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June 22, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Salad and Seeds

8:32 pm: Jet was up three times last night. This is starting to get really old. We looked through all the stuff we've kept records of and it really looks like he started having these fitful nights ever since we started feeding him solid foods. It seems to correlate with the fact that he has often had intestinal gas when he did get up. Though the one data point that he only woke once after eating a whole jar of peas has thrown things pretty wildly off.

It didn't help that we introduced him to sleeping in his crib in the midst of all this, either. Last night's first two wakings might be attributed to the fact that his room was pretty stuffy and hot after the really hot day and not having enough time to air out. John said Jet was really sweaty when he got up at 12:30, the second time, and really wanted to drink something.

Jet was up at 11:30, 12:30, and 4. Problem was that John fed Jet four ounces at 12:30, so I woke up at 3 just aching, so I had to pump again. John was still up and had been since the 12:30 waking. He just couldn't get back to sleep, no matter what he tried, so he actually got up and rode the exercise bicycle and then showered at 3 am while I pumped. Oof. Of course, Jet woke up right after we'd gotten back to bed.

So I was pretty trashed when Jet woke up for real at 6:30 and I slept while he ate until 7. We then played a bit and I made chocolate donuts while John slept until 8:30. We decided that from now on, I'll do the feeding of Jet at night, and John'll take care of everything else. That works things out fairly and I get the relief of feeding Jet at night, so I don't have to pump. If this works out regularly, then we may not need a pump in Seattle on a regular basis. However, in a bind, it's just a good thing to have and fairly cheap to rent for a week.

Jet was really hungry again at 8, so I fed him then, and I tried feeding him again at 9:30, but he only ate sporadically. We then did our scatter, and John took Jet to Joan's and then headed for work in the Stoat. John didn't have to worry about a front seat air bag, so Jet's car seat was strapped into the passenger seat. He loved it, from what John said. I went to CeLena's and had my massage.

It was really useful. Not particularly comfortable, but really good on the things that hurt the most. My shoulders, back, and especially the lower back were well worked over. The surprise pain spot was, of all things, my knees! All the unsupported getting up and sitting down while nursing Jet was taking their toll on my knees. All the muscles around the joints were really painful. CeLena was as surprised as I was by just how much some of the muscles were under tension on my left knee. It really hurt.

It all hurt enough that I actually went home and just took a long, hot bath. It soaked out nearly all the soreness that was leftover from the massage, and it just felt really good even though a hot bath during a hot day was kind of weird. By the time I got out it was time to go to Joan's to get Jet.

He'd done well. An hour long nap, playing with Haley and with Joan, and by the time I got him he was really ready to eat. So he ate happily. And then I put him in his recliner while I made myself some lunch. I took one of the whole wheat flat breads, laid on a slice of turkey, covered it with Swiss and broiled it until the cheese was all melted. I then added a spoonful of plain yogurt and a large lettuce leaf and I had lunch. Yum.

I played with Jet while I ate and then we played for a good long while. John had said, earlier, that he'd be back by 1:30, but he wasn't back until 2, which was when Jet needed to eat again. I was exhausted from last night, so instead of working, I just went to sleep after putting Jet down for a nap at 2:30, after he'd eaten.

John was swamped by work. There was something that had gone really wrong, but was short-term fixable. Still things were at a point where if things are changed it's a potential entry for entropy. 'Fight Entropy' is a great release motto. Anyway, it was bad. And while I slept he worked away and eventually I heard Jet just fussing up a storm. Finally I got up at 4 and took Jet from an on-the-phone John and we sat down and nursed steadily for forty minutes. John finished pretty much everything but one final test as we nursed.

The car shop had called to say that the Baby Buggy was ready. There had just been a broken wire to the air conditioning controls, it wasn't in need of a complete recharge, so they'd just fixed the wire and called to say that it was all ready. They closed at 5:30, so we left by 5. I fed Jet an extra two ounces of formula when we were done nursing, in case we decided to have dinner afterwards, he wouldn't be too hungry while we were eating.

It all went well. We picked up the Baby Buggy, went to the Colorado Grill and just as we got there, I remembered a little soup and salad place that John had said that he wanted to go to someday. It's an all you can eat salad and soup place, and even though the weather was turning towards a really gusting thundershower, it was still hot enough that something as heavy as diner food was just unappetizing. So we went to Souper Salads and had salad.

I had a huge spinach salad with all kinds of stuff on it. Then I went through three different kinds of soup and all of them were really flavorful, not too salty and really good with cornbread. The clam chowder was really thick, but not with fat, it was pretty obviously starch thickened, which was actually really nice. The beef shell minestrone-line stuff was spicy and tasty and had lots of little pasta shells in a tomato based broth that was very tasty. Finally the chicken enchilada soup looked really weird, but it tasted really good. It was chicken soup with a red chile base and some cheese and good spices that made it taste really rich without a lot of visible oil. It was really yummy, and I would have had more, but I was pretty full by then.

Dessert was a couple tiny cubes of shortcake with strawberries in red goo and a bit of whipped cream. That was really good and it was really nice to be able to make a small dessert for myself from what was there.

Home again home again, and I worked a bunch of the evening as John finished a few things up and promised me that he'd take care of Jet more this weekend and/or at night. He was sorry about this afternoon, as he'd actually promised me that he'd take Jet all afternoon when he actually had only gotten in a little bit of it. I was too worn out to work anyway, so it wasn't too bad, but it'll be good tomorrow when I can make up some of this time.

I did get a good chunk in in the evening and I'd gotten half an hour in before Jet had nursed before leaving for Joan's, so I'm not as behind as I could be. I also got pictures unloaded from the digital camera, so we should do pictures this weekend, before going to Seattle next week. There will be a lot to do. I should probably unload all the journal entries as well.

One really cool thing happened yesterday. Cera had asked for my help with writing descriptions of various baby dragons for at Hatching she was supposed to write all the descriptions for. I'd come up with stuff for all the ones she had some background on, and she'd taken what I'd written and shaped it into what she really wanted from them, which was really cool. But one of the riders of one of those dragons paged me to tell me she really liked the initial description and appreciated what I'd done.

That was really cool. What was cooler was she showed me the description of what the dragon looks like now, after a lot of her play with him. It was really neat to see how she'd grown the description, taking some of the elements that the dragon had started with as a baby and grown it with their play experience together.

It's just fun to see an idea grown up into a living, breathing character, an entity in a social environment. A consensual growth of the idea into something shared. I really liked that, and really enjoyed seeing what kind of fruit had been grown from the seed idea I'd planted for Cera so long ago. It isn't often I get to see where something I made got itself to.

I really enjoyed that.

I guess Jet will, eventually, be an even larger representation of all that, eventually. All the ideas, days, and efforts we're putting into him will eventually grow into an individual creature that will act on his own initiative. It may, proportionate to the effort, be that much cooler when I see how he goes and is himself.

Tonight, I'm just hoping he'll sleep longer. He just burped big, so he's asleep and hopefully will stay more comfortable tonight with a bit of breathing space to the skylight as well as a crack opening his door to let the cool night air in. Hopefully his humidifier will deal with the incursion with no problem. I'm also hoping the wind doesn't pick up too much tonight...

Tactics versus strategy. The bane of all long-term projects.

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