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June 27, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Ginger Beer

9:33 pm: Jet did the midnight thing again last night, even after eating some oatmeal. So it's not the solid food or the lack of it. The last time he had a big change was on a Sunday night, too. We'll see how long this one actually lasts and what form it takes in the longer run.

He was in the bassinet and went to sleep at midnight again. This time, however, he woke up at 2:30 and I automatically got up, fed him from me and a bottle and I put him upstairs in his crib. The humidifier was going and the skylight cracked for airflow, and it was much cooler than when we'd gone to sleep. Still, the coolness of our room compared to his hadn't made any difference in his fussiness up to the magic midnight mark. I did figure that since he'd slept so well in his crib after the midnight madness the last few nights, I would put him up there when he was doing okay.

Which was a good thing in the morning because Jet spent half an hour playing with the toys in his crib when he woke up in the morning. So John and I weren't up and out until nearly 8 and Jet was happy as could be upstairs. That was pretty cool. I could hear the music from his Symphony toy just going merrily along as he kept rolling the bar for more of the music. He was doing it fairly continuously for at least fifteen of the thirty minutes it took for John and I to shower and get ready.

I even got to eat breakfast before Jet started fussing a bit for his breakfast. He ate at 8:15 and was done in time to get over to Joan's while I cleaned up a few things and then headed into work. So I got a good half an hour of organizational stuff in before the developer's meeting. I had a lot of fun giving my presentation on the test harness, and while a lot of people thought there might be better organization of the elements, they were all pretty happy that the elements were there at all. Yay!

They were pretty happy with the presentation, too. Bill liked it and said so in my 1:1 right after. We decided to have the 1:1 then, as Bill needed the face-to-face interaction more than I did. He's definitely an extrovert, and it really shows. Problem is that he assumes that other people need the same things he does. That's really annoying when it's 'how something was written or organized' when that how doesn't really matter in the fact that it works and can be maintained.

He and I talked more about me being the person to chase down all the process functionality. That should be a very detailed thing in the long run. I'll get to join the ISE PRT, the main body that's going to determine how things are done with the whole tool suite. It has representation from everything, as with all PRT's, but the only engineering representation had been Bill and his boss, Arun. It'll be interesting.

The talk with him went 'til 11:45, and I had bowed out of lunch with Bob and Cary because the Passat's right front tire had another slow leak. John decided, while I was in the meeting, to take the Passat back to Big O himself, so I got the Stoat to take me home. I wanted to get a few things done at home and I wanted to eat the last of the leftover meatloaf. It was also a bother to not have John along for lunch and with the extra time it takes to get the Stoat home I didn't want to be late picking Jet up.

So I went home in the Stoat. He was good and only loosed billows of black diesel smoke when someone was tailgating us, and didn't smoke too much when I didn't ask him to accelerate too hard. I am always amazed by just how much muscle it takes to wrestle him around corners, and it was really interesting to be without a top in the Colorado sun. That sunshine is so intense it feels like a pressure against the skin. Luckily, there were clouds out, and I had some shade for most of the trip home.

I ate my meatloaf sandwich with catsup in front of my computer as I implemented a bunch of the changes that people had suggested in the meeting. I got the documentation checked in, a few extra examples checked in and started an extra section in the documentation on expected outputs and how and what to look at to figure out how things had worked. Bob had an excellent suggestion for listing just failures at the end of the report. Once the list got to be several hundred tests long, it would be good to only see the failures, even if the summaries of each test was only one line long.

So I filled my time really well before having to go get Jet. With three good hours under my belt, I only had to do one more after John got back.

Jet had done quite well. Joan had taken the three kids for a walk. Jet in her backpack, Haley in the stroller, and Alex in his electric go cart running circles around them. The neighbors had been highly entertained, and Jet had really loved the pack and the view being that high up had given him. Joan said that he'd done very well balancing in the pack, and I commented that the exer-saucer had probably helped him a lot with that. She said that she'd noticed that Haley had gotten a lot stronger when she'd been in it, too.

He's then gone to sleep at 10:40 and was just waking up at 1. Whew. Two and a half hour nap! Wow. It's just good to know that he *can* sleep. He was still a might groggy as I took him home, but he nursed really solidly. He'd only eaten two ounces while there, since he'd been asleep so much. Luckily, I was super full from the four hours away, so we matched up nicely.

John got home at 1:45, with a happy and healthy Passat. They'd plugged the last leak and the plug was leaking. So they'd patched the tire from the inside and that should hold much more solidly. We'll see....

So John took care of Jet while I worked for an hour and a half. He brought the exer-saucer upstairs into the study and worked while Jet played in it and made very loud pooping sounds. Jet hadn't pooped yesterday, and he did a bang-up job today. It was pretty incredible. When John picked him up and got him to the changing table he found that Jet had, somehow, managed to get poop all the way up his back. There was just so much of it and with the energetic wiggling around, Jet had moved it all the way up the back of his onsie.


I actually had to come down and help John get the offending onsie off Jet without getting him gooey in places we couldn't just wet wipe off. I was ready to just throw the shirt away as it had been white. Who in heck ever though white was a color practical for babies to wear? Whew. John was asking if we couldn't just give him a bath right now, and I had no objections, but with the help, John managed to get Jet cleaned up.


After Jet's next feeding we went off to Safeway to get party supplies for tomorrow. I also bought some Rainier cherries as they were only 2.99 a pound, which was good even in Washington. We pretty much stayed away from getting much of anything as we were leaving so soon after. We did get a Papa John's pizza for dinner tonight, and then went to Radio Shack and an auto parts store from some parts for the mini-train in the basement. It's something a three year old would love to ride and there were a couple kids that size coming tomorrow.

Home again home again...

For the last two days I've been pulling the eight ounce Coke bottles, one a day, to test the carbonation and sweetness of the ginger beer. The more the yeast grows, the less sugar there is and the more carbonation there is. The first there was only a hint of sparkle, yesterday there was a definite whoosh when it was opened and a bit more bubble, but it was still too sweet. So I waited another day and today the balance is about perfect. I've left it out in the warmth for weeks, and it gets nearly bitter and so fizzy the head overflows the glass before much can be poured. I didn't want it to go that far this time.

Today's was great. Fizzy and bubbly and not too sweet. Still that complexity that honey brings to it, but not just cloying. There was also a good yeast residue in each bottle, which meant that they were definitely alive. After trying it and liking it, John and I put all the bottles into the beer fridge downstairs. That'll stop the yeast, or at least really slow it down, and it'll be cold and ready for the party tomorrow as well as for me to drink after we get home.


I'm really glad that it worked out well, and that I can learn from past experience. It's also good to know that the yeast grows really well when the case of bottles is put upstairs in the upstairs bathroom on these 90+ days. It certainly gets warm up there.

So we gave Jet a bath tonight, to make sure he was completely clean, after I gave him his massage. We'll likely just fill the Eucerin sample bottle for lotion rather than bring massage oil for his massages. He loved the bath, as usual, and it was good and quick. He then nursed, and napped a little on me, and finally drank most of his four ounce bottle of formula. He then went right to sleep. Just like last night. We'll see if he does the up and down thing again tonight.

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