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July 23, 1998
a year ago

Exercise of Daily Life

Okay, that's the Carmichael conversion. It's a picture that was taken at the show that John managed to get it to. It's really good about giving a good feel for the window and glass amounts to the beast. You can probably tell why I call it the Green Monster, then.

It's a nice picture.

Took most of yesterday evening to say good-bye to a friend that was moving to Colorado. Went to the Lucky Seven and drank Seven Up, ate fried chicken and talked with folks I haven't seen for a year or so. That was really good. Helped invite folks to Fezzik's birthday party and did a lot of catching up with a lot of people.

The depression talk was put off until later, as no one really had organized anything in particular, but folks are now prep'ed a bit to talk. That's been good.

Turns out that the folks that are leaving are selling a sail boat, and a few people are willing to look at it and look into maybe getting it and possibly using it once in a while. Including us. I still remember sailing on Boston Harbor, and what fun that was. It's not a trimaran or even nearly as light and beautiful, but it might be something fun and it would be another way to ride the wind again.

Was talking with someone on one of the MUSH's and we were commiserating about why we weren't writing as much as we wanted to and were still doing sysadmin and programming jobs. It's the toys, man, it's the toys. The ability to just go out and spend what money we might want to on things that we really want. Can't do that when you write for a living, but it can be done if you write software. It's just another language...

So John and some other guys are gonna look at it today during lunch time. We stayed a bit too late, and the smoke got into my eyes and that plus the dye that was on the black t-shirt that I was using for a pillowcase really made my eyes puffy. But walking with Fezzik for about 20 minutes in the darkness of the no moon night was helpful for them, kinda soothing, even as the gravel got some of my leg nerves jangling in alarm as we slid a bit in the darkness. Fezzik was all bouncy and running back and forth at the beginning, finally settling down into sedateness by the end of the walk. It's good to do this every evening, as it's good for me as well as him, and it's nice to have some kind of exercise even when I don't quite get the gumption up to do my whole workout.

I really ought to start that again, as I've really been slacking, and I can feel it in my body and in my leg. So I'm stretching it out more during the day and I really do have to get back into at least doing a half an hour to and hour a day in addition to my walks with Fezzik and my bike rides. The doc said that it's a tendency of folks to do big exercise things once in a long while rather than doing the necessary small, boring chunk each day. He certainly was right about me.

So I'll likely start up again tonight, but we got home pretty last last night. And the house was in the 90's when we got home. Not fun to move around in much, much less exercise.

But I got in a cool bubble bath before going to bed, which helped against all the heat out here, and John managed to get some patio stuff done.

Lunch with James was good. It was fun to catch up with what was going on with him, things which included getting the lucky 100th membership in a Con that I probably won't be able to go to. It's the same weekend as the Portland Land Rover meet. But it's something I might want to. We then wandered to Silver Platters and get a few CD's. I also bought a dress from J. Petermans that really caught my eye and fancy, it's a bluer than blue linen dress that's supposed to be very comfortable and has ties in the back to snug the front, but still be loose enough to be cool. It's supposed to be a loose fitting dress, so we'll see how it actually fits and feels, but it was something that looked like it would go well with my hair and the sandals and the coats that I have, the leather one and the silk one. We'll see.

Also got the gift certificate for Terry and now I get to go get one for Rick and then I can go visit with them; and maybe get more motivation to do the everyday exercise thing.

Exercises are cool.

We had to get home earlyish to talk with the guy that's going to be our housecleaner. He's been doing the job for various people for fifteen years, and likes doing it and it seems to be a job that he can do for five hours a day with all his clients and have the rest of the day for other things. Seems a pretty interesting way to make a living. He lives in the house of an elder woman that needs daily care, and helps her out with all that. So his living expenses are mostly covered and the cleaning makes him the money he can use for fun things.

Makes me think, sometimes, about how my life's working out and that maybe being someone's houseboy wouldn't be a bad thing. Especially if it was someone that needed help in getting through the day. I know, I know, Jay and Raven'll be upset about me thinking about being someone's houseboy instead of having one. <grin>

Though the Horde has kinda offered me the position. Hey. Chef and backrub giver and general Housegirl of Temple Square sounds pretty good!

But I kinda like my life and it would be keen to have my own houseboy. Hrm.

Anyway, two of the CD's the I bought from Silver Platters were ones that Eric had recommended, by Frente! and Lords of Acid. I'm enjoying both of them a lot. The third was the one that the clerk at Borders had recommended when he saw me buying Enigma's stuff. And it's much like the album that I liked. So that's cool. It's nice to dive ears first back into some music. The Frente! Labour of Love is really fascinating, and I'm just playing it auto-repeat over and over again, slowly learning the lyrics along with enjoying the lyrical singing of Angie Hart over the relatively simple instrumentals.

Back to the exercising... after the wander through the house with the guy John sat down to play more Bandicoot while I exercised. I did the usual workout that I used to do, cut to fit a single hour, and it felt really good to do all that again. Just all the small efforts, adding up slowly into muscle burn and the big effort of just putting myself through all the motions. Simple motions, nothing complex for the brain, just simple, slow effort, the sensation of muscles pulling joints, the smooth actions of strength gained and yet to be gained. It was very soothing in many ways.

A time to turn the brain off and just do something. That wordless existence is very nice, sometimes. Did about two and half miles on the stationary bike, with a solid resistance.

The house was really hot, so it was hard to muster enthusiasm, but it worked. John started cooking stuff for our taco salads about ten minutes from me finishing, so I got a little time to just sit and cool down and read while he was finishing making dinner.

Mom and Dad called just as we were about to sit down to eat, but it'd been a long time since I talked with either of them, so I just talked with them until my hands started hurting from holding the phone. It was good to get caught up and fun to just talk and listen to Dad complain about how badly Word 97 fucks things up. That was kinda validating.

Dinner was lovely, and John did me the favor of going to walk Fezzik while I took another cool bath. Fezzik is very good about disappearing into pitch black nights, especially since there was no moon again, tonight, and John lost him on the driveway and he didn't come when called. So I lay in the bath with the window open to the world outside, and after a while I heard gravel crunching. I don't know why, but it sounded like Fezzik, so I called his name. John ran outside on hearing me call, and, sure enough, it was Fezzik!

So he got home just fine and had been just quietly wandering about the house on his own. Kinda cool.

After my bath, I went down to watch John play Bandicoot for a while, eventhough I was pretty much falling asleep on the couch. He got a blue gem and had cool adventures figuring out where it brought him. That was cool to watch.

Sleep was an easy thing.

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