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July 9, 1999
a year ago
2 years ago

Bike to Work!

A very amusing meta-comment. I rode to work on my bike just a *little* more than a year ago. It just amuses me that it juxtiposed so completely.

We got up around 6.

This was so that we could beat the traffic going into work. Bicycling isn't all that much fun in heavy traffic. But it was kinda hard to get up, because sleep felt so very good. John did it right, he got me up, got me to drink some water before getting on the bike, but mainly just kept me going, step by step until I was on the bike and out the gate and blinking mildly at a sunny, cool, sun still low on the horizon morning. It was just gorgeous and cool enough that things didn't hurt.

We rode. John was right, it was probably mostly uphill. By the time we got to the point where we'd *started* the ride the other day, my butt was sore, I was panting, and I was feeling really awfully slow. John had fallen down once, while going to the side to wait for me after a long hill; and then he fell again later on, and I was really worried the second time because I was in front, and I heard him fall over. He'd gone onto gravel and the little, skinny, bare bike tires just slide through the dust like it was ice and down he went. He said he was fine in both cases, and I just went on.

It was a fairly long ride and I'm probably going to be sore tomorrow, but it was doable, as I thought it might be. We made it in 1 hr and 17 minutes, which was a good seven minutes longer than it took John the last time he did it, but we had a headwind, he says. Peter said he had a headwind coming from the west, we finally decided that the center of Boulder just blows out every morning and sucks every evening so everyone gets a headwind, no matter which way they're going. That was pretty funny.

Sore, tired, happy, I wandered about work and then got my head down and started pursuing things. Bugs, test bits, code bits, compilation platforms, and then did the harder work of chasing down how I feel about things. That was tough, but doable. Talked with Charlie for a while in the morning, and it calmed things down all over.

Lunch time rolled around much sooner than I thought it would, and Cary, Freddie, John and I walked to a business complex deli near here, about four blocks. A nice walk, not too long and there were flowers, grass and tree shade along the way, along with a look at an off-shoot of Boulder Creek. The deli was good, yummy sandwiches that were solid and nearly too big, with plenty of chips, plenty of innards and interesting drinks. Yum. We sat out on the patio, enjoyed the sunshine and conversations about brewing pop, riding to work, and the danger of making your wife angry. That was pretty funny.

Cary rode to work as well this morning. It's funny to see the group of us with our helmet hair and beer bellies and trying to get in better shape together and it's very cool to be encouraging each other.

The afternoon was filled with revisions, extentions. Decision making is an interesting thing.

So I'm here around 8 pm, finishing up some things, on-line with Cera and just meandering through things. I spent a little time with the Fiat folks, but most of the folks that Sephar is with were busy for this afternoon. Finally decided to create another character so that Raine could just sit and wait for Mark while someone else could go visit with Cera and Charlie and had a terrible time with names.

Names matter to me. Deeply. I have many of them, and I chose them all for reasons; but this one was kinda on the fly. Chi to start, but that seemed rather pretentious and someone else had a name that started with all the same letters, so I thought about Lirali, as a shortened Liralen, but then I looked at it and I didn't want it to be quite that much like liralen, so I peered and peered and pulled out 'Rali'. Someone during the afternoon paged Rali and said, "Oh, you're named after a character in a book by Chris Bunch!!" I was completely nonplussed, so I looked up this author on Amazon, found the book and just boggled.

The warrior of the title is Rali Emilie Antero, sister to Amalric, hero of the earlier book, and commander of an elite all-women force, the Maranon Guard. Because of various circumstances, she and her troopers must embark on a long, perilous pursuit and quest to the ends of the known world and considerably beyond, with perils both natural and magical besetting them every mile of the way. This book lacks absolutely nothing to thoroughly grip fantasy readers, and Rali is a superior entry in the ranks of martial women.

How's that for a randomly picked name?

G'night, hope y'all have a good weekend. I might actually post from home now that I have access from home.

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