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June 6, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Small Misses

8:21 pm: I got up just the two times last night, though Jet was early again, i.e. up at 2 instead of 3 or 4, so I was up early, i.e. at 7 to pump instead of 8 or so. I pumped and went back to sleep for half an hour and then got up and took a shower and felt pretty close to human.

One mildly frustrating thing last night was that John was snoring so loudly when I tried to put Jet down the snores woke him up. That was really bad. I was so angry, but I just woke John up to tell him he had to drink some water or else I would be really mad. He did and offered to help put Jet back to sleep, but then proceeded to wake Jet up even more. So I did a few things to see how it went and when Jet just kept getting louder, I took him and settled him down again and put him back to sleep.

I mean, if handing him over only meant that I was going to be listening to him scream for the next half hour, it would be better to be up and actively making him happier instead. I know, I know, if I am the only one to get him to go to sleep, then I'll be the one doing it forever.

Anyway, I went to work and found everyone in a CR meeting for two hours. I debated going to the second half of it and finally decided that it would be not only a waste of my time but that I probably couldn't help them out anyway. So I just sat at my desk and worked and sent email to the group to tell them that lunch was at KT's today. We all met up at 11:30 and headed out for the restaurant and got there just before the rush. Brandi and Karen said that they'd come, too, but Karen was stuck for a bit in a meeting.

John arrived just as I'd finished ordering and paying for my food. So he brought Jet out to the table where all the other guys were and then went back into line with Karen and Brandi. So Cary, Bob, Coy and I sat outside happily with Jet and ate our lunches as they got their lunches. got the small June Bowl, which was a mix of meats, side dishes and sauces. I got chicken and pork and mashed potatoes and coleslaw all mixed together with two different BBQ sauces in a bowl.

It was so good. Filling, too. And with a drink it was a really nice lunch. They also had a large that was twice the size, but the small one filled me up pretty well. When Karen, John and Brandi came out, Jet went over to their table and hung out with them and I heard Karen telling baby stories from her baby. Eventually everyone moved over and I took a picture of everyone but me, and that was cool. I then just stood and listened to the conversation for a while before going to the bathroom before leaving.

John had had a really good morning with Jet, got him to sleep during the meeting for a good forty-five minutes by recognizing Jet's 'I'm tired and fighting sleep' cry and bouncing him in his arms until Jet was fast asleep. He then laid Jet in the crib and Jet just slept there happily for most of John's meeting.

Jet was soaked after lunch, and KT's didn't have a changing table, so when I had Jet to the car, I wanted to change him there. John must not have heard me say that I was going to do that, because he stuffed the diaper bag on the other side of the car, and then shut the door on the bag's straps. So I couldn't get to it at all. I yelled for him to help me with the damned bag, and he came back and got it unstuck from the door and then ran off.

Of course, when I unpeeled Jet, he was poopy as well as totally wet and as I was cleaning him up, Jet lived up to his name and squirted happily away. I had to laugh and he wiggled happily and his shirt soaked up most of the urine, thank goodness. So I just used a clean dry diaper to wipe everything up, and then cushion under him while I put a disposable on him after putting the diaper and cover in a plastic bag. Then I stripped his shirt off, wiped him clean with the clean diaper and deposited him, in only his diaper, in the car seat.

He was quite happy with that, and I cleaned up the back seat area of all the stuff, put the hazardous wastes into plastic bags, and then settled his seat into the back seat before heading home.

He was happy and quiet all the way home, and asleep when I opened the door. He woke up as I got him inside and settled in very happily for a good, long nursing. He was just a bit fussy before starting, the same kind of fussy he's been since the shots; but once on he was on solidly and ate really happily and thoroughly. When we were done, we played for a while, and then I put him in his crib to play for a while, first with me and then by himself.

He really liked watching the aquarium, and I got to do a bit of work. He eventually got wet again and I changed him and we played a little while longer and then he got really fussy. So I put him in the swing for just a minute or two and he fell asleep, solidly. So solidly that I detached the seat, brought it upstairs and settled him next to me while I worked the rest of my 'other two hours'. That was really nice.

He woke up angry and hungry, and we nursed and napped for a good long time. After waking up, John called to ask about what I might want and we decided to have Ricoli's pizza. I was to call the pizza place and John was going to get it. I had the celphone from driving Jet around and wanting emergancy backup, so John didn't have it, and I couldn't call him when I found out that the Ricoli's in Erie had closed and the one in Firestone was actually the one that was going to do the delivering, so John couldn't pick up from the one in Erie.

John showed up forty minutes later and I told him what happened and he nodded, the one in Erie was now boarded up. Ah well. So we ordered from the one in Firestone and settled in for the wait. They came a bit more quickly than we thought they were going to, but I had enough time to give Jet a good massage before dinner. So he happily played in his vibrating seat on the floor while we ate.

He played pretty hard all evening, and was pretty tired when we thought about giving him a little cereal to see how he'd do with it. He just screamed when we tried it. More from being tired and propped up to a seated position, likely, than from the cereal itself. Still, it didn't work at all well, he just pushed it all out of his mouth and yelled a lot.

So we stopped and just comforted him. John finally took him and the two of them rocked in the rocking chair and watched basketball together. I got to write a bit and drink a lot of apple juice. And when Jet settled for his last feeding of the day, he was very happy to do that and we did pretty well with it.

John was great and did baby laundry while I nursed Jet, and we really needed it as with the poopy cover from this afternoon, we only had one cover left.

We put Jet in a light long-sleeved sleeper, as he'd been a little chilly last night from all the opened windows and doors. It definitely meant that he didn't have a fever, but I did wonder if he would have slept longer with a bit ofwarmth, so we'll try that tonight. He also drank nearly five ounces rather than the four and a half he'd been doing for a while, so I'll hope but not plan on him sleeping longer.

He actually put himself to sleep after John put him down in his bassinet. He wiggled for a good long while and kept wiggling. I went into check on him and whispered how good he was and he settled into sleep. As usual, he's completely sprawled across the bassinet, arms out with his fingers touching the sides and his feet against the bottem of the basket. It'll be interesting to see how he does in his crib someday.

Warm milk and a hot bath, both good things for me. I definitely have the hot milk, I'll wait until he's more deeply asleep for the bath, but it should still work.

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