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July 7, 2002
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Clingy Boy and a Snake

9:35 pm: Jet slept in. Yay! John made a baked pancake and stuffed it into the oven when he heard me wake up. We only have a few more yogurts in the fridge as we've been doing the fridge attrition thing with the upcoming trip. The only Danon left was a coffee flavored one. Jet homed in on it and grabbed the spoon and dug in.

He loved it. I think it's only coffee flavored, not really with coffee. I ate half of it on my baked pancake, Jet ate the other half along with some blueberries and cherries. We've run out of bananas. But he seemed to enjoy the other fruit as well. Yay!

When we were done we piled into the car and got to church. The service was outside, and since it was a holiday weekend, there weren't all that many people. The nursery was empty, but the nursery lady was there, and she did take care of Jet, while we went outside and enjoyed a very relaxed service.

It was informative as well. I didn't know that the Pledge of Allegiance had changed so much so many times and that it was a bunch of Knights of Columbus that asked to have the phrase "under God" added in the 20's. I also had no idea that there was this controversy about the phrase getting taken out recently. Yes. I am that out of touch with the news.

Jet was kind of cranky and clingy by the time I got him from the nursery, so I held him and hugged him and fed him a donut hole and some punch. He also ate a apple slice and some watermelon and then started running around. There was a bigger girl and a big boy running around with him as well, tagging him whenever they caught up with him. He would get tired of getting tagged, run to me, get picked up and when they ran away, he'd twist to get let down and they'd be off again. He loved it with a safe base where he could escape to if he wanted to. I was glad to provide the haven.

We cleaned up all the stickiness and tucked him into his seat and he went to sleep on the way home. We put him in his room and had lunch. I then worked on catching up on the journal and getting it all done before we leave for our vacation. It felt great to get it done. Jet got up in the midst of it, and he and John went out and bought an innertube and took John's ailing laptop to Ray to fix. Between the two of us, we also did all the laundry to get ready to pack.

When they got back we made dinner, though it was cold teriyaki chicken, the last of the caprese salad, and some grilled garlic bread. Since we didn't want to heat up the house, we grilled the toast outside. The tomatoes, basil and mozzarella was wonderful, still and it was good to eat up the tomatoes and moz. Jet sat in my lap and gnawed a whole thigh in one hand and half a slice of garlic bread in the other.

Happy boy.

After dinner, John and Jet went out for a walk and I got to read for a while. When they came back, John told me there was a four foot long snake in our three. We went out to look at it, and Jet decided to go running right under the tree it was supposed to be under. I caught him and he started just yelling at me and struggling to get free. I don't think he ever saw the snake.

The snake, with all the noise, got gradually out of the tree and slide silently away through the grass. It was silver with ripples of darkness along it like when a breeze riffles the silver surface of a still lake. It was clearly not a rattlesnake, and the head wasn't the shape of a poisonous snake. It went off quickly and while I didn't want Jet running to grab it or step on it, I didn't think it would bother him if he and John were out together.

We went back into the house and Jet and I found something to play. We also gave him some milk and he sat and calmed down. By then it was nearly pumpkin time so when he started getting upset again, we changed him and nursed him and put him to bed. He protested just a little, but then went to sleep.

We got to pack, watch Dogma on the Comedy channel, and put together a list of everything we had to get together for the trip. It helped with figuring out what we had to set aside. We're not going to have any time on Wednesday morning, but we will have the next two evenings. I think it should work out okay.

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