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June 15, 2001
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Going In To Work

8:27 am: Jet did much better last night, he was up just twice, and I changed things around to pump just before going to bed, so I had good milk and no discomfort when he woke up at 1 and I fed him. He barely drank three ounces from a bottle after that, so I knew I had more milk than usual.

He got up again at 4, and John took him that time. I was mildly uncomfortable, so I pumped while John fed Jet, and then we all went back to sleep in 25 minutes instead of the hour I took for the first feeding. Jet was crying more angrily during the beginning of this feeding, so we fed him some Tylenol and he was very calm and quiet by the time he was fed and put back to bed. He just fell right back to sleep, which was very nice.

It was good to go back to bed quickly, and the boys both got up around 6:30 and I slept in to seven, as I knew I'd have to feed Jet around nine, so it'd be best to pump well in advance. I pumped, showered, and felt pretty human before having breakfast. Oranges, pecan rolls and I decided to boil an egg as well. I needed the protein to last through the day, and it seemed a good thing to do. I cracked the first egg putting it into the pot, so I threw it away, and put a second egg in. But I'd poked the hole in the shell a bit too far, and it slowly leaked whites into the pot as well. I decided I'd just eat the second one.

10:07 am: So here I am in my meeting that has turned into the CR meeting. Oops. So I'll just do what I want to do while they go through stuff that doesn't really concern me. What's funnier is that I tried stuff on my Unix machine and ran into those extra carriage returns, and on the Unix side there isn't a 'flip' that I can find. So I'll have to deal with that later.

Getting to work wasn't a problem. The Passat isn't pulling to the right anymore, after John's Longmont run to get that tire completely fixed. It doesn't seem to be leaking, but I've found that I'm much more tentative when driving the Passat, now, which is kind of sad. I was so used to the German handling, and it's just kind of sad that I'm doubting the car, now.

Got to see people in the cafeteria while I was getting decaf coffee. I needed the liquids, and it was cool to see people again. Lots of people still comment on my hair, and Jamie even said that the thought there was a new employee, until he spoke with me. That was pretty funny. It's funny to sit in the CR meeting and find that they've gotten no shorter, though Bill's getting better at sticking with classifying the bugs instead of discussing them to death. Hoorah! I guess after several three hour marathons they finally figured it out.

8:35 pm: Jet's singing. Hee. Lying on his back on the play pad and squacking up a storm. It's pretty cool.

Work was boring at work. Lynn wanted a picture of everyone after the meeting had run a whole half hour longer than it was supposed to, so by the time I'd gotten into the car it was twenty 'til noon. I raced back to Erie and was only a few minutes late to Joan's. I found her with Alex and Jet in her arms out in the garage putting out kids' clothing and all kinds of stuff for her yard sale. People were coming in in a steady stream, far more people than she'd though possible on a Friday afternoon, but there they were.

Jet had had a rather cranky stay today, though he had slept for a while and they'd done some crafts together for Father's Day. They'd made a card that was going to be a surprise for John on Sunday. It's very cool.

I took Jet home and he'd eaten while there, so when we got home he wasn't all that hungry and he just started wiggling like crazy when I had him to nurse. Ouch. He kept tugging and pulling, so I finally just took him off and settled him elsewhere. In the seat on the table while we ate lunch. After lunch and a good hour plus later, I fed him and he was hungry enough, this time, to settle in and just eat after a few preliminary wiggles.

The afternoon was mostly playing with and interacting with Jet. I spent another hour after 4 working, when John was done. By then I was tired of taking care of Jet. I hate to admit that, but I really was tired from last night, from getting up early and from just watching Jet for the afternoon while John was working away. I'd spent the morning driving as much as being at work and that was just discouraging.

What made it oddly stranger was that Jet was doing just fine on his own with his toys, in the crib, and other stuff, but whenever I went to check on him or talk with him or see how he was doing, he'd smile at me hugely and wiggle a lot at me just from sheer happiness at seeing me. It felt really strange to have him be so happy to see me and be with me when I was so tired of being with him and I felt pretty guilty about that.

It didn't help that I have a plugged duct on my left nipple and it hurts mildly as he nurses.

It also didn't help that Honor Harrington in the Weber books was getting in deeper and nastier and her enemies were just that much worse about hos they treated human beings. There are times when Trip says that he hates the human race because they're so stupid, mean, or just do things that are so very awful, and I have to agree with him, sometimes. The problem was that what I'd half expected to be escapist literature was turning into something that was making me hate the human race again.

Anyway, I had John take Jet, and I worked for a while, and Mom and Dad called in the middle of that, and only had a very quick conversation when they learned that I was working. When I finished, I nursed Jet again while John tied up some work loose ends, and then we all went to Deli Ciosos as I was too exhausted to think of what to cook. I couldn't even decide on what to eat, so I just got the carnitas taco combo with rice and beans and three tacos.

It was really good, and I really needed the time outside of the house. We've just fallen in the habit of only being home during the work days and it's just hard to do. I may have to go back to quarter time just to give Jet more adventures someday. Then again, I'm sure that he regards his stints at the Goodell's as adventures themselves.

I took Jet for the evening while John finished things up, two nursings and a bottle feeding later, Jet fell asleep. John's going to take him tonight, so I can rest a bit and recover from taking care of Jet so continuously. That should be good.

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