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June 21, 2001
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Baby Buggy Fix, Sushi, and Haircut

8:26 pm: Jet was up four times last night. He only ate at one of them and John was great and got up all the other three and basically bounced Jet until he farted pretty hard and then Jet went back to sleep pretty much immediately. So they were fifteen minute intervals at 11:30, 3 and 4:45. At the last one, John got up and got Jet to go to sleep once, and then Jet woke up again, but both of us were so exhausted we just couldn't get up again. Also, Jet wasn't actually crying, he was just fussing and grumping to himself instead of out and out crying, and in ten minutes he went back to sleep himself.

It helped that Jet put himself to sleep when we first put him down at 9:30 and after I'd fed him I just brought him upstairs after burping him and put him in his crib and he thumped with his heels a few times and then went to sleep himself. I didn't have to bounce him or carry him four times around the island or anything. They say that should help in the long run to let Jet get himself to sleep without distress.

Still, I let John sleep until 8 when Jet got up at 6:30 and Jet and I nursed while John slept some more. I was feeling okay. I'd only gotten up the one time for forty minutes, though I'd woken up every time Jet woke up, it was easy to get back to sleep knowing that John was taking care of him. John also falls back to sleep faster than I do, usually, if he's not experiencing one of those 'I can't sleep again' nights. And he was up until midnight working on a thing that was due today.

Since he worked so late last night and had a full day at work today, he'll be skipping part of tomorrow, which should be really good all around.

I got somewhere with the two hours, but mostly setting up the next test and researching what I could actually do for it and what it actually needed. I followed my own practices and documented what I wanted to do, first, then figured out how to test what it was that I wanted. That was useful for me and I figured out that three other tests weren't going to be done through the engine rather than the user interface. That was a good thing to figure out.

I got Jet and Joan said that he's done his usual nap, but this time around 11 all the way 'til the time I arrived. He was napping in Joan's arms. He really likes to cuddle and Joan really likes that in him. It's really neat to see him snuggled up all comfortable. He went home quietly and nursed happily and then watched me eat my lunch of the last of the mac and cheese leftovers.

Then I figured that if Joan could get Jet to nap for her every morning, maybe I could get him to nap for me in the afternoon. So instead of just setting him down in a chair to watch me work or something, I actively played with him. I played with him with toys. I worked on sitting with him with the piano as an incentive to sit up so that he could play it. I put him on his front so that he could try and turn over some more, for some reason he isn't turning over from his front to his back nearly as steadily anymore. Maybe it's because he's bigger and his arms haven't had quite as much of a chance to keep up their strength as he's been adding to his weight. But we tried for a while to help him get the strength back.

I fed him a little yogurt. Before John left for work, while I was working my half hour, John fed Jet a quarter jar of carrots. We were thinking that maybe even though Jet was quite eager to eat solids, maybe it was the volume of solids we were suddenly giving him that was keeping him up at night. That gas might have been from the almost a full jar of peas John had given him yesterday. So we decided to go lighter on the solids and see how he did at night, and doing them at a different time or something. Also, the yogurt might populate his gut to the extent that he'll digest things better as well in the long run.

Though they say that the good bacteria comes through mother's milk as well, it doesn't hurt to add a bit more to the population.

Then, at 2, we nursed and Jet gradually fell asleep while nursing. When we were done I gently pulled him off, and he fussed for just one jerk and then when I put him in the car seat he went back to sleep, thoroughly. So I brought him upstairs, put the car seat in his room, and went across the hall to the office and started working. I got my full hour and a half in. I finished the test, got to talk with Trip for a little while on TooMUSH, and even finished how to test my test harness. That was nice.

By then it was 4 and we had to meet John at Sakura at 5. So I pulled the sleeping Jet out of his car seat, changed him while he stretched and gradually woke up, and then gave him nursing time to come back up to speed. I then put him back in the car seat, strapped it into the Passat and zoomed to the Japanese restaurant. I had to change him when we were there, but then I got into the restaurant ahead of John. A mom with a daughter and son were there and the mom was all gaga over Jet, and he was still waking up so he just stared at her very solemnly while she tried to get him to smile. She obviously liked him and he was just clear-eyed and solemn back to her, not fussing or frightened or anything, just kind of waking up.

We got a booth and he sat on the table and watched us eat. As he woke up more, he was much happier. He's playing with his bee with much finer motor control of his ha. He's actually passing it from hand to hand and holding it out to the side to look at it from a distance as well as close up. He smiled at us and wiggled and kicked and peered with interest at the sushi as we ate it.

I ate a lot of sushi. I got all the things I usually get, including half of a really nice, hot tempuraed soft shell crab. When the waitress came for our sushi order, I asked if they could make me onogiri with salmon instead of the pickled plum, and the waitress had no idea so she asked me to write it down and she would see. I heard some man say, "Ah! Onogiri!" and after we got the bulk of our sushi a man appeared with a small tray and asked, "Is this what you wanted?"

It was a perfect, half inch thick triangle with a strip of seaweed folded around one corner and the two flat sides covered with furikaki. Yum. It was perfect and I thanked the man very much. It was filled with cooked sushi grade salmon, rich and tender, and I was very glad that I hadn't ordered an extra order of the raw salmon when I could have this. They'd done a really excellent job of shaping it and I was really surprised to find that, just like the homemade ones, it crumbled apart when I bit into it. The nori wrapped around it wasn't crisp, but that was okay.

The nori on my sushi dessert was quite crisp, and that was on my tobiko with quail egg, i.e. my thousand and one egg sushi. I enjoyed that and enjoyed popping tiny eggs for the next several hours. I think that that is why I love that particular sushi so much.

From there we went to drop the Baby Buggy off to get its air conditioning fixed. And from there we went to where John was going to get his hair cut. We were an hour early, so we dropped by the Albertson's next door to pick up some fruit and some unbleached flour. With all the donuts, pecan rolls, scones, baked pancakes and other things I've been baking we've been going through a lot of flour, lately. I was mildly surprised to find that we needed yet another bag of flour.

When we started shopping, John looked closely at Jet and found Jet looking mildly concerned. Not mad or unhappy, just uncertain. That's when John noticed the rather gooey edge of the diaper cover. So he took Jet off to get changed and washed up, and then we went back to the produce area and he lined the scale with a clean blanket before trying to put Jet on the scale. Jet's a lot bigger than he used to be, and it was hard to get it to take his weight. It read 15 pounds and 12 ounces, so he's probably only 15 pounds and four ounces, so he's very definitely slowed down his weight gain.


He really hasn't had an 'eat every hour' day for quite some time, and with the solid food, the formula at all odd hours and times, he's getting a mix now that he didn't have earlier.

Anyway, it was cool to get the weight along with getting some peaches, grapefruit, and bananas. I got my bag of flour and we checked out and went to Linda's. She got John's haircut done really quickly while Jet ate steadily against the pillows on their couch. She complimented me on how my haircut was growing out and really liked how much Jet had grown in just the month. Jet was happy and wiggly to start and went pretty sleepy while he ate and was very cute for all that.

He was awake all the way home, and I put him in the front pack as John and I discovered that with Borax gone and the Baby Buggy in the shop the assumptions we'd made about tomorrow were completely wrong. I had a massage appointment with CeLena at 10, and John had a lunch with the CEO of the company and we had to get Jet to and from Joan's as well. So there was a bit of a problem with getting everything in with only one car.

The only thing wrong with the Stoat was that John thought the brakes were leaking and that they'd leaked all their fluid onto the garage floor. He had a brake kit for the Stoat and had intended to do something about it sometime. I asked if he could do them tonight and he shrugged and said, "Why not?" So Jet and I watched as John got under the car and then started laughing. The leak was actually a leak of 90 weight from the axles, not from the brakes.

Hoorah! So John test drove the Stoat off to the Conoco station to get diesel as well, and it did just fine. So he's going to drive the Stoat tomorrow, and Jet will ride in his car seat in the passenger seat of the Stoat with the seatbelt on the seat in the morning, and I'll pick him up in the Passat before noon. Then John will get to take care of Jet for the afternoon while I work. That should be nice for all of us.

Jet had a really good day. He's such a good kid. When he's not in pain, really tired, or hungry, he's always in a great mood and ready to play or do something. It's a lot like when Fezzik was a puppy, when he's play and play and play for a while and then *flump* fall asleep or *flump* fall on a bowl of food and make it disappear. Then he'd play again. Fezzik also used to cry in the middle of the night and we'd get up and snuggle him until he could fall asleep again. This has just lasted much longer than the two weeks Fezzik did it.

Well, I'll hope. I'm ever hopeful.

While Jet was playing this evening I put him in the corner of the sofa so he could sit back and be supported, but he decided he wanted to sit forward, and promptly fell on his face. I tried putting him back up, but he kept falling forward, on purpose as he wanted to tackle the mini-Whozzit that Mary had given him. He just kept leaning forward and then suddenly he pulled *himself* back up into a sitting upright position before falling forward again. He was controlling where he was going!

I was so surprised. It was so cool seeing him with the back strength to actually pull himself up when he wanted to, and doing what he really wanted to do even if it looked uncomfortable to me. Another step.

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