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July 10, 1998
a year ago

Last PT, Maybe

Well, flick's gonna be down tomorrow, so I thought I'd get at least most of today in, today.

It was funny at PT today. The very minute I finish with the stationary bike, the sky opens up and it just pours outside. Just pours. This is after most of a day of sunshine and warm weather. Thunder and lightning and sheets of rain.

Rick turned to me and said, "You planned that, didn't you?"

I could only laugh.

Aaron says that he gave me a thunderbird and never took it back. It's at times like these that I actually think I could believe him.

Instead, Rick put me through all the hardest exercises he could think of. That was pretty funny. Just one thing after the other, including putting me on the cord for my linebacker squats so that I had to push against Terry's pull when I went down or up and stuff. Lunges on the cord and side lunges on the cord, trying to push against all the various resistances.

I even did a bunch of hamstring curls with an extra strong cord instead of the usual six pound weight. Oof. When we finished, they had me write up an exit evaluation and it kinda peeved me as to them asking for categories they didn't define on the sheet and numerical data when I had nothing specific to measure. grumble. That just made my data collector ping all to hell. What use is entirely subjective data?

The form was because it was likely to be my last Physical Therapy appointment, as I was to see the doctor on Tuesday, but he may well recommend I see them again to check on the muscle mass and strength. We'll see. Everyone congratulated me as I left and it was kinda cool to think of having 'graduated' in some ways. We'll see.

I had to go one step at a time up the stairs when I got back to work. Grr.

What was funny was knowing that the workout was probably harder than the fourteen mile bike ride I did on Wednesday. My legs did burn a bit on the stationary bike, but what hurt worse and what amused me more was my butt, which was just not used to being on a bike for an hour and a half in one day. So I'm just sittin' here...

Finished a bunch of stuff earlier in the day, coding. I need to doc a bit more stuff, data structures for an interface class, what fun.

Tonight is the night we get to open a bottle of root beer to see how far along it is. It's been a week, the instructions say that a week is enough, two weeks for better taste. This should be keen. I've never had home made root beer. Yay!

Likely watch the France/Croatia game eventhough we know how it turns out, and maybe the last episode of Invasion America. Being just home is good, and Rick worked me hard enough my knee is just wobbly, so I should probably just go home and rest it. It actually hurts a bit.

Probably see you on the far side of the weekend...

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