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June 2, 2001
three years ago

Too Hot

9:27 pm: Jet had a pretty good morning, but spent a lot of the day fighting sleep, crying, and being really upset. We couldn't really figure out why, but when we pulled his onesie off him, he calmed down.

The high today was 89. Ugh. He may well have been too hot as he'd spent a bunch of the early morning upstairs in his crib, playing. He got all cranky from a bit after breakfast until mid-afternoon. John and I actually traded off who got to eat lunch when in order to take care of him while he was crying.

John did a really cool thing for breakfast and made oatmeal scones. I really like the whole grain scones better than the white ones, and after trying out a lot of donut and cinnamon roll recipes, which are basically white cake things, it was nice to have some whole grain. He'd made oatmeal yesterday, and that was really nice as it stuck with me until our rather late lunch.

It's much warmer upstairs than down, and John was working on upgrading our home machine. So all the computers were really heating up the room, and John had Jet in the sling for a bit of that. By the time I got him downstairs, he was just wild with crying.

So I held him, hugged him, comforted him as much as I could, and took his onesie off so he could cool off. He finally settled while eating and finally fell asleep for the first time today at about 3:30. Poor kid. He was completely exhausted by the early afternoon, so I let him sleep and finally settled him in his bassinet in the cool walk-in closet. We turned the air conditioning on and he slept for a good hour before waking up hungry again.

He fell asleep when I finished feeding him again, and was sleeping in the car seat while John went off to get our dinner at Casa De La Mina. It was just too hot to even think about cooking. They had tamales, so I ordered the tamale combination that was supposed to have two tamales. It came with four. My. And they were tender, mildly spiced, and really really good with rice and beans. John had the really hot shrimp and it was so hot I coughed just sniffing them.

Wow. That was really good food, and Jet slept through it all, which was really nice. I hadn't gotten his massage in because he was so grumpy for so long. So when I found that he was soaking wet, I picked him up out of the seat and changed him. He woke up gradually as I was doing that, and when I offered him the massage, he touched my palms with his hands and looked right at me.

So I started his massage, and he gave me each leg as I worked on them, only kicking occassionally, and usually with the other leg. He even gave me his arms to massage, and he usually pulls them away after the first few bits. That was pretty cool. He was all smiles when I was done, and ate ravenously when I gave him the opportunity.

After that John took him for a while and I got to go and put entries up on my journal. It takes a little while, and I've been thinking about ways to actually make a perl script to do all the things I need to do to set up each day's page and the links to the days before and if I want to, the days after. I could break up the page into two templates, and put the text in the center and put all the paragraph indicators around the paragraphs, since I do break them with a double line feed carriage return in my Visor.

Jet slept so much in the last afternoon and evening John had a hard time getting him to sleep tonight. We'll see how he does tonight, or if I really should have just let him fuss all late afternoon and evening.

I'm sad that this is the last weekend of our vacation. I am kind of apprehensive of how next week and the next month will be. If things work out well with Joan it'll be good to get to stretch my logical brain as well as all the stretching my emotional brain has had to do with Jet. I am tired, which isn't a good way to end a vacation, but today really wiped me out between the heat and Jet being so cranky for so long.

I did well the last month, so there's some hope that this coming month will be good, too.

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