Liralen's Adventure Through Life
June 2001
  1: Getting Ready For The Month
  2: Too Hot
  3: Rain Relief
  4: Small Magics
  5: DIA, Doc, and Din
  6: Small Misses
  7: Good Things
  8: Present Hunting
  9: Bridal Shower and The Stanley Cup
10: Warm But Nice
11: Accidents
12: Much Better
13: Pecan Rolls, Rain, and Groceries
14: Night Karma
15: Going In To Work
16: Wandering Saturday
17: Father's Day
18: Up Again
19: New Work Possibilities
20: Farewell to Borax
21: Baby Buggy Fix, Sushi and Haircut
22: Salad and Seeds
23: New Toys and Realizations
24: Making Good
25: Weird Night
26: Company Meeting
27: Ginger Beer
28: Pre-Wedding Party!
29: Back In Seattle Party
30: Regis Party

A month were John and I got more into simply dealing with our new lives with Jet. Just settling into the routines of work, trying to sleep, and getting things done during the day.

This was Jet's fifth month, and he had a doozy. He learned a lot more about how to eat solid foods, he started having much more restless nights, he had to learn about trying to sleep on hot summer nights, he got to settle into going to Joan's for part of the morning, and he got to go on another trip near the end of the month. Lots of stuff for a baby to learn and experience and do.

John sold Borax and started looking into a garage for the other cars, in part to shield them from the hail storms here, as well as from the omni present sunshine and wind. The Stoat came back into service while the Passat limped along on one flat tire for much of the month. Car juggling became a passtime.

John also got his first Father's Day. That was pretty cool.

I'm finally starting to learn how to deal with a new surprise every night from Jet, and that's probably a good thing.

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