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June 26, 2001
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Company Meeting

8:58 pm: Jet was up until midnight last night. He'd go to sleep, but only for half an hour or less and would wake up screaming. He just kept waking up and yelling. Even letting him cry for ten minutes didn't do it, he just got up fifteen minutes after John put him down. I finally gave up and put him on the changing table as if it were a middle of the night feeding, changed him, took him to the couch and latched him on. He was very happy through all that, even when I first picked him up, unlike the yelling he was doing later. That was a pretty clear sign that something had changed, but we had no idea what.

Why midnight was the magic hour we have no idea. It may just be magic and a mystery never solved.

He was asleep five minutes later. So deeply asleep that when I jiggled him and rolled him a bit in my usual ploys to get him to wake up to eat more he just started snoring. So I put him down and he slept until 5. John fed him four ounces and he went back out like a light. It all took less than twenty minutes. At 7:30, I heard Jet's Symphony toy go off, and I heard him gurgling and cooing at his toys. He was playing.

So we slept a little longer, and when I just couldn't ignore my breasts anymore, I went to get him and feed him. Jet was a little uninterested in eating, but he had a little. I then put him in the rolling bassinet and pulled him into our bathroom and took a shower while John kept sleeping for a little while longer. He got up when I was done with my shower, and we had Weetabix with blueberries and strawberries for breakfast. Yum. Simple, too.

So Jet, in many ways, made up for the late night with a just as late morning. He's scarily like me if this is his preferred schedule.

He ate happily and solidly at 9:30 and went to Joan's without a protest. He almost fell asleep while eating, so it didn't surprise me when I went to pick him up and Joan said he'd fallen asleep, but he'd waited until 11:40 instead of 10:40. He was sleeping when I went to pick him up, and he woke up just for the transfer into the car seat. I took him home, and he was back asleep in the car seat, so I just left it in the bedroom while I made myself lunch.

He slept through to 1, and I woke him up to let him eat and I didn't want him to sleep too long. Jet was pretty sleepy, and a little grumpy, which was very different than the last two days. That seems to be a good sign, but there's so little correlation anywhere with anything he does or doesn't do at night.

I also had a meeting at 2 and I'd hoped he'd be interested in eating for some part of the meeting so that I could pay attention. He happily played in his saucer (which has a seat and a tray of toys all around. It's base is a saucer with foot grooves so he can swivel the seat and it wobbles in all directions, so he can fling his weight around to make it 'gallop'. It really develops all the muscles needed for sitting and for walking as well) for the first half of the meeting.

The second half he actually did settle in and eat. I was surprised because for the last week, he was impatient with being presented with the nipple when he wasn't all that hungry. Today he was willing to take it whenever, and he fell asleep while eating the second one. He then napped when I loaded him into the car and took him to work as soon as the meeting ended.

The VP's of software and hardware in the company are swapping jobs for two years. The cross-pollination really should help the groups figure out, better, what to do to play with each other better. I think the new guy is really cool, and is very willing to listen to his staff. He had come to Boulder to be introduced to everyone, and he was going to do a little talk, a Q&A period and then there would be an ice cream social for folks to sit around, eat, and talk. Most of the stuff he was going to talk about was stuff that was going public after trading hours today. Then again, 3 MSt *is* after trading hours.

It started at 3, which was when my meeting ended. I made my way as quickly as possible to work, unloaded stuff in John's cubicle and then put Jet in the sling and took him to the meeting. Jet was perfectly quiet, and with a couple hundred people there, he didn't distract anyone. He did coo a little, quietly, to me as things went on and he got used to the environment; but that was about it. for a good half hour.

Most of my group said hi to him out in the hallway, and John was with boss Bill along the back wall. So I stood with them and listened to the new guy. I was pretty impressed, but then I'm often impressed by anyone willing to tackle the job at that level and have no clue how well or badly they'll do from what their public face is. He did sound pretty willing to let the people who knew what was going on to teach him about how to do his job. Someone that actually knows what he doesn't know. Hoorah!

Afterwards we had ice cream and wandered about the office with Jet getting greeted by everyone. He was smiley, wiggly, and happy with everyone. John got a little too rambunctious at one point and Jet let him know it with one huge scream. It worked instantly, too, and John calmed things down. I meandered about with Jet as well, talked with Bob and a few other folks in my group. I'll see them all tomorrow, too, but it was nice to have the time.

We left for home at 4:30, under a stormy sky. The 98 degree day was cooling off significantly, and I opened the house up when I got home and latched a very eager Jet on. It was only 5, so I then made dinner afterwards. With all the open windows and doors, it was cool enough to make meatloaf, roast asparagus and a potato. John made salad and we had a really good meal.

After food we tackled packing for Seattle. I picked up Jet, put him on our bed, propped up by pillows so he could see, and we started flinging clothes onto the bed and double checking our list of things to bring. We got 90% of it packed, with frequent stops to play with Jet and grin at him and have him grin back and wiggle and tickle him into a shriek of joy.

He really likes getting lifted high into the air, now. Jet has complete control of his neck and head, now, so he has absolutely no problems with being slung up into the air. He loves it, and laughs really loudly. That's fun to hear.

Life is a lot different with him than it was several months ago. He now plays during our meals, very steadily. He doesn't have to be picked up all the time. He seems very confident when playing in his saucer or on his play mat, now, and doesn't look to us for all his entertainment anymore. He can play by himself quite happily, which a few months ago was impossible. I think that all the care we gave him in his early months has made him pretty confident that his needs will be met.

Jet almost never cries about a wet diaper anymore, and when he does start fussing it's because it's soaking wet. He doesn't cry about being hungry, instead he looks to me, and eventually starts to fuss a bit. By then I know what he's talking about and I can feed him. Still, when he's out and about and there are other things to do, he's quite willing to ignore being fed for quite some time.

All of those are vast improvements from when he was a month or even two months old. He can *laugh* now, which is just so cool and amazes me every time he chuckles.

We were making the bed yesterday, and we put him on the bed and put each sheet over him. He just laughed and kicked and pulled at the cover over him, not the least bit scared. I would pull him out before it settled fully and put him down for the next one. By the time the third thing came down he was really getting into the game.

John tried to feed him a little oatmeal late, and Jet really wasn't into it. He didn't like it at all. So I took him and gave him his massage. Then John fed him the four ounce bottle. John put oatmeal into it, but the oatmeal, unlike the rice cereal, didn't dissolve well in the liquid and stuck the nipple closed. Jet got really mad at that. I had to empty the bottle, make sure the nipple was cleared, then put more formula into it and handed it back.

Jet sucked it down, and then John changed him, put him into a light sleeper, and handed him to me to nurse. I nursed him to sleep. He was totally limp in less than ten minutes and when I jiggled him and when I did the big job of trying to stand up from the low couch, he stayed deeply asleep.

I'm definitely going to have to pump tonight, but I really hope that him going to sleep that thoroughly will be enough for him to stay asleep pretty well tonight. He does have cycles with sleep and things, and I just hope he's into another phase of sorts. Just in time for Seattle, I hope. He was much better when he was in San Diego and for the month after that he was just getting up once a night.

I only have records since May, but taking naps during the day every reference says is a good thing. That babies that aren't overtired sleep more solidly. I will hope. I also learned that when I put him on our bed he sleeps better than when I put him in his crib. So I'm going to have to remember that for day naps. I think part of it might be that our bedroom is cooler during the day. We'll see if that works in the long term.

All in all, though, John and I are fairly convinced that most of all this is just the way Jet is. That there really isn't something specific we can do to *make* him sleep well at night. We'll just have to ride it all out. A few months ago, we never thought we'd be able to eat a meal with both hands. Now we really have that at any time we want. Maybe in a few more months we'll wonder what all the fuss was about sleeping. Maybe...

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