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Readin' Again

Managed to wake up gawdawful early to do my exercises and shower before John got up. That actually worked out pretty well, but I was exhausted by the time I actually got home from work. Which was late again. We seem to be in this part of the cycle.

It's times like these that I realize that we'll likely never have kids unless we can break this kinda cycle. It's just too crazy to have all our attention on nothing but work. But it's also something that's satisfying in another way.

I had a craving for Copper River salmon, it's a salmon that's caught up in Alaska in one of the really cold rivers, so they have a lot more body fat than most other salmon. So they always cook up tender and rich. We bought one big steak for the two of us, and some frozen veggies and I wanted a little bit of almond as a touch with the veggies, and it all worked out pretty well. The rice took a bit longer to cook than I'd planned on, so I had to kinda stop everything in the middle of cooking; but it worked out okay. The fish was tender and moist and the vegetables were tender crisp and the almonds were just the right touch for the snap peas, onion, and carrot blend.

John had things to write in the evening. I had a craving to read a book, so I stayed downstairs and read another of the insane trashy romances that Kathy got for me. It always amuses me that on the geek test there's a line that asks if you actually read for fun, and then if you've read something fun in the last year, then the last week and then, as if it were nearly impossible to contemplate, if you've read something for fun in just the last twenty-four hours. I mean, thinking about it, I knew something was seriously wrong with me and my life when I had *stopped* reading for a while.

This one had me rolling around, laughing so hard John kept commenting on what a good time I was having. Jennifer Chase seems to write really cool romances with lots and lots of good, solid humor in 'em.

What's really funny is that she's doing a PhD on the social affect of popular romances on women's views of romance, marriage, sex, and social standing. It's really keen. I really can see how something that is so widely read would make such a difference. I mean there's a *reason* Harlequin can publish and sell four books a month to all their subscribers. The market is there and they do well at it.

It lightened me up, at least, for the evening, and when John finished after midnight, I had fun giggling and reading him a passage before we went to bed. Yum.

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