sand was so coarse and rough it hurt to walk on. There wood ships and sticks all through it, as it was the shore of a lake surrounded by trees. The water was freezing. Just having some of the wavelets lap my toes was shocking. Black clouds of biological matter billowed and roiled along most of the shore, though there were a few clear areas. I told John that I really didn't want Jet swimming in that stuff. He agreed.

We got an early chance at one of the two kayaks various people had brought. One was a sea kayak that Walt and Cathie own. The other was the handmade kayak that George had made and we'd owned and stored for a few years while we were living in the Redmond house. John and I put on life jacket and took the sea kayak out for a ride. It was light and true and steady, especially when we headed straight into the waves.

My shoulders and body really felt the paddling, though. I could tell that I'd been paddling a raft the day before. I actually had to stop paddling for a while to rest. John made up for us, and we knew when we had to paddle to be safe, but there were some really nice resting spots.

We headed right into the waves and headed out towards the middle of the lake. There was an island to the right of us, and we eventually headed in that directly, slanting to keep the bow at least partially headed into the waves so we wouldn't roll the thing. I don't think we were really in any danger of doing that, but it was good to have at least some stability that way. We got around the far end of it okay, and then headed so that the waves took us the direction we wanted to go.

That's when we could stop paddling, as the wind and the water gently took us back towards the shore. There were trees everywhere, the water was calm and grey blue in all directions, and the little island was rock and trees and everything around us was green, green, green.

I miss that.

Eventually we headed in with the waves, and hit the shore. John brought in the rudder, and I pulled us up on the beach. I loves how the boat gets so light in the water, so that John's weight is as nothing for me to pull out of the water.

Jet was in exactly the same spot as we left him, and his left arm and leg were getting kind of pink. I panicked. I thought he was close to getting burnt. I'd slathered sunscreen on him before we left on our little trip; but it now looked liked I'd been too late, and I was very vocally unhappy about that with John. Poor John. Jet was also mildly unhappy and when John tried to move him and his toys further into the shade, Jet got really unhappy.

Jet was so unhappy with the move that he kicked and screamed and when John finally put him back down, Jet ran right back to the exact spot he'd been in and sat down. Plunk. He scowled at us.

We consulted.

John picked Jet up and took him to the shore. Jet didn't protest that at all as soon as he saw he was heading to the shore. Then John dunked Jet into the freezing water a couple of times. John made sure to get him good and wet all over, but not put him in over his head at all. John just got Jet good and wet and cooled off. When John brought Jet back to the shady spot, Jet settled in and started to just play.


The tactic worked the next three times we used it, too. One or the other of us would take Jet out into the water while the other moved the toys further into the shade. In the shade and with the dunkings, the red of Jet's skin subsided and he turned into a little brown boy. His skin just tanned right up, and he was soon running around in the sunshine again, with no visible ill affect. I was very glad of that.

We stayed a long time. Folks talked, played in the surf. Some of the boys ran around with water weapons and got each other soaked. There was a girls' card game that occasionally got soaked to outraged screams. There was snack food, drinks, and beer. We had it all, and we played there for a good, long time.

Jet, John, Jan, Marina, Uncle John and I went back as the first car load to go back to the cabins. We left around 2:30 and within ten minutes, Jet was asleep. John and I had coordinated pulling off his swim diaper, dunking him in the lake, and then drying him off and dressing him in a dry diaper with some care. So he was warm and dry by the time he got into the car. Marina was also pretty warm and dry, but she didn't go to sleep nearly as quickly.

When we got back, we dropped Jan and Marina off. Then we went back to the cabin and John got Jet situated in our room, and Uncle John got out. I got out as well and got myself put together for a nap. I slept for a good hour before waking up and realizing that I wasn't going back to sleep again. By then more folks had arrived back from the beach and there were stirrings about dinner getting started.

Walt and Cathie, last night, had made some green chile stew. I decided to try a little of it as their tastes are usually much hotter than mine. It turned out to be wonderful! Spicy and tasty with pork, chilies, potatoes, tomatoes, sauteed onions, and garlic, but it wasn't too hot. Yay! I had a good portion for my lunch along with a single tamale from the freezer. Good food.

Dinner, as it has for the last several nights, took a while. We ended up with shrimp grits (super rich with butter and cheese), chicken and beef kabobs, salad and bread.

David and Paul also made three batches of ice cream, with help from Jan. I went out and had fun helping with some of the cranking. Jet woke up in the midst of all that; and I nursed him awake after his two and a half hour nap and he was in great spirits. He wanted to help with the cranking.

With all the activity, Jet got into just about everything there was to get into. All the people were fascinating to him, and he pretty much was in non-stop motion all evening. It was kind of tiring to following him everywhere, and I'm very glad that John and I traded off frequently. We each got to eat dinner, each got to crank some ice cream. Jet got to do some cranking. He also got some folks to stamp him with all kinds of interesting stamps. He explored all the mountain bikes that were chained to the trees.

There was one bike that he kept going under the fork of to get around this particular tree. One time I saw him manage to get his body under the fork of the bike; but he left his head on the other side of it, and he was stuck with the fork and tire around his neck. Oops. I had to get him to bend to get his head under the fork. It took a bit of work, but he finally got it. I was glad of that.

We had dinner. We had ice cream. Then we went into the hot tub. I'd been thinking about it in the morning, but decided that it would be an excellent way to get Jet to sleep at an earlier hour than sometime past midnight. So we waited until after ice cream.

Jet loved it. He was really unsure of going in at the very first; but he was in his float and I was firm and even when he kicked and fought it, I just put him into the water. He clung to me for a few minutes, but then he smiled and started to float, twist, and even kick himself across the tub to people. He brought a Lego truck in with him. He drove it over John's arms and chest. He then drove it all over the tub. I was very glad that it floated, when he finally did let go of it, it was easy to find.

We all enjoyed the tub a very great deal. Jet was soon smiling and floating fearlessly around. He would lean back against the back edge of his float and watch the sky, toes just barely breaking the surface. He would give this great smile whenever he did it. Eventually he looked like hew as about to fall asleep. So we whisked him out and we decided to bath him before putting him to bed, as there were all kinds of random things in that tub.

It was pretty chaotic getting everything together for the bath, as our stuff was scattered everywhere, and there was someone already using the bathroom we'd have preferred. Dang. We ended up in the downstairs bathroom, with John having to pick the lock to come into the room. I was a mild mess by the time Jet was clean, but he was clean. I washed myself next and calmed down enough that when Jet nursed, he went right to sleep.


It's good when it's easy. John said he'd take Jet early tomorrow. And I got a little time tonight to write as everyone else has gone to sleep. A bunch of folks are leaving, early, tomorrow morning, so it's been an early bedtime for most of them. I should probably follow

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