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June 7, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Good Things

9:38 pm: The sky just north and east of us is filled with the flickering of a thousand lightning flashes. They light the billowing clouds like someone had parked a car behind them and was flashing gigantic headlights at the darkness, lighting them up from behind. It's continuous, prolific in its rumblings as well. The wind rushes towards the flickering, looming shadow.

It's pretty amazing.

Jet watched it with us, as attentive and quiet in the front pack, watching in the direction we were pointed.

Yesterday, he actually smiled and wiggled when I asked him if he wanted his massage. Right with the word 'massage'. He might actually know what it means, now, as it's a word I constantly associate only with the one action. He may be figuring out how to anticipate some of what we do. That's pretty cool.

Today he had a new trick of balancing himself on the Boopie, with his chest against the cushion he could arch up and look all around with his head up. He really liked that. He had his arms out at first, as if to hold himself up with them, but he didn't have much weight on them. So after I moved them around a little, he started to swing at toys and thing around him.

Joan had him for two hours in the morning and she said he did really well. He was there from 10-12, and played until 11:15 and then slept until 11:45 when he woke up hungry. I got him home and he was quiet in the car, and we settled down to a good, hour-long nursing. That was nice to just settle and do after the frantic two hours of working as hard and as fast as I could.

It's nice to relax with him. He then played, fussed, and did stuff and ate until about 5. He just wouldn't go to sleep, no matter what I did and was steadily getting more and more tired and more and more cranky. He played in the crib while I worked more. I finally fed him and he was sleepy as we finished, and I put him in the swing and he finally dropped off. I left him there as I finally went to the bathroom and when John got home, I worked a while more. We made a dinner of grilled chicken & asparagus and I ate at full speed as I knew he was going to wake up soon, hungry.

Sure enough, he did, and we watched the Aves decide enough was enough and creamed New Jersey in their own rink. It's funny thinking of there being a home ice *dis*advantage in hockey, now.

Baen books finally got me all the Honor Harrington books. I sent them a check for the books and shipping, as the back of one of David Weber's books had an order form for the whole set, so I just ordered them all after Kelly Cooper had recommended them to me. So for most of the day, while I nursed Jet I read them, after I'd read up on Perl 5's library capabilities. That was fun.

I'd actually read the first book on my Visor, as Baen books had the book up for free, and I'd really enjoyed it and really enjoyed the character of Honor. So it was fun to plow thorugh the second book right then and there. I think that part of the magic of the books is that Weber really does follow up on consequences, much as Bujold does. Some of it is the whole concept of if you do things, there are consequences, so it's best to do the things for the consequences you really want; but the rest of it is that even then there can be a build up of consequences even from those actions.

It doesn't hurt that Weber writes military stuff in a very interesting manner. I really enjoy the stuff.

Jet, of course, is now not going to sleep very well. For his 'last feeding' he was looking around as John was on the phone and talking pretty loudly. Jet kept interrupting himself and looking around. I think with all the two hour feedings this afternoon, he got prety caught up on eats. John took him upstairs, though, to be in the office with him while he drew up the papers for Borax's sale.

There was a guy that just wanted it and just asked how to get through all the mehanics of buying it. That simple. Yay! That's done. John also fixed the flat on the Passat today and the Passat should be ready to roll again. Turns out that not only was the rim bent, but there was another nail in the same tire as before. I have no clue where I picked up all the nails or the bend. That kind of surprised me, I'm not used to being that unaware of what's up with my car.

I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday. I hadn't eaten lunch with just Jet for a very long time and it's nearly as hard as I remembered it. Bits and pieces when I can get around to them, instead of a real meal. We'll see how tomrrow goes, as I have my two hours, a massage at 2, and John around to help with lunch. Whee...

For all that Jet had his nap late and long he actually put himself to sleep.

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