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Reving Up

Well, the pressure is on at work, and it's on everyone. Nothing that can really be done about it other than just plow through stuff. I was achy and tired, still, from the day before, but more settled with a very good night's sleep. John had also decided to ride into work on his bike, so I got to sleep in a bit, which was really good.

Well, except when I woke up to the sound of *rainfall* on the roof. The weather stations had said that it was going to be like the previous day, so the Stoat was standing out on the driveway, seats up and completely vulnerable to rain. So I threw on a robe, and half-blind I ran down the stairs. Barely. Darned knee is still stiff, to the point where I don't usually go down stairs quickly, or even a step at a time. Usually just put both feet on a step before going to the next, but the need was great, and even with it stiff from the day before, it did just wonderfully.

I got down quickly enough to tip the seats forward so that they'd protect the upholstery. And then I went back upstairs to put on clothing and my contacts and all that. It's good we live out in the middle of the woods. And when I was done and mostly ready, I put the Stoat back into the barn and then figured out what next. It included getting a mocha for John from Victor's.

That was fun, and when I got to work, John was delighted. So that was cool.

I love the fact that all our daily status meetings only last as long as there are things that needs everyone there. When we're done, it's over and that can be any time, no stupid time limits on meetings. Just get things done and scatter to what needs to be done. It's so sweet and simple.

There are a lot of things I love about working here, and the desire to only do what's necessary is like really excellent.

So by the time we got to go home, both of us were pretty exhausted, and we weren't really able to get home until really late, so I missed a real life gathering of journalers, which I was kinda sad about. But it was cool that they all got together. And I honestly didn't have the energy to meet up with them, in the finally say. We didn't get home until 9 p.m. and we just had some soup for dinner and John went right to sleep.

Amazon had done the right thing and shipped me the book that they'd forgotten to shop me for free. I got it from the front porch step and after dinner, I started to read it, as I really didn't want to go to sleep so early that I'd wake up far too early. It's The Iron Dragon's Daughter. And I had originally only wanted to read until 10 p.m. but then looked up with John came down, restless from his almost cold and from not being able to sleep and it was after 11, and I was a good halfway into the book. It was very interesting in premise and execution, but I'm not sure I love it. It's just interesting.

But I'm not done yet, so some plot lines that are looking like they're just getting dropped may be looped back in. One never knows until it ends. But I really enjoyed the bits I've gotten to so far.

Gave John a solid backrub, which seemed to sooth whatever it was that was keeping him awake, and, in the process, I managed to relax myself. So we both slept peacefully after.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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