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July 16, 1998
a year ago

Sparks and Riding to Work

Well, there were sparks.

I sometimes wonder if all monogamous marriages are this way, always a renewal, a growing, a rediscovery of sorts. I've now known John for sixteen years, and there's always something new.

So, yeah, I don't write about my sex life much, but it was yummy last night, and it included a bunch of thoughtful things by John including taking Fezzik out for his walk instead of having me do it with my sore knee from the pressure changes. My bath was nice and everything worked out beautifully except that I picked up another of the SEAL books while John was walking and finished it in the bathtub.

It was the one that was focussed on the guy with the bad knee and there were a lot of things in that book that ping'ed every nerve in my knee. Some of it also got me to realize how much of my self-worth is in overcoming my physical problems. I had a huge uphill fight, physically, from when I was a kid. Asthema, as blind as a bat with nearsightedness, more allergies than anything, there was a certain pride I had in having nothing be impossible for me to do, I might not be the best at it, but I could do it competently.

The wrists and my knee has changed that. I'm starting to learn that I may well be growing into limitations, but part of my personality has always been to challenge those limitations. A hard thing to give up after so long. Not that I have to challenge doesn't necessarily mean break through 'em.

Another thing that happened was that Land Rover that John and I looked at quite a while ago was for sale at the price John asked. The guy called saying that he needed to sell it and they agreed on a price pretty quickly and so John setup the towing and a meeting to exchange money and the title.

So today we may have Another Land Rover.

John was also nice and let me sleep late this morning, or at least talked about it at night, and then tried to wake me up this morning. I was good. I actually just said, "I need to sleep more." and left it at that. He went his own way, and I didn't get up for another few hours. That felt very good. I was finally dreaming again for the first time in a few weeks at the end of that second sleep. I seem to dream when I actually have enough sleep.

So I got up, puttered about, changed, and all that and then couldn't find my keys. I frowned and wondered at my poor brain and then it told me that my keys were in the glove compartment of the Range Rover. Oops. Yeah. I'd found 'em in the car, had no pockets with which to keep them in and so tossed 'em into the glove compartment and never remembered to pull them out.


I called John to talk over with him the possibilities, and as we talked I looked outside. It was a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny day. I got the crazy idea of, well, riding to work. I talked with John about it, and he arrainged to get my clothes and shower stuff while he had to meet the guy to give him money. So that worked out beautifully.

The ride was just lovely. Simple, sweet and straightforward. Sunshine everywhere, hundreds of kids out doing soccer camp or something, and I watched a bit wistfully as I rode. I'll get there. Sometime. The park was quiet and simple, the trails pretty empty. The road wasn't bad at all, and I made it down the hill with no problems. The bridges were empty, and while I wanted to take the dirt trail, it turned out that someone was laying pipe across one of the exits. So I couldn't go that way, had to take the road for a bit again. Busy bits, but simple enough as I watched.

I looked at the time when I got in and it took about the same amount of time as the previous time. That was good to know. Distances, though, are different when you're on a bike than when you're in a car or even when you're walking. There were quite a few moments when I would look and think that I didn't have enough distance to do something, but then found that on the bike that it was faster to get around construction crews, warning flags, and the like than I would originally think.

So I got to work and sat down and worked. It was nice. The feeling of being fairly wide awake really worked well. Shower before lunch and I have to figure out what I'm having for lunch. I should probably just go buy something as I think John brought his own lunch and ate it while doing errands already...

So I wandered off and got prime rib sandwich. Yum. Ate with Satish in the lunch room, and got to talk with Dennis about his new capabilities on his new prototype. That was fun.

More coding and reading and thinking this afternoon. My legs have gradually tightened up, getting just a bit more sore and stiff than normal, but that's normal in and of itself. One thing I didn't like about the book was the guy with the cane not being good with it, and even when on crutches always being awkward with them. In just a few days I got pretty graceful and capable with the things, and it was pretty easy to think of 'em as nice, long-reach weapons rather than just sticks-o-walking.

Talking with Charlie a lot, and that's been good. Mark is saying that he may visit Seattle in a couple weeks, as he has a week's worth of stuff to do for the Borg and might stay a weekend. That would be nice. It'd be good to at least just talk with him again.

Probably gonna take tomorrow off, to pack, get ready for the trip and to likely spend the morning sunning with John on Victor's porch with Fezzik at our feet, dripping and happy from the Marymoore play area. Should be fun.

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