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May 31, 2001
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Finishing The Crib

7:26 pm: I woke up completely wiped out. I have no idea why, still. It's like that cold that kept haunting me the first few months after Jet was born is back again. Nothing but a sore throat and being really, really tired. Sometimes a sore ear, but nothing more than that. It just seems to reoccur for a week, sap all my energy and then go away again after a week.

Jet doesn't seem to get it at all. So that kind of points to it being an allergy rather than a cold or a viral thing. I'm rather glad of that, don't really want to deal with a sick kid along with feeling sick myself. But after pumping and eating breakfast, I just went back to sleep for an hour and felt somewhat better.

John called Guys and Dolls and decided to go and pick the crib parts up himself. So he took Jet with him while I got to work for a while completely by myself. It was really nice. I actually was able to concentrate on a problem and do something about it before they got back and I got something specific done, which is always a useful feeling.

John put the crib together, and I put Jet down in it for a while as we gathered up all the toys that could strap onto the crib. Jet started to scooch around the place by planting his heels and pushing. He went pretty much all the way across the crib that way, the long way. He was probably doing that in the bassinet, but since it's so small, he couldn't go very far. In the crib he could do laps. That was pretty funny.

He's so small compared to the crib. It's almost silly. Then again, he used to be small for the bassinett, too. I'm sure he'll grow to fill it, but we'll see when that'll be, and it can convert to a toddler bed. The mattress goes to the lowest setting and one side just comes off. So it can expand a bit with him, and still be easy to clean if he has accidents.

It was very cool.

The maids came when we were playing with the crib, and they did the house in good time. It's so nice to have a clean house. Then John and I decided we had to get bumpers for the crib, as Jet went and immediately got his arm stuck between the slats and was yelling when he couldn't get it out. The bumper will help keep him from doing that until he has enough arm control to get it back fairly easily.

The bumpers at Babies R Us and the crib place were only in packs that contained dust ruffles, valences, and other things I didn't know what to do with. Especially didn't want another crib blanket, as we have several good blankets that are about that size. And the whole package usually went for between $150-$200!! Eek. We guessed that Target and some other less specialized stores would have the bumpers alone for much cheaper and, sure enough, Target had a cute Pooh bumper for only $25.

I want to, eventually, make a really bright tropical fish patterned bumper, hopefully in the next few weeks; but it's going to take a while for me to even find a fabric store much less find the time to cut and stitch such an elaborate thing. They really do require ties every few inches to keep them up on the slats of the crib, and that's pretty detailed work. It's something to think about, though.

The thing we couldn't find was another changing pad. That surprised me a little, with what else Target did have. Jet wasn't too happy with the last afternoon trip, but we weren't doing all that much and he calmed down if I paid him enough attention. We tried Wal-Mart as well, and found no changing pad. They also had a bunch of the bumpers, but they were also in the pastels that the ones at Target were.

Home again home again, and Jet fell asleep on the way home. So we had time to get dinner before the Aves game. I first thought of just ordering pizza and then guiltily remembered the baked potatoes in the fridge. I thought about chile, and John replied that there was leftover taco salad stuff. Amusingly enough, there wasn't any lettuce anymore, so we simply substituded the potatoes for the lettuce and piled taco salad filling, cheddar, tomatoes, avacado, and salsa on top. That turned out really good.

Jet woke up near the end of dinner, and was very hungry, so I fed him then and an hour later as well. He was pretty happy with all that, and wanted to play. So we played happily. He is starting to laugh a lot when I make funny faces at him. He even stuck his tongue back out at me. That as pretty cool.

I gave him his massage late in the evening, and he liked that and wiggled happily while on the changing table, nearly turning himself over. He also watched TV happily while we were watching the hockey game.

He, once again, left a lot of milk from his bottle. It is a little sad to be wasting the milk this way, but I guess I should just put less in the bottle. It might be another indication that he's slowing down. The really cool thing is that John put Jet down while Jet was still awake and Jet just went to sleep himself, without the bouncing and all that John used to have to do. I still have to do that after the middle of the night feeding, but not always. If I feed him until he stops drinking, he does often just fall asleep. Problem is that sometimes he falls asleep before he even burps, so he wakes up not too long later in pain. Then I burp him and go through the bouncing process of getting him to sleep.

Once asleep, I helped John move the big box spring into the garage. It'll probably go to Good Will or something, before mice make their beds in it. We'll have to make up the guest room sometime, and tomorrow we'll get to talk with Joan about Jet staying with her for a bit of the day. So it should be an interesting day.

We did make up Jet's crib with the bumpers, the sheets we bought yesterday and all the toys. It looks pretty cool. Bright and fun with all the toys and things. Lots to keep him interested and I think it should be very useful when I go back to work. Only four weeks of work and then another week off. I'm really glad of it. Even as little paid as I am, now, it's well worth it. The Federal income tax return came and gave us plenty of cushion for a while. That's useful. I really need to get my withholding down, to, claim the new dependent I have and all that, so my take home isn't quite as pathetic as it has been. It'll mean less of a return next year, but that's good, we'll have the money to use when we need it, then.

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