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July 22, 1998
a year ago

True Blue

The morning was a scramble to get ready. I had to wash my hair again so that it wouldn't leak dye on everyone and everything and everywhere. John had to button the Stoat back up and test drive it after the efforts he'd gone to the night before. So we scrambled to do all that before getting to work. Also, before I even washed my hair, we took pictures of it out in the sunlight to get the best colors we could get.

At least this time the water actually ran clear by the time I used the conditioner on it. And the colors were just as beautiful as before, as deep and lovely. I rolled it up under a baseball cap and we went to work with it.

Work was fun again. More stuff done. Then I went out to get lunch for John in the Stoat and in the sunlight my hair just glowed with blueness. It's the color I'd wanted from the start, nearly a year ago, but I hadn't expected it this time, in this way, and it's just amazing, nearly astonishing when I hadn't expected it at all. So color me amazed, and blue, deep blue with black on the top. I'm pretty happy with it.

The talk thing for the depression stuff is getting pushed off a bit, as there just hasn't been enough organization to get the event actually put together. I'm not an organizer, not a good one, and it's just been kinda odd trying to be one. So we may have the evening free for me to exercise in and likely sweat blue, and possibly for John and I to ride to Dairy Queen or something. Having a reward at the end of any effort is very nice.

So, it's a plan of some sort.

It's odd, the Real Astrology for this last week was really interesting. In part because of all the things, people and thoughts that I've been graced with in the week. Everything from the M3 to the hair color, from letters from Mark to conversation with Charlie and most of all an even tighter understanding and bond with John. It's been a very sweet week.

The predictions for the coming week are even bigger. We'll see.

One interesting thing has been that Eric, who plays Pat and Josiah on Genevieve's In Nomine game is trying to still decide whom to play and I'll admit that I missed Pat. So...

The Pat came back. The very next day.

That's been fun.

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