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July 5, 2002
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Great Work Day and Boulder at Night

I got the whole morning to myself. I was so happy with that. Joan took Jet for four hours. John went into work to work. And I got to just be at home with my machine, a few things to do and lots of quiet time to do it in. I was so pleased.

I got things done that had been waiting for most of the week. Things like two write ups, a status report, a template for the next release, and a bunch of keywords that I had to go through the source code to find. It was all stuff that I was supposed to have done at the end of last week, but hadn't had the resources or time to really do until this morning. I really enjoyed the time I had, and really made the most of it.

I didn't even eat lunch during my time. John was great and took Jet after I nursed him at 5:45, and took him to Dacono to get my donuts. So I had breakfast when I woke up after napping after jet had nursed. Jet took a nap, too. Jet had eaten four donut holes. They'd doe an extra errand and on the way back from the errand, Jet fell asleep. So John put Jet in his seat on the porch, under the awning and John got good, quiet time to read the newspaper and eat his donuts with some coffee.

At 1, I picked Jet up and took him home. He'd had a huge lunch at Joan's and when he nursed he went right to sleep. So I got another couple of hours, and John came home and took care of Jet when he woke up. So I got even more time.

So I got a really great day for work.

While John was home, we got a phone call. It was from one of his old school friends, and they were in the Denver area, staying in Boulder. So we set up a time and place to have dinner with them. John's laptop died while the phone call happened, so he took Jet down into the basement and rode the exercise bike, showered, and then we got the call to meet them at the Old Chicago in Boulder at 6:45.

Boulder is a madhouse at 7pm on a Friday night. It's crowded, warm, and the hucksters are out in force. There's a very fine tradition of street performers down the Pearl street Mall and in the summer it's so warm that when night falls the coolness is only a relief. We got to the Old Chicago ten minutes late and when we got to the receptionist's desk they balked at hearing that we had a party of 14. They didn't usually have the room, and I guess the reservation had fallen through or something.

It turned out, however, that the patio was open seating, first come, first served, and they set up a table for all of us on the back patio! We were just in time as by the time we sat down, the patio was completely filled up. It was another ten or fifteen minutes before Tom showed up with Christopher, the youngest of his sons. Another ten minutes and Kate showed up with the other two boys and Madeline, their baby girl. She also had her brother and his wife and their two kids as well. So we were quite the group.

Kate had a huge bag of toys and things for all the kids to play with. It was her 'bag of tricks' and she had something for everyone including a number of things that fascinated Jet. Dinner was pre-ordained, with a bunch of salads, three big pizzas, and everyone ate what they liked. It was simple and straightforward. They'd been eating out the whole two weeks they'd been vacationing, so it was nice for them to just have pizza somewhere.

Afterwards, we went out in front of the restaurant for a bit to get pictures of the kids. Kate was very impressive with her digital camera, snapping pictures in the single moment when all the kids were actually looking at her. Jet took a while to realized the little box was a camera, but when he did, he posed with good humor and even smiled for Kate.

When Jet first got out of the restaurant, he seemed totally intent on running as fast as he could, away from me. As crowded as the Mall was, that meant he was dodging legs faster than I could dodge bodies. What saved me was that he happened upon a brick step leading to a garden, and he decided that this was the perfect place to sit. So he backed up to the step and sat. He went from a full-out run to a very intent sit.

After the pictures, while people were still milling around and trying to figure out what they wanted to do next, Jet decided to explore all the newspaper machines. He went by each of them and wiggled everything that would wiggle. I was glad he was that intent on them, even circling them a few times and doing them all again.

Eventually, we all decided to go to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. Jet did his best to keep up with the herd of kids, though he stopped dead at seeing some musicians seated on a brick wall, watching him. I picked him up and got him past those when we ran into two tap dancers dueling to see who was faster. Jet was fascinated by them and by their beats, and bounced to the beats as he discovered them. He got really close.

John eventually gave Jet a dollar when the tap dancers finished, and Jet went up to the money box. Jet then dropped the dollar on the sidewalk and started pulling money out of the box! Oops. John managed to get the money away from Jet, and tossed the dollar in as well.

The ice cream shop was packed. I got the chocolate brownie yogurt. I thought strawberry might be nice for Jet, as I was assuming that it would be smooth. I was wrong, sadly, there were actually chunks of strawberry in the ice cream. Also, it was much harder than the Cold Stone Ice cream, as it hadn't had anything mixed in. So Jet had quite a time trying to pry ice cream from his cup with a springy plastic spoon.

Yes, in fact, Jet ended up with half a frozen strawberry on top of his head.

Poor little guy. A lot of it melted before he could eat it and since we were mostly sitting on the ground or on brick edgings for garden areas, when Jet put his hand back to catch his balance when sitting back, he got a dirt covered hand. Of course, a lot of that dirt found its way into his ice cream. More dirt got in there when he dropped the dripping, melted ice cream slippery cup. Oops. A wet wipe cleaned him up, and while he protested being fed ice cream, he did eat half of what I had left.

Jet was so tired, by then, he was unhappy about nearly everything that was happening. Until he found the bubble man. The bubble man is a guy who sets out pie pans with loops made from hangers, and fills the pans with bubble solution. He just sets the pans out and lets people play with them. He asks for a donation if you enjoyed it. Jet certainly enjoyed it. He loved watching bubbles being made, and he fiddled with all the loops and moved them around in the solution. Jet tried every loop and even tried putting them into the puddles of solution on the pavement.

Jet didn't like getting taken away from there. But John managed to get him away and even to wash his hands in the bathroom at Ben and Jerry's. But when Jet came out of there he really wanted me. So I held him and packed the backpack and walked to the parking garage we'd parked in. As we walked away from the crowded areas Jet started waving and saying, "Bye!" "Bye!" "Bye!"


I think we'll have to do this more often. Jet's fascinated by all the people and all the things going on. So long as we don't lose him, it would be a great place to take him for a walk. No mosquitoes, either.

It was 10 when we headed home. Jet slept on the way home, woke up when we changed him into his pajamas. He stayed awake long enough to nurse, and went down easy. John made the fervent wish that Jet would sleep in tomorrow morning, instead of being up so early as he was this morning. We'll see how that works out.

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