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June 1, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Getting Ready For The Month

I got my massage today at 11:30, and everything went really well during the morning. Jet did really well last night, just getting up at about 3:30 and going right back to sleep after he'd eaten. There were just a few squeaks that I heard and just lay in bed listening to, but he went right back to sleep. So I didn't worry too much about that.

He didn't get up until 6:30, so Dad got a lot of sleep last night. I got up at 8:00, after waking up at 7 and thinking, "I really should be getting up now..." and the next thing I knew the hour had flipped on the clock. Oops.

We had an interesting morning, as Jet didn't take much of a nap and ended up fairly grumpy for a while. But he settled with the eats at a bit before 11, and John took him at 11:20, and I went off to CeLena's. The massage went really well. I was surprised at just how well it all went and how much looser she got my hips from what they'd been before. She also had next Friday nearly completely open, so I'll probably take an hour to have a massage then, too.

CeLena's alternate Fridays are open, and it's just so much eaiser to spend the hour and a half there rather than doing a two hour and a half trip with Michele that necessitates feeding Jet sometime along the way or having a really grumpy kid when I get back.

So that's pretty much set up.

After a shower and a lunch of the last of the sticky rice bundles, John had a few appointments, and then the three of us went to the Goodells to talk about everything for Jet the next week. It was pretty fun just to be there and to talk and see Jet with a new toy set and other people to be with. I think it'll be really fun for him to have a whole new place to visit regularly and get to see and do other things than he would at home.

It was great to talk with Joan and Ray, too. Just catch up some more and trade stories and listen to how things were going with them. Haley, at a year old, is still getting up twice a night. That interested me, so we're not too Out There so far as sleeping at night is concerned. It's good to have reality checks with someone else that has already been there.

It was just reassuring to see Jet fascinated with all the toys they have there. To have Joan say that two hours a day would be easy, especially since Jet isn't all that mobile, yet. She didn't mind dealing with the cloth diapers, and told me what she wanted when he first came, which includes the four ounces of formula and his bottle, in case he gets hungry. So that's all solved. It also helps that she knew what she wanted to be paid, so that worked out well, too.

It was also just good, gut-wise, to watch her with him, and that she was really good with him. They did really well together, and that, at a gut-instinct level, is what I really needed. She knows how to play with him and he'll play with her there, easily, so that's good enough for me. She also understands how hard it is to part with a little one, as she worked at a day care center so that she could work and have her children with her, too. So that should help me out, some, too.

Once we were back home, I fed Jet while John put the duck on the rotissary. It cooked happily while I wrote and John and Jet napped. Jet actually napped in the swinging chair for the first time. I basically put him in it and just was there for him to watch until he fell asleep. He nearly woke up once, but I just sat down in front of him and when he opened his eyes he saw me, so he went back to sleep.

It still amazes me that he has that much trust in me.

9:31 pm: Jet had a fairly rough evening. Either gas or a stuffed nose or other things were just making him upset. I guess after the visit with the Goodells he was pretty tuckered out, and while he did sleep a couple of long naps after that, he was still pretty tired and crabby.

He did have one good episode with his massage. I gave him his massage at about 8:30, in the last of the sunlight, and he actually smiled when I offered it to him. He then happily wiggled and talked to me while I was doing it, sprayed as much as he could with pee, wiggled happily while I cleaned up as he had been pretty warm before that, and was content when I put him on his front to give him his back rub.

He was pretty happy with that. At the Goodells, John put Jet on his front and he rolled over pretty handily, so he's getting better at it. It looks like he's going to get mobile pretty soon. That'll be interesting. He's already scooting about his crib, so he's already getting where he wants to go in a small way. It'll be harder to keep track of him one he's mobile, though. Which, I think, is why Joan is happy to take him at this age, when he still can't get into to big a trouble.

It'll get more interesting as things progress.

The good thing is that after all that fussing, Jet had his bottle and just went instantly to sleep. He was just so tired. Poor tyke. We might look at putting him to bed a little earlier, or making sure he gets some naps during the day. He actually got one this morning, but it was only for forty five minutes. Turns out that Alex sleeps four hours at a stretch for his nap! Though they do say that some babies sleep more and some sleep less than others, so comparisons are futile. Still, the range is pretty interesting.

One really cool thing is that Joan noted that it's really obvious to tell the difference between babies who have had a lot of adult interaction and those who haven't. She's seen a lot of babies at the place she works, and she said that you really can tell whose had parents who play with them and who doesn't. The babies who just kind of look at you haven't had all that much interaction. Those that fling their arms wide, grin and go 'play with me!' in body language have had the interaction. I didn't know it was taht evident, but for her it really was.

So that's cool.

Dinner was good. John and I just tore apart and ate the whole thing with hoisin sauce, steamed Chinese yeast rolls, and slivered scallions. It was really good, though given our past experience with chickens, we might have overcooked it a little. Also, not knowing, John set the duck on it's breast on the cutting board, so all the skin on the breast was really soggy. It was probably better for us to eat less skin, and there were a few choice bits off the legs and thighs.

A piecemeal day, but well worth the doing. It was also so hot by the last evening that we just threw everything open in the vain attempt to cool the house off so we could sleep. Jet even just went to sleep in his onsie, no blanket, sleeper or anything required. I am not so warm blooded, but John probably is.

Well, good night

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