July 23, 1997

Finally did what I should have done all along, went and talked with the project lead for the set of products that includes the one that I was working on, and asked him how the schedule was going and what he was worried about and simply and straightforwardly told him that I was going to be taking significantly longer with my project. Guiding principle: Information is always better than uncertainty.

It worked. <grin>

Turns out that there are two significant problems with his overall release, and that my part of things is just not going to impact anyone or anything at all. So I can sit back and do this right. This helps immensely.

I am amused to find that Cera's work stresses fell away as well, in nearly the same time frame. Synchronicity.

Spent most of the evening talking with an old classmate from Caltech and a friend he brought with him from Japan to go climb Mt. Baker and Mt. Ranier, but his friend was so sore from the first climb that they decided not ot do the second one and, instead, do a business trip with some folks in Redmond and have dinner with us. Tetsuo is very interesting, very sharp and smart and into laser energy applications at the moment. He's also into kick-ass mountain climbing, which his friend did say was 'too abusive', or aggressive and into the American Civil War, in part because it was the first industrialized war but mostly because the war sites have been so well preserved it's possible to gain close hand experience and knowledge of that slice of military history. It was very keen to taste bits and pieces of his knowledge.

Dinner was at the Golden Wok, which they actually really enjoyed, for all that they commented about the gaijan aspects of the exterior of the place. It was a little nerve wracking to be in the presense of those that had the Asian body language again. Odd to be able to read it, and be so completely nervous about how to respond.

The dinner itself was marvelous. They really do food right and the ma-po tofu was utterly excellent. It pleased Tom, who was Tetsuo's friend, so that was good. At one point, Tetsuo told us that Tom had been complaining for much of the trip about being hungry, so it was good that he found plenty that he liked eating there. We had tea and talked for a while after getting back to the house. And after that I was so completely exhausted that I had to be alone for a bit.

Afterwards, I just sat and read Bujold's Ethan of Athos, and enjoyed finishing it. I really liked it, mostly for the alien viewpoints and seeing how the imagination of the protagonist could actually get him to understand other folks. What I really enjoyed was how the protagonist, despite being labelled, was able to stretch well beyond the labels that other peoples and civilzations put on him and see others to be more than the labels others slapped on them. I think that that is the core of what interests me about Bujold's works.

I didn't get to sleep until about 0130 and then I had some really interesting dreams.

Woke up to construction noises in the kitchen, and, as much as I love John and like David, his brother, I am really sick and tired of waking up that early in the morning constantly. Part of the problem is the fact that I wake up at the sounds of anyone other than John and Fezzik moving about in the house. My own fault for staying up late, some, but I'm tired of being tired... and mine's simply from lack of sleep...

I used to nap in the sun like a cat, able to lie down and sleep at any time. It'd be nice to be able to catnap again...

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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