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June 14, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Night Karma

John paid about six weeks of nights worth of karmic debt in one night.

Jet had a really awful time last night. We have no idea why, really. We thought it was gas when he got up at 11 after going to sleep at 9:30 only reluctantly and only with a whole bunch of walking, bouncing and cuddling. This after a day when he'd been cheerful, happy, and really good all day. It sounded like gas, as it was his cry when he's in real pain. So we gave him the anti-gas drops, and they helped for only a little bit. With the 11 awaking, I held him until he went to sleep and a good fifteen minutes longer and *still* when I put him down he started scraming.

John got ready for bed and then spelled me and since he'd promised to take care of Jet last night, he stayed up with Jet and actually moved the bassinet out into the livingroom and did what we did that first week we were home. He stayed out in the livingroom with Jet while I slept solidly in the bedroom.

I woke at 3, feeling really full. They were fast asleep in the livingroom, so I picked the pump up and moved it to our bedroom and pumped in there. While I was pumping Jet woke up. John hadn't fed him at all up to this point so it was likely he was hungry. So John fed Jet the bottle and told me that they'd been up until midnight and, as with me, every time he put Jet down, Jet would just scream in pain. So John let Jet sleep on his chest and they slept that way for an hour. When John woke up the hour later he put Jet in the bassinet and Jet went back to sleep after being put down. Whew.

So they'd had three hours of sleep by then and Jet went to sleep just fine after eating. He was, however, up again at 5. John took care of him again, and this time it took a while for Jet to get back to sleep. They slept out in the livingroom again. When Jet started making sounds at 7, I got myself put together, and took Jet and just breastfed him instead of pumping.

John went back into the bedroom and went to sleep. Jet and I fed, napped lightly, and then at 8 I fed Jet some cereal with formula. He wasn't that enthused, but then he'd just been fed with my first milk of the morning, which, when I pump, has been between 3 to 5 ounces. So maybe he just wasn't that hungry.

Anyway, I played with him, peered upstairs at my gone machine, played with the monitor for a bit while Jet happily played in the crib. I had to change him and discovered, when I'd uncovered him already, that there weren't any diapers upstairs, so I ran downstairs with Jet hoping he wouldn't pee on me directly, and made it just fine. He was happy and wiggling cheerfully while I put the dry one on.

When it was 9, I put him in his vibrating chair and started putting my breakfast together. I ate an orange, and then started putting together John's coffee in the maker and grinder. Just to the point where I could grind the coffee when he got up and make it fresh. He woke up at ten after and blinked mildly at being allowed to sleep that long. He also decided not to have as much coffee as he usually does, so I made what he wanted in a push pot instead.

That and a couple of nuked to warm pecan rolls in a sandwich bag and John was set to go to work. I ate one roll, and then fed Jet again before taking him to Joan's. He was mildly fussy, but not too badly. She and Haley took Jet happily and then shooed me off cheerfully. I went and worked like crazy on my home machine.

It's nice having just the two hours to do things and a lot of other time to think through what I want to do next. There is a lot of stuff that just needs thinking about and when I have the two hours, finslly, I can just tear through things. That's really nice.

When I went to get him Joan told me that he had a 99.8 degree temperature, and she'd taken his temperature twice in the time he was there and it had been the same. He had still had a good time with them, and slept from about 11 to 11:30 and while he fussed a little, she'd picked him up and cuddled him and he'd gone back to sleep until I arrived. He had blown his diaper out with a poopy that I peered at mildly. It was dark and runnier, which is what it's like when he's not feeling well.

So that might have been whatever it was that gave him a temperature. Joan asked me if we gave him infant Tylenol and I said yes. So when I got him home, I gave him a dose, and we then sat down for a good long, comforting nursing. He got a few of those today, especially when the maids came, and I took him downstairs and I watched the beginning of The Seven Samuri while he nursed and napped for a bit more than an hour.

I'd forgotten how the seven were originally gathered, especially the one that had once fought with the old leader, who joined and simply looked back at the old man when he'd said that they might die this time, for no reward other than the food they'd eat. Or the other one who was obviously an excellent samuri who joined simply because he was intrigued by the depth of character of the leader. It was so cool to see it in detail, that the commander's charisma attracted most of the ones that were there.

Ray knocked on the basement door while we were watching and napping, and I cuddled Jet while we went upstairs with my machine and Ray checked out if the network was working and if the machine was running well. It went just fine. He told me to ring him if there was anything missing or anything wrong with the machine and I promised that I would.

Ray was really cool and told me that Joan really was enjoying having Jet. Ray said that Jet was having a blast in the standing ring thing and that he and Haley had been playing with it. Haley was starting to stand and walk around the outside of the ring, while Jet was on the inside. Jet's grip is geting good enough that he can pick toys up and fling them over the edge. Haley's finding that she has a blast picking all the toys up and putting them on the ring tray for Jet to fling off again. Ray said that when Haley was doing that, *he* was the one that had to pick them up and he'd only do it so many times, but Haley's fascinated by the game, so Jet and she play for a good long time.

Ray also joked that Haley's first word might be 'baby', she's so interested in Jet. That's really cool. Jet kind of has a big brother and sister for a little time each day, and they're siblings with a whole mess of toys! Finest kind. It's just really nice to know that they're all doing that well together. It really eases my mind about leaving him with them, as they're enjoying him as much as he's enjoying the time with them.

John arrived soon after Ray had gone home and he took Jet for a while as I went upstairs to try and get my machine back up to the point where I could work again. Ray had wiped everything off the hard disk, restored the data directory that I'd told him to backup, and added the company tools onto the machine. That's it. Two plus years of cruft on my machine is all gone, now. Whew.

It's so nice to have a clean machine again. To know that the disk is as clean as it's going to get and that things I'd waffled about deleting simply hadn't been brought forward at all. That was very nice. Yay! It took me a good hour and a half to connect the dots of all the applications that I use every day and get them working again. I was pretty impressed that it only took an hour and a half, too.

So I have an hour and a half from Tuesday and yesterday of the two that I'd saved for today that I didn't have to use. Since I'm going in in the morning tomorrow, I may be able to just now work quite as much tomorrow. That would be really good. Friday would be especially nice with a short day.

After I did that, I made pork chops with Shake and Bake and then sat down and fed Jet while John made instant mashed potatoes and nuked peas. Jet happily played in his vibrating chair while we ate. After eating, John finished up a few things and then asked Jet if he wanted to try carrots. It's been several days since we did straight cereal and cereal with apple juice, so it's time to try a new thing.

I really think that the fever and the sadness wasn't from cereal or the apple juice. It could be any number of other things from teething to a virus in his digestive track. He just seemed a lot better all day, so we decided to try the First Carrots from Earth's Best.

Feeding a four-month-old is an amazing thing. Especially with a little plastic spoon and a tablespoon's worth of really bright orange goo. Jet likes to grab things now, and 'help' them along eventhough his coordination just isn't. He also hasn't had much practice with actually opening his mouth or with swallowing things he isn't sucking in. And he still has a little of that tongue push reflex still, not a lot, but a little, so there are times when the spoonful that went in comes instantly out again as well.

Jet's face screwed up completely at the very first taste of the carrots on his tongue. We made much of him, smiled a lot and tried to make it fun and he smiled back happily and then decided that he liked this funny stuff. And he liked it so much he was asking for it with eager grunts and cries and sucking on the spoon when he could coordinate enough to do it. His arms were flailing and he was bouncing himself in John's arms as the spoonfuls came quicker and bigger as we went on.

I started with only a tablespoonful of the stuff, as I wasn't sure how he'd take it. I went back for seconds and then thirds as he just sucked it down as fast as he could. Which wasn't really that fast, and it was really amusingly messy. He had a bib on that got orange in the middle and John had to catch his hand everytime Jet grabbed at the bowl of the spoon or his own mouth. and clean things up as we went. I spackled the stuff that came out of his mouth back into his mouth, and kept giving him small mounds of food on the tip of the little spoon so I could get it as far into his mouth as possible to make it easier for him to swallow.

Jet's getting it. He's really getting how this stuff works. It's still pretty slow and really messy but we're keeping if fun. He really loved the carrots and I think it we'd just kept giving it to him he might have eaten the whole bottle. As it was he finished half the bottle, no problem. I guess we should have gotten *two* of each flavor to have them last the three or four days until he can try something new again.

It was a good evening, and he actually went to sleep like normal. We dosed him with Tylenol just before he went to sleep, just in case. We're going to alternate tonight. I'm going to pump just before going to bed and then feed Jet and put him to sleep whenver he gets up, and then let John take whatever second waking Jet has. If we alternate, we alternate larger blocks of sleep, and last night proved that I can go several hours before pumping if I pump right on going to sleep.

I don't know if we'll ever get rid of the pump, but at least this is something I can do and still get a reasponable amount of sleep. Not worrying about the middle of the night pumping should be very useful in the long run.

Both John and I played with the monitor tonight. It works beautifully with the channels one off from each other. They go all staticy when they're on the same lettered channel. That's pretty funny. Someone must have labelled them one off, or something. It works perfectly, now, and we may try putting Jet into his crib eventually. He's really getting to be too big for his bassinet. Last night, when he was shifting around, I heard the bassinet creaking ominously.

It's just so different than when he was a newborn. He's more than twice the size, and he can now do *so* much more it's just astonishing.

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