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July 21, 2002
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Minority Report and Sushi

5:09 pm: John and I got to see Minority Report this afternoon. I enjoyed it immensely. It's tight, intelligent, and gritty. The photography brought me into the story quickly. It spoke, in action, of knowing a system thoroughly in order to use it. There was one scene that just stopped my new mother's heart. It was extremely powerful. I'd recommend the movie as a great SF thriller, but with the caveat that it may be hard on parents of small kids.

I haven't managed to get a hold of William by phone, yet. I keep trying.

I slept in until 9:30. The late night didn't get Jet to sleep in late, but he was only up once, at 2 am. So that was good. John got up when Jet did and they had a good time. John told me that yesterday, George was watering the vegetable garden, and Jet was very careful for a while, about stepping where it was dry. Then he slipped and fell and when John cleaned him off, Jet was explaining to him in baby gibberish that he hadn't meant to fall or get dirty.

Of course, when John let Jet go after cleaning him off, Jet immediately headed for the muddy areas and not only got himself muddy but started swiping John's legs with as much mud as possible when John tried to pull him out of the mess. Agent of Entropy. That's our kid. Or maybe he figured that since he was dirty already he might as well take advantage of the fact.

Jet napped at 11:30, so John and I headed out and found that the only times Minority Report was playing was 12 and 3 at about half a dozen theaters. It also looked like the Bourne Identity was being phased out as all the theaters that had advertised it earlier in the week were now not playing it at all. So we took the chance and went to the noon showing at Factoria and got there just as all the ads finished and the previews were starting. Such wonderful timing!

Afterwards we dropped by Target and got the negatives in for them to make a CD. We also dropped by a QFC and got some things Isabel wanted. I stared longingly at the smoked salmon there; but we might hit Pike Place tomorrow and get some from a good source. Salmon here is so cheap and so beautiful, it amazes me. But there's been rumors that it's been very inexpensive this year, and it's hitting the commercial salmon fisherman hard.

We got back before George and Isabel got back with Jet from their walk. Jet, on seeing me, gave me a huge smile, asked to nurse, and went right to sleep. Isabel told me that he'd gone into the stroller willingly on the way out. They'd gone down to a playground, where he'd played until he'd gotten tired, and then he refused to sit in the stroller on the way home. She'd had to carry him most of the way, after he'd pushed the stroller through an entire neighborhood. So he was pretty tuckered out.

He nursed and went back to sleep. It's good timing for tonight, as we should leave for sushi sometime soon. We're in Seattle, we have to have sushi. *grin*

9:45 pm: The sushi here is just plain better. We took John's mom and dad to I Love Sushi, with Jet, and we had sushi. Three rolls, three sets of two orders of nigiri. Mostly tuna, as we got tuna, yellowtail, and the medium fatty tuna. I also got one order of mackerel instead of the normal tuna. We got an I Love Roll with eel, avocado, cooked shrimp, and cucumber rolled around the outside. There was a yellowtail roll and a salmon skin roll as well, all fresh and buttery and wonderful.

For an appetizer we had one order of agadashi tofu, that we all shared, a single block per person with all the condiments piled on top and a bit of the broth. Jet got a bowl of sesame rice, which is the short grain rice with a bit of teriyaki sauce and some sesame seeds on top. I thought he'd like it, as he usually likes rice. He ate nearly the whole bowl of rice, some of the tofu, and he got a piece of sushi roll, which he ate the rice off of, and spit out most of the salmon skin and seaweed. Jet is not an expensive baby to take to sushi, yet. This is good.

But he ate an incredible amount for dinner. It was fun to watch him. He started by stuffing rice as fast as he could into his mouth with a spoon. He then followed by using his left hand for the spoon and then his right pulling rice directly out of the bowl. When he slowed down, and seemed to be throwing more than he was eating, John put a big chunk of rice into Jet's bowl and Jet picked it up whole and stuffed as much of it as he could into his mouth, laughing at us as he did it. He loved eating the stuff. I was glad that I'd thought of it.

He had also eaten a very large breakfast, of part of a pancake, yogurt, some banana, and bacon. He stole some turkey bacon from his grandpa and then stole another strip of bacon from me. He also asked me to feed him lime yogurt from the container when he saw the container. He had a smoothie, some banana, and some broccoli for lunch. When we got home from the movie, he drank those two glasses of apple juice and ate a dried banana.

I think he's making up for the last two weeks of being too busy or teething to hard to eat.

There was a little six-month-old Indian girl in a car seat at a table near us, with her mom and dad. She cooed at Jet, and smiled for John. Her parents had fun talking with us and when Jet started yelling, they were all smiles. That was pretty cool. It's nice to have other adults in the place that are clearly don't care if Jet's a kid. The waitress was great, too, getting all the things we asked for with aplomb, and enjoying Jet's cuteness and his mess all in one.

After dinner, Jet got a bowl of ice cream as well, which he ate without the urgency of his last bowl of ice cream. I guess he was so full from dinner he just wasn't as interested in his ice cream as he usually is. I did get, on video, how well he now drinks from a regular glass when he's seated at the table. He tried to get down and run with the glass and was surprised when it splashed water all over him. Oops.

He was pretty tired from everything, and John changed him and he came to me, all smiles. Then Jet said, "Up!" to me as I worked to get my shirt up for him to get to me. That was pretty funny. I guess his new word of the day is now, "Up!". He is using it appropriately when he wants me to pick him up, but he's also using it for a lot of other things, too. Stuff like when he's reaching for something that's at my level, or, now, for nursing.

We nursed for a while, and Jet's eyes were wide open for the whole time. It was only at the very end that he pushed himself away from me, closed his eyes, and went to sleep. He rolled around a bit on the mattress, and got both feet off the edge before he finally settled and went to sleep. We'll see how he does with that full a tummy.

It's funny. John and I were talking about it today, but we had halfway come here with the hope that we'd be disappointed with this place. With this environment and this city and these people. That it wouldn't be as diverse as we remembered, or as green. That the hope of rain would diminish with time, or that all the wonderful things we remembered weren't really as wonderful as we remembered them to be.

We wanted, a little, to be disappointed with the NorthWet. To compare the height of summer and find it lacking or too cold, too wet. To find the humidity bothersome, or the lack of sky confining.

But it isn't. It doesn't. We're still in love with this place. We still love the trees, the water, the sky, the mountains, the Native Americans, the salmon, the pancake mix, the Chinese BBQ pork in the grocery deli, the bakers, the coffee houses, the grocery stores, the humidity in the air, the oxygen in the air, the mountains, the rivers, the rafting, the growing things taking over everything, and the water haze in the sky. Even the traffic wasn't as bad as we remembered it.

We wanted, in some ways, to not want to come back. We wanted to be happy with Colorado, with where we are, and we are finding things to love, but we're still disappointed with some things there. John did laugh and said that, in other ways, it's good that we're not disappointed with Seattle, as it would be terrible to be disappointed with both places.

We'll be back, someday. I am now surer of it than ever.

If anything, the are has become more diverse. The East Side now has its own Asian area, with two major Asian grocery stores with lots of super fresh fish and meats and exotic vegetables and fruits. It's getting more diverse, never less. Now I see the Greek next to the Mexican next to the Italian next to the Thai restaurants. I see Japanese by Korean by Ethiopian by British shops. It's not LA, and it's not SD, but it is getting gradually better and better.

I'd like Jet to be in that when he grows up. I think I'll need that, whether he notices or not, just to feel safe.

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