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July 24, 1998
a year ago

Low Blood Sugar Grumpies

A really straightforward day today...

Lots of work and lots to do an lots of knowledge about how to do it and what to do with it. The coolest parts were clarifying a bunch of interfaces that had to be cleared up. They were pretty convoluted, too, because they involved the MS open file dialog box stuff, along with passing data back and forth between the UI and the data base. It was fun unraveling it like a ball of yarn. Really keen.

Did some story pondering. It has to do with Eric's writeup of Pat as a pulp detective. There are a lot of pulp detective types in In Nomine, seems to be a cool thing to be, and there are some cool stories. Thing is that the backstory has it that Eduardo, Sephar and Pat have worked together fairly solidly in the past and for some time. So I started thinking about serial murder thing where Eduardo, Sephar and Pat get into it deep and then get out again knowing each other better and working together pretty well.

It would be fun to do while Genevieve has the next two weeks off.

The bad thing about today was that John got really involved with work towards the evening, and we have been having a lot of late nights. I thought it was because there was something that had to be done, and it was just because he forgot about the time. After all those nights that we stayed late for the release, staying late for nothing just pissed me off. Badly.

It didn't help that my body ran low on blood sugars part way through the evening, and it wasn't until 8 p.m. that I hurt enough to call him and ask him what was going on. That was kinda stupid of me. I should probably have asked him earlier, but I didn't.

So I was thoroughly and completely nasty and grumpy and upset. I hated it while we debated plans for the evening, and finally I figured out what I needed and said we should just eat. I was starving and upset and the Mexican restaurant we started at was completely full because, well duh, it was Friday night. But we went to the Italian place we like, which is rather out of the way, but they had a table we could be seated at immediately. The food took a while, but they brought bread nearly immediately, so I munched bread with spiced olive oil and was far better off after some of that.

I was still kinda upset though. It was the main problem I'd had when I first turned to Mark, which was when John put work ahead of everything else, including me and any possibility of me doing what I'd wanted to do that night was mostly gone. That always pisses me off. And John knew it, this time, because I actually said something. I'm glad that I can say something. That was nice. He did say he was sorry.

When the food finally came it was excellent, and I demolished my plate and then had tiramisu for dessert with a decaf coffee. Yum. John had this lovely creation that was something like a hot wine mousse, beaten eggs, wine and sugar cooked over a hot flame. It was sweet and smooth and rich with wine. Yum.

Then John did the great good thing of taking me to Target and letting me have fun getting what I wanted from the place. Okay. Retail therapy for me is often less than $10 worth of stuff, all in all. Just a few pretties and the Aussie products were still on sale, so I got some Mudd and some Hair Salad, both are conditioners that I've wanted to try and usually don't want to buy because they're expensive. I was also low on contact lense solution, so had to get some of that. That worked out nicely.

As part of the talk on Wednesday night, with friends, we talked with a friend who had had the eye surgery to correct his vision. It had turned out really well for him after he'd done all the research into what was involved and what they were going to do. That was cool to know, as his eyesight wasn't as bad as mine, but of the same kind of differences to make up.

I keep thinking about it.

One interesting thing that came out of tonight's grumpy conversation is that John was ready to get me a sports car sometime, and was even thinking of just putting a bow on a Z3 and presenting to me in the driveway. That was really, really interesting to know. It would have been pretty keen, but some part of my brain isn't that interested in spending that kind of money, yet, on a car.

There really is a part of my soul that's meant for a car that can handle and has power and can just move. Bob H. has a lovely new SVT Contour that might fit the bill for me as well, as it's not that expensive and has all the handling and power I'd likely need to get into some trouble but not so much as the much flashier Z3 would get me into. The other car that the SVT has done is the Mustang Cobra. The Special Vehicle Team seems to be devoted specifically to making cars that are a joy to drive. And someone has compared the Cobra to the M3, so I'm going to have to try it out sometime.

But not for a bit. A year or two, I'll wait. If we don't hit big money by then, then I may just get a SVT Contour or a Miata and just enjoy the heck out of them.

John put it very nicely, "That kind of sports car really appeals to your main weakness: perfection."

He's right. The M3 was perfect. Solid, refined, lovely and agile with an interface that allows me to go over edges I never even thought existed or were walkable. That's what I love about it. I don't love the looks, hate those that think it's a status symbol, and really wish folks wouldn't think of it as something other than sheer performance. But that's me. Where touching perfection is more important than anything anyone else might think or say or whatever.

Just thoughts.

Anyway. We got home and John took Fezzik for a walk while I took a cool bath to cool off from all the heat. And then went to sleep with a t-shirt for a pillow case so I wouldn't rub blue onto the normal pillow cases. I have so many old t-shirts, they really don't matter that much anymore.

There are a number of things that John has gotten me simply because he knew that I'd love it. Like the bathtub in our bathroom, which is just lovely and small and neat and deep enough for me to soak without being so big that I have to worry about water waste. That's very keen.

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