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June 13, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Pecan Rolls, Rain, and Groceries

I was so disappointed when I woke up this morning and it was sunny outside. Jet had been up twice, again, last night, and I was totally zonked because the first one was after I'd pumped. John was very willing to try and get me more sleep tonight by taking care of Jet like he used to do. For much of my recovery period, he was up whenever Jet was and I pumped all night to make the next night's feedings. So we'll do that for a few nights until I can catch back up again, and then John'll get the night's sleep again.

The really great thing about this morning was getting up to the scent of cooking pecan caramel rolls. They were doing really well, and John was upstairs with Jet trying to stage for today's work. When they were done, I had Jet and John took the pan and turned it, immediately, upsidedown on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. The caramel flowed happily over the rolls, the pecans were nicely toasted, and the rolls were well-risen and nicely browned on the bottom.

After eating an orange and pouring myself a big glass of milk we took two forks and pulled apart several of the rolls and put them on plates. We sat down to them and I took a bite and they were wonderful. They were solid enough, but not hard. Sweet enough but not cloying. The recipe was simple and it tasted of the things it was made of. I really liked that. Yum.

We ate a bunch of them, and there's more for tomorrow. I can make them so easily I may just make them for work one morning when we can bring them in. Yay! Staff meetings with food!

Anyway, it was great, and made getting up without enough sleep an okay thing. The timing worked out so that Jet ate at 8:30 and I got to Joans a bit after 9 with Jet. Jet wiggled, smiled, and Joan happily took him and told me it'd be fine if I called early to take him home early. She's really great about understanding my strange anbivilance about having the time for myself and about being without him.

It worked out really well. I had four entire hours to myself. It was so amazing. I got so much work done it just astonished me. I also had to pump about half way through, which was much better than going to work and not being able to pump at all. Still it felt better after just a five minute stint and I got to think through what I was doing, which was good, too. I even figured out a way to work tomorrow morning with my home machine instead of my work machine so John could take it in.

By the time I went to pick Jet up, it was raining steadily and only 52 outside. Wow. Pretty cool. Literally. Joan said that Jet had done really well, they'd played outside, inside, and then he'd just gone to sleep. So he never ate during the four hours, he'd been too busy with other things. He woke up just as I was pulling up, so that worked out really well.

He'd had a great time, a good nap and when I got him he was happy as could be. We had a great time nursing, playing, puttering about, going for a fifteen minute walk all bundled up, and then nursing again before John called to say that he was leaving.

Today was Boulder's Walk and Roll. When people are supposed to find alternative ways to go to work. John's driven to the Safeway and then taken the Jump into Boulder, to a corner fairly near work. From there he'd walked in. The rules say that you have to walk at least fifteen minutes or ride a bike for a mile. Yes, this is why Jet and I took our fifteen minute walk, so we could be counted among the walkers for the Walk and Roll.

We met John at the Safeway and after I'd parked, I went around to the passanger side and, sure enough, the front right tire was low again. There was a leak of some sort, and it had felt really funny on the wet roads. I was glad I looked. I showed it to John and he acknowledged that it was low.

Shopping was fun. We just went around and got stuff that we knew that we were low on. Fruit and veggies, yogurt and meat, various other things as well, including madarine oranges for the fermented rice I'd bought a couple weeks ago. Ben and Jerrry's pints were on sale as well, so we got a couple of those.

Jet was soaking wet when we got in line, so I pulled him out of his seat and took him to the bathroom while John did the checkout. This time I left him the car. On the way out of the store, we discussed the Passat's tire, and he decided to take Jet and the Passat to get the tire fixed. I went home with the groceries, and when I finished putting the groceries away, I started putting everything else away as well. Tomorrow the maids come, so I needed things picked up for them tonight, mostly.

John helped when they got back and as I fed Jet, John baked a frozen lasagna that I'd made a couple days before Jet was born. It was really funny to be able to say to Jet, "Hey, we're eating a lasagna that's older than you are!" It was actually quite good, as the seal had been good on the freezer container. Nice to have an easy meal.

After dinner we put a lot more things away, including the laundry John had done last night and this morning, all the baby toys, a bunch of papers that were scattered all over the family room and kitchen, all the baby stuff on the main counter island, and all my work materials that had gotten scattered all around the nursing area. Lots of Perl books, make manuals, a listing of how the command line interface worked, printouts of how to's, and various other things I'd been reading while Jet was occupied.

Nice to have it all cleaned up. It'll be even better with all the dusting, vacuuming and all that they'll do tomorrow.

We gave Jet a bath before his final feeding, and he was so tired it took a while to get him to go to sleep because he was cranky and upset from being so tired. Not what I would have though was a very viable mechanism. Too tired to sleep really does happen. After John got him to go to sleep he put Jet down and Jet immediately started crying again. So I took a shot at it, used my usual middle of the night methods and the four times around the center island, and Jet went down with just two wiggles. Whew.

John's taking Jet tonight, and I'm supposed to sleep until I need to pump, do it and then go back to sleep again. I'm glad. I need the sleep. John's preping for tomorrow tonight instead of in the morning. I might actually get up when Jet does, if John's too bushed by then. Or I might just take shameless advantage of the credit I've built up ove the last month and a half and finally really catch up after having let John sleep through a lot of nights.

It's a cool night, so we won't have to open the doors, which might mean that Jet won't dry out as badly as he has this last, hot week. Which, hopefully, will mean he won't wake up as much. Last night, I was parched every time Jet woke up, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was just badly thirsty and in this climate, plenty of liquids is a necessity.

I had a mug of the Valhrona cocoa I bought from the chocolate store in Santa Cruz. It's lovely, rich, complex with fruity chocolate tones. It's really wonderful. Just a spoon of cocoa, two of sugar, mixed with a bit of milk until smooth and then all the rest of the hot milk went in. So simple and so good. It's fun to read about Honor drinking cocoa instead of coffee. It's interesting to really think about the fact that Honor is half Chinese... and if we did have a girl, someday, she'd be solidly built, not any willowy girl, and would likely inherit my almond eyes...

Lots of interesting thoughts there. Hee. I finished Flag in Exile this afternoon, and enjoyed the reference to The Seven Samuri. I have that movie on DVD and should watch it again someday. There were some really good points about the difference between fencing and actually killing someone with a sword. But there was a really nice description of battle awareness in there that I loved.

I really like the books, especially for the conflict of emotions that often happens in the characters. Where there's definite, logical reasons they should be satisfied with what they've done, but they're emotionally torn up about things. That's so real. There are times when the self-hate ia a bit too much, though. Still, even when I think it's too much, there's part of me that also knows that it is clearly possible.

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