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June 30, 2000
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Full Day

Today was extremelly busy. Started off by driving all the way out west and south to get Fezzik to the oncologist so that he could have his big chemo shot, dropped him off with a technician that loved him. He looked mildly confused when she was holding his leash and he tried to follow us back out the door; but he went with her without much fuss once it was obvious.

We went directly to work, and I puttered about doing things, including some testing that I had to finish for the next service pack. That was actually pretty fun, all in all. Something concrete that I could just check off and finish. There's little of that, so far, so I have to figure out, when I get back, how to turn things more into that way of doing things.

I've never had a really good medium term memory and my long-term is all kinda wierd, and now, with the pregnancy, my short-term memory, even so far as what's going on in a conversation, is shot. So I'm really, really glad of my Franklin-Covey book. Just to keep me on any kind of track at all, it's useful.

So at noon, we ran off back to the vet's to get Fezzik. On the way we stopped at a little Japanese fast food place that I'd seen on the side of the road on the way to and from the vet's and work. It was actually quite good, and one of the things that both John and I had been craving, tonkatsu, was actually on the menu. They did it really well with a nice katsu sauce that was spicy, sweet and fruity in one. The tonkatsu was hot and crisp on the outside and tender on the inside and perfect. Rice and pickles and John had soup, too, though it was fairly hot out. It was a really nice meal that made my stomach feel just fine. I should remember that rice seems to just settle things very nicely.

Dr. Billard was there when we arrived to pick Fezzik up and she talked with us a little. There were two lymph nodes in Fezzik's chest that were just a little bit swollen. Not a lot to worry about, but they weren't supposed to be that way at all, so she was mildly worried. Enough that she wanted us to bring Fezzik back here in two weeks to get his lowered dose of stuff, so that she could check him out then. The big gun drug was being given to him today, which should take care of it, but she really wanted to be sure. It might simply be that the stuff was coming back, too, which would be bad; but she wasn't at all sure. So we'll have to bring him in then and double check everything.


Fezzik, himself, seemed pretty happy, though, and was content to lie in the back of Borax as we took him over to the Goodell's. We dropped him and his food and medicines off, and then ran back home, where we gathered up all our packed stuff, got the mail out of the mailbox, which included my Victoria's Secret order, which was very important as with the hormones and the growth, I seem to now actually need bra support. Yeesh. The way to a bigger bust, who would have thought?

Then we took off in the Passat for the mountains.

It was about a two hour drive, quite a lot of it going right up as we were going to end up around 10,000 feet at Winterpark, the Denver's local, more rustic ski resort. Turns out a bunch of Xilinx folks have condos up there and that they often go up in the summer simply to be cool for a while. Halfway through the ride I started burping a lot and feeling unhappy, so I pulled out the minimalist cookies and had one, then two and things settled, but a little queasily. I had brought a bottle of water and was very glad of that.

Hot hot hot. The air conditioning in the Passat was a godsend; and even so I was mildly lightheaded all day and for most of the trip. I tried sleeping through some of the drive and I think I managed some of it, but it just wasn't much fun. I hope that it was just the high altitude and not travel in general, or else Origins is going to be really, really awful. Headachy and tired on the most part. We arrived at the Vintage Hotel, just on the edge of Winterpark around 5:30, so we had plenty of time to settle our stuff in the hotel room before going out to find some dinner. I was so hungry by then that the hotel restaurant looked really good, but John managed to drag me off to a place we'd both thought would be pretty good. The Hideaway bar and resturant was on the other side of town, not all that far, actually, and we went in.

I settled on the game stew, but found out, from the waiter, that they were out of it so I wrinkled my nose and the waiter responded by spouting out two of their specials. The first was a bacon wrapped, crab stuffed prawn dish on a spinach salad. I really didn't want the grease of that, and when I looked really dubious, he said, "Well, we also have roasted quail on the same spinach salad base..." I got that, immediately.

It was really, really good. The salad had a warm portabello and bacon and onion sweet and sour dressing and lovely garlicy croutons. The quail were two tiny birds, deboned and roasted tender. Easy to eat and small enough in portion that I didn't feel overstuffed and I could then eat as much of the savory sweet salad I wanted. For some reason my body settled down immediately on receiving that full infusion of greenery. Plenty of water, too, which probably helped tremendously.

We walked through parts of town on the way back, picking up a pint of milk and some Fig Newtons. It is a pretty, little town with a few tourist shops and a handful of good restaurants. But we were both pretty tired. John called Tom, the guy that brewed the beer with him, for the wedding, a few weeks back and told him that we had arrived, but were tired. So no more socializing for us, thank goodness. We just went back to the hotel, I had some warm milk and a cookie to help me sleep and we went to bed.

Sadly, the different bed plus some odd pillows and a light under the crack under the door all kept me mildly awake. Finally I stuffed the one really useless pillow against the crack and I slept okay after that. Though without the body pillow I'm so used to my back got mildly tweaked.

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