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June 8, 2001
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Present Hunting

9:27 pm: Jet was up twice last night again, a bit before 1 and then again at 5, both times about an hour after I pumped. John took care of him at 1, and was done with feeding him and putting him back to sleep within twenty minutes. At 5, I just breastfed Jet and then added 2.5 ounces from my rather scanty midnight pumping, and he was asleep soon after. So they weren't hard to take care of interruptions of sleep. I had pumped more than four ounces at 4, and after he'd eaten off me at 5 I only pumped three ounces at 8.

It was a fairly busy night. And things were just as mildly complex in the morning. John fed Jet, then we had a baked pancake for breakfast and John went up to work while I played with Jet and then fed him. When he was feeding, John worked happily and when he was done, we gave him another two ounces to top him off. He refused most of it, so John just took him over to Joan's at 10.

It was really nice to just work solid again. I'm pretty convinced that Joan taking care of Jet part of the time is really the way to go, if I really want to work. And I had fun with stuff today, documenting all the stuff I'm doing, the stuff I want to do and the stuff that's already done. The people that originally wrote and designed the original harness are fairly notorious for not documenting anything they do very well. So it was satisfying to really research what was there and write down what I could about what there was and how to use it.

The morning was nice and cool upstairs and as the day grew older, it grew much hotter upstairs. I guess that's one really good argument for having Jet go to Joan's in the morning, because it's far more comfortable then to work. I also moved a chair upstairs so that when John was using the office chair I wasn't stuck with just the exercise ball.

Jet did great at Joan's. He played, watched Alex with fascination, and had fun in the stand-up play station thing where he can sit in a sling structure and play with all the toys around him. He could turn around in it as well, if he figures out how, and it's a neat new toy and stimulus for him. Haley startled him a lot by screeching a great deal, and the sound really scared him; but I figure he'll get used to it eventually. Joan was also really good about comforting him when he was scared.

While it was good to work, it was also good to go and pick him up and talk with Joan about how it went. Jet was fussing a bit, so I was in a bit of a hurry, but I really don't have to be, I think. She thought he was hungry at one point, so made up the four ounces of formula, but he refused to eat. John had dropped Jet off and hadn't done the hand-off informatino of telling her that he'd just eaten. I should make a card of things to go through when dropping him off. He'd also taken the car seat with him, so Joan was stuck without a place for Jet to nap.

I ate lunch after John did, some leftover lasagna from a while ago. Jet was great and played under the arch. We played and nursed for a bit before 2, and then I went to CeLena for my torture session again.

John had another guy to talk about building and extra garage for the Rovers, and they finished with business just as I was leaving and the guy asked to see Jet. Hee. John said, later, that Jet was in a great mood and had played and smiled happily with the guy. That was cool. I figure if we keep introducing Jet to nice people to play with he'll be like Fezzik, whom we did the same thing for, and strangers, on the most part, will be not-scary people.

CeLena's massages do hurt more, but they sure do have far more lasting affects. I haven't had a hip go out on me since I went back to her, and I can feel my lower back being much happier. I was very happy to get my massage and nearly fell asleep on the table even as she was working over my really sore upper right arm. All that lifting of Jet had been making that arm nearly useless otherwise, and she worked something out that just hurt like crazy.

Luckily, I was half asleep and didn't feel a lot of it, until I lifted my arm afterwards and it felt about ten times lighter.

Home again home again and the Rover was so hot it was like having a hot pack treatment all along my back when I sat on the hot vinyl of the Baby Buggy. Whew. It really did relax all the muscles of my back, though and there was a wind coming up. I could see huge thunderheads to the south and to the north and all along the eastern horizon. More afternoon thundershowers all around us, but none for us.

When I got home I nursed Jet and read more of Programming Perl for a more thorough background of object-oriented Perl than I was getting purely by applying the stuff. When we were done and I had changed Jet, played with him and given him his massage, it was close to five. John came down after his six hour stint and took Jet while I worked for a good while longer with the additional information I'd gotten.

Sometimes it's good to have time away from the computer so that I can think things through and actually fill in my knowledge gaps rather than just pounding away at something I don't completely understand. Experience can teach a lot, but a complete coverate of theory is sometimes far more efficient about it.

When I came down again, John was on the phone and Jet was wanting to eat again, so I fed him again and thought about dinner. When John was completely done with what he was doing, I nuked leftover artichoke heart cassarole and tossed baby spinach with my spinach dressing and tossed blue cheese chunks on top. Dinner was served. So simple and cool to prepare. Our thermometer said it was 87 outside. Ooof.

After dinner I contemplated the fact that I had RSVP'ed for Debbie's bridal shower tomorrow, and I didn't have a present for her. The stupid thing had a theme, which I was mildly unhappy with, as a traditional shower usually has cool kitchen stuff and a recipe for luck. Debbie would have loved cool kitchen stuff, and, instead, the party throwers wanted 'That's Entertainment' stuff. Ugh.

John thought a bit and decided that the PlayStation game Ape Escape, which Carl had given him and which he'd loved, would be a perfectly entertaining gift, and was cool enough to start calling everywhere to fins a copy. I agreed as Debbie and Matt really liked PlayStation games and were always willing to play new ones. John found one at the Twin Peaks Mall, so we packed Jet up with his stroller and zoomed over there.

Jet loved it. He had a great time looking at everything and everyone, and we had parked right by the game shop, so that was easy. We then walked the length of the mall to get some exercise and had fun takling for a while to a cellular phone and service plan salesguy. I played with Jet while John and the guy talked, and we played with the bag that the game came in very happily. It made sounds like a lot of his toys, and I figured that so long as I was there playing with him it would be safe enough.

John tempted me terribly and asked if I wanted to try and see the movie Shrek. I waffled, as Jet could probably nurse the whole time and possibly even sleep through a bunch of it, and I really wanted to see the movie, but I worried about diaper changes, as we've never gone through a movie at home without Jet waking up crying for a diaper change. John found that there wasn't a changing table in the bathroom, so we decided to abandon the possibility for now. We'll be in Seattle with babysitters to spare soon, and we could probably go see it then.

On the way home, Jet yelled exactly three times, and then went to sleep for the twenty minute trip. Then it was time for his final feeding and when he was done, John just put him in the bassinet and he fell asleep himself, nearly instantly. That was very nice. He may just pick up putting himself to sleep on his own without us having to abandon him frequently just so he can learn it by himself. This is much better.

John told him to sleep until 3 or 4. We'll see if he listens..

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