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July 5, 2003
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9:47 pm (PST now): Nevada is no more interesting than Wyoming, and the cities are just as far away from each other. It didn't help that I started out sore, tired, and unhappy. It was really cold this morning. The 6000-mile altitude didn't make it any warmer Jet managed to work his way from being between us to my side of the bed. I finally ended u between the two boys and knowing when either of them moved. Ah well.

We got up around 6. Jet was up with the dawn light, and we got ourselves ready. The hot water still felt very good. Then we hit a small cafe, "The No Worries Cafe" just off the road at a summit on the mountain. I napped afterwards while John drove and Jet kept waking me up. Then we swapped places when we stopped for some groceries and a few things we'd forgotten completely. Jet got very involved with some trucks and when I tried to take him away from them, he kicked and screamed and when I put him down half a store away to talk with John, he ran right back to where the trucks were. I was impressed. We decided to just let him buy a couple. I also got him a Thomas the Train coloring book.

I drove for a long time. It was fun. Straight driving. Jet got a Happy Donald's break, while John and I ate Taco Time tacos and crisp burritos. The lady at the taco Time got pretty confused while I was trying to order what I wanted. I was glad that she asked me to come to the window to straighten out the order, rather than assuming that she already knew what we wanted.

Jet played for a full hour in the play area. I am so glad of their play areas, now. He just ran and climbed and ran and ran and slid and climbed and he did it with a truck in either hand. He loved his trucks so much after getting them at the Smith's that he wouldn't let go of them. So he went through it over and over and over again without his hands. I was pretty impressed.

He drank some pop, refused to eat anything, and was happy as could be.

Afterwards, Jet and I watched "Toy Story" together. He was pretty tired, but he was fascinated by this new movie. He forced his eyes open and watched it forcibly. He would NOT go to sleep, and afterwards, he was pretty cranky. He liked looking at the Thomas the Train coloring book. I finally took the center poster out and put it up for him to study it closely, and he studied it so closely that he fell asleep.

Yay! Asleep. So he and I went to sleep. After a while he woke up and was really mad. I finally had to give him candy and start Lilo and Stitch. We were only 40 minutes from Reno. So we made it, no problem.

We found a nice room at a Days Inn, and I unloaded the car. We then all suited up and went swimming. The pool seemed very cold compared to the 90+-degree weather, but once we got on it felt good and warm. Jet swam for a while in his float, but under protest and he didn't want to be in it. He stripped himself of it as soon as he got to an area that was shallow enough and then leaped into the water, into our arms. He really does believe that he can swim anywhere, as we catch him all the time. I'm not all that sure it's a good thing. But he had a good time, as did we.

We all had a great, hot shower afterwards. And then we went out to find our dinner. We found out that there was supposed to be a great, mixed buffet at the Peppermill. One of the big casinos around here. It took us a long time to finally find it. First because the casino itself was on the south side of town, not on the main strip. Then it was because the casino was huge, and we had to figure out where the buffet really was. It turned out that it was a $23 per person buffet! Not what I wanted to spend on food.

We went to the food court, and John just got a salad, which was nearly instantaneous. I waited in a line for $6 prime rib. It was okay, too, and came with fries, which Jet refused to eat. He just didn't want to eat anything. I think that some of it was that he was so completely enamoured with all the lights and all the bright bits of the casino that he had no desire to do anything else.

After dinner, we wandered around a bit more, but the smoke got to me, and we finally lured Jet out the doors. We got back to the hotel, and he was happy as a clam to just run around the pool a couple times before coming up to the room and going, "Oh! All our stuff!" Hee. So he recognized it and was happy to be back. He's been meandering about the room, since, with occasional sips of his milk. He did eat his vitamin, but has refused to put on the top of his pajamas. Given that there are kids running around outside and yelling, I don't think we'll be getting to sleep very soon, anyway.

It's been a full day, but it's gotten us so close to the Bay Area we shouldn't have any problems getting to the Adelman's on time. We get a free continental breakfast in the morning, so we should be on our way pretty quickly and thoroughly. The cooler in the Eurovan has worked beautifully so far, and Jet's milk is still sweet, and the yogurts are still good. That should be good enough.

Time to try and get Jet to go to sleep.

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