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July 7, 2003
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Gretchen, Brad, Trip, Marith, Christy and Chrisber

5:59 pm: We all got up later than usual. Jet didn't get me until 8, and I nursed him on one side before moving to his bed and letting him do the other side without kicking John awake. We got up soon after that as I couldn't sleep anymore, and I decided to check out the iMac in the sitting room. First, though, I satisfied Jet's request for a "Warm! Warm!" and gave him a warm milk before turning the machine on.

I was very favorably impressed with the beast. Especially since the two visible apps were SSH and Mozilla. Just what any guest would need, access to their accounts and access to the Web. Fun. I got on Eskimo and was surprised to find email from Carl! A few, brief instants of thinking that Carl might be available to visit, but when I called him it turned out that he was packed solid all the way until 3 am, which was the time his flight was leaving. Darn.

I did a lot of talking with people, coordinating what I could. It turned out that Cera was in her BAMM instructor training until 9:30, possibly, and given that Jet would probably pumpkin by then, it doesn't seem probable that we'll get to meet up. But Trip and Marith were ready to have Thai food, so we decided to just go to Thai City at 6:30 and meet up with them. I confirmed it with Trip in TinyFugue. Yay! We'll at least get to see Trip!

Gretchen could play, too, as could Brad, and it turned out that if we went to a restaurant near his place of work, we could have lunch with him. That worked out really well as he was only ten minutes from their place, and that was a small distance to go to get to see him. I was glad that they thought of the variation. It wasn't that much effort on our part, and it made the whole plant possible for Brad.

After setting up all the plants, we went upstairs for breakfast. They weren't up yet, so we dug around, looking for stuff to eat. There were organic strawberries, bagels, and organic frosted flakes. I decided to have half a bagel, toasted with butter and honey. Ken got down in time to find some honey for me, and I would not have gone into the walk-in pantry without his direction. The bagels were especially good, chewy and flavorful. I especially liked the sesame bagel after it had been toasted, as the seeds toasted as well and picked up a caramelized flavor and that extra nuttiness.

After breakfast, I followed Jet upstairs to one of the computer rooms, where he was playing with some of the toys that were set out on counters. Unluckily, the cats really enjoy eat with their people while those people are at the computers. I started wheezing. It's been quite a while since I had a severe allergic reaction to just about anything. It wasn't any fun.

Luckily we were able to pack everything up for our day trip, and get out of the house. Jet went to sleep as soon as we were on the road. I guess he's learning that once we're in the car he might as well be asleep. Smart boy.

The drive was surprisingly short. I guess they're a lot closer to Santa Cruz than I thought. It certainly gave us something to think about, as the Watsonville area isn't nearly as expensive as any of the Bay Area places we've seen. The drive there was also very pretty, and not very crowded as we were off the rush hour. I think we were actually counter to the usual rush hour. We had no problems finding Gretchen's house. I went up to ring the doorbell, and Gretchen answered the door. She packed up a few things, and we went to get Brad. There was a nice Japanese restaurant right next to his workplace, so we went there for lunch. There was some hope that Jet would eat some rice.

They had the usual selection of Japanese lunches, along with some nigiri sushi. It's been quite a while since I've been able to eat a really good tonkatsu. So John and I each ordered a couple pieces of sushi, and shared a tonkatsu plate. Jet got his own bowl with rice, and kept asking for more sauce out of my sushi sauce bowl. It was where I put my soy sauce to mix it with the wasabi. Jet seemed to like it better with the wasabi than without. I was pretty impressed. He ended up eating a lot of rice, though it was over a longer time period than Brad could spare. Brad was able to walk back to work, though, so he took his farewells when he had to get back to work. Gretchen, John and I watched Jet eat for a little while longer. When Jet was done we left to get Moose from this daycare.

It was really good to see Brad and talk with him, as I don't think I've seen him since February. And the last time they saw Jet was when he was still inside me. So it was fun for them to get to interact with the little guy, especially when his waking up behavior was very much like Gretchen's waking up behavior. Hee.

Jet went with us to get Moose from his daycare, and Jet's eyes got very big when he heard all the dogs baying at once. But he was entirely okay with it all. He was pretty pleased, too, to have such a huge dog in his van as we headed for the beach.

We took the scenic route over, and got good parking, but found new signs on the beach that said No Dogs from 10 am to 4 pm. It being only 2ish, Gretchen decided to go and walk Moose, while we went down to the beach. Jet stayed on the sand for a while with John, with the pail and shovel John remembered to dig out of the car for Jet. I putzed around in the water and a couple asked me to take their picture. I do so for them. It was fun to do. They really enjoyed getting hit by the waves. Then Jet said okay to going into the water with me.

He doesn't play around. As soon as I let him down he ran for the water, he goes chasing a wave out. The next one in knocked him over, and then he couldn't get his feet again after that, as wave after wave came in and they started pulling him out. I lunge for him a couple of times and hear the woman of the couple saying, "Get him!!" They try to help me get him, but I get him first. I *had* to get him and I did before he had been underwater for very long.

Picked him up. He was soaked and he soaked me in the process. It was good to have him. But, doing as we usually do, I put him back in the water with the next wave that came him. Not much more than his feet got wet, and he danced a bit in it, but he also held onto me tightly and he did not chase the wave out. He learned, quickly, and he wasn't afraid of the ocean, either. A good balance. He knew what to be scared of and it wasn't just the water itself.

The couple came up afterwards to ask if Jet was okay, and I said he was, though he was cold and getting colder. John ran up to get towels, dry clothing for Jet, and other stuff to make Jet more comfortable. Jet was shivering a bit, but he was willing to high five the couple that also tried to save him. I thanked them, as well, and I think they appreciated that.

We headed for the dry sand, after that, as it was really hot from the sun. I stripped Jet and John laid out the towels and Jet lay down on it and instantly warmed up as the sand warmed the towels nigh instantly. Whew. He warmed up and was soon playing with the sand and throwing it on himself. Oops. John managed to get most of the sand off him and dressed him in some sweat pants and his diaper. We planned, right there, to get a shower at Gretchen's to rinse him off.

Though, before that, we dropped by Donnelley's and did a little damage. Gretchen and I went in and the guy offered us samples of something he said that he couldn't stop eating. It turned out to be an English toffee type substance that was, indeed, addictive. Both Gretchen and I bought some as a direct result of the free sample. We both bough other good things as well, and it helped me feel better after the whole wave thing.

Gretchen was happy to let Jet and I shower and dry out. I was very grateful, as I was completely soaked with seawater, too. We got our clothing completely rinsed off and Jet left a lot of sand in their tub. Soon he was playing with Gretchen and Moose. Jet really liked combing Moose with the rake, and Moose was very patient with that. Jet was quite gentle, as well, but got a lot of hair off him. Jet thought that was very cool. Then Gretchen got out the Play-Doh and some foam building things, and Jet was fascinated. Yay!

I got to read a comicbook before my clothing was dry. And it was good and warm and dry when we left. Yay! I appreciated that. We nibbled some chocolate as we headed for Palo Alto and the Mountain View gang. Jet fell asleep as we went, and we got to stop at Frye's before he woke up. John went in and bought some more CD cases, as we've gone through 25 in less than a year. Then we headed for a park that was only a block or two away from the Frye's and the restaurant.

It's a very nice park with plenty of big trees. Jet's more interested in the sand here than in the climbing equipment. I guess he's seen it all already. We've made it well early, so John's calling a few folks to tell them how we're doing, and we don't have to rush to the restaurant. A fine way to plan with a toddler. Plus, Jet's getting some playing in before being confined to a restaurant chair.

Marith, Trip, Christy and Chrisber were able to meet us at Thai City. And a good time was had by all. Jet completely refused to eat a thing, but he played with most people pretty happily. He had fun with Chrisber and the trains and trucks, and mugged for everyone cheerfully when he was at the table. He ate ice. He played with the other kids that were there.

I think either a worker or the owner of the place has two boys that were running around as well. So they played with Jet and his trucks all over the back rooms of the place. So Jet had company and someone to watch out for him He found rocks The found the fish tank. He found lots of cool stuff to entertain himself, and John and I were mostly able to eat while just getting up once in a while to make sure he didn't use the rocks on the tank or interrupt, too badly, someone trying to play video games.

The food was wonderful. I don't even know all the names of everything, but it was all spicy, sweet, and good. I loved the tom kai gai, the chicken, coconut soup. It was creamy, spicy and filled with mushrooms and chicken. A wonderful way to start the meal. Then the fragrant jasmine rice, and lots of dishes.

The conversation was good as well. Fun to catch up with people and learn what was going on with them. Cera called in the middle of the meal to say that she definitely wasn't going to make it, but it was good to talk with her for a bit anyway. I'm very glad that she's doing so well and learning so much as a BAMM instructor. Yay!

So while it was sad not to get to see her, it was great to know that she was doing so well and willing to take care of herself. Yay!

The meal finished with mango sticky rice. A full portion of it. Wow. The mango was lovely, fragrant, soft, and decadent with the chewy, saltiness of the sticky rice topped with rich coconut milk. I always love their mango sticky rice when the mangos are in season. And these were wonderful. I should have made that for Mom's mangos, but I just ate them all straight.

Afterwards, when everyone went home in repleted happiness, we stayed a bit longer as Jet played with the other boys for a little longer. When we finally got him out to the car, he was content. He got his playtime in, and he surprised me by not falling asleep on the way back to Ken and Gab's.

He did, however, devour half a package of ramen that John cooked for him when we did get back. I guess he just can't eat when there are other things that interest him. He drank all of the soup, too. Yay!

He went to sleep okay, after that, having some milk and stuff. There isn't all that much in the guest suite to interest him in playing more after his initial exploration of the area. So that's a big plus

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